Category: Coastal/Beach Ecology

Hurricane Florence Prompts Cruise Itinerary Changes, Delays One Ship’s Next Sailing – Gina Kramer

Several cruise ships have been forced to either reroute or delay their next sailing to avoid the impact from Hurricane Florence, a massive hurricane zeroing in on the U.S. East Coast with maximum sustained wind speeds of 90 miles per hour. The Category 1…


Could the ‘Mangrove Effect’ Save Coasts From Sea Level Rise – Olivia Rosane

When it comes to climate change and sea level rise, the news has been generally bad for communities on the U.S. Southeast coast. Florida is set to lose more than 10 percent of its homes by 2100, and five southern states have already lost…

Hundreds of Sea Potatoes Cover Penzance Beach – BBC News

The small heart-shaped orbs were sea potatoes, a sea urchin that lives buried in sandy and muddy sea beds all around UK coasts. Rosie Hendricks was on the beach at Wherrytown in Penzance earlier with her daughter, sister and nephew when she spotted the…

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