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The 10 Most Customer Focused Companies In Asia -Blake Morgan

All over the world customers are king. But it’s especially true in Asia. Customers in Asia are unlike any others in the world. They tend to be more connected to their mobile devices and are eager to spend and connect with brands. Many of…


Why Customer Service Is Important To The Success Of Your Business – Salesforce

Great customer support drives an amazing customer experience, especially when your support team moves beyond just reacting to problems and toward anticipating customers’ problems. When support agents are empowered to go above-and-beyond with customers, or have a help desk solution that makes it easy…

9 Awesome Contact Us Pages We Love – Jenna Tinney

If someone was searching your site and wanted to get a hold of you, what would they see on your Contact Us page? A phone number? An address and map? Nothing? Well, hopefully it isn’t nothing! Marketers often spend so much time focusing on…

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