Instant CPA Profits – How To Discover The Steps You Can Take To Get Your First CPA Campaign

Source: Instant CPA Profits – How To Discover The Steps You Can Take To Get Your First CPA Campaign | Online Marketing Tools

SociWiz360 – Discover How To Drive Hoards Of Hungry Buyers To ANY Offer That You Choose | Online Marketing Tools

Source: SociWiz360 – Discover How To Drive Hoards Of Hungry Buyers To ANY Offer That You Choose | Online Marketing Tools

Text Ad Matrix

We are different and quite possibly the last exchange you may be interested in joining for some time. Along with all the typical bells and whistles, we have a MATRIX!!

Join as a Pro or JV Partner and be included in our exclusive matrix, which is company forced and pays $35 after you complete a simple 3×2 (12 members)..Plus you get a free re-entry, and that continues forever.

Do you have to do this yourself? No way!! This is company forced, so everyone contributes to your success.Bells and Whistles? Solo Ads, Super Solos, Banner and Button Ads, Traffic Links, HTML/Text Ads…Plus

PTC Ads, URL Cloaker, URL Rotator, Banner Rotator, and Premium Ads. Along with those terrific perks, we include. Profit sharing, a weekly raffle, and terrific commissions.

What is so special about Text Ad Matrix?Not only do you get quality advertising via Solo Ads, Super Solo Ads, Traffic Links, Banner Ads, Premium Ads, Etc. Etc. Etc.We also add in Profit sharing, awesome commissions and a weekly raffle!

I almost forgot to tell you about the awesome feature of the matrix!A Company forced matrix where you get paid $35 once 12 people are under you! Your PRO or JV upgraded account will get you placed into a Company forced matrix, then you get your $35 once the 12 people are placed under you.

You then also get a new position placed into the matrix once you get your $35 so you can go through once again!Lets not forget one simple thing – That $35 is more than you pay for your upgrade.So jump on board this train and lets ride into the future together!

Please Be Aware, This Is NOT a Matrix Site (Or MLM, Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme, Or a Get-Rich-Quick Site), It Is An Advertising Site That Pays Commission On ONE Level Only

Join As A JV Partner or Pro Member and Recieve:

  • Great Commissions for every Pro Member or JV Partner that you recruit (see table below)
  • Plenty of Advertising (see table below)
  • Link rotator with a hit counter for your marketing efforts (see table below)
  • Banner rotator with a hit counter for your marketing efforts (see table below)
  • Random Referrals for JV Partners
  • Activity Bonuses for ALL Members
  • Super Solo Ads To 7 Sites and over 10,300+ members
  • See Table Below For Additional Benefits Of Membership

CPA Marketing Genius


CPA Marketing Genius is not just another fly-by-night product but a complete all-in-one business in a box packed with a guidebook, a cheat sheet, a mind map, a resources report and so much more!The content was written by a professional writer who did an in-depth research to bring in the top quality information! On top of that, a Native American speaker have proofread the book to correct grammar and spelling.

It’s the ULTIMATE PLR PACKAGE with everything your customer need to be successful. It’s a TON of value and your subscribers will thank you for recommending this no-brainer deal!It consists 80+ Pages / 13,000+ words of high-quality, original content, Fresh and current CPA marketing strategies, High-quality screenshots to give more clarity, Direct access links to the sources mentioned in the training and many more.

With 16 jam-packed modules on front end + 24 fantastic modules on upsell it’s one of the most content-rich PLR packages out there. It also shows great diversity of modules giving your customers more choice and flexibility.With in-depth Kick-Start Video Training and Kick-Start Guide even a complete beginner will be able to set up his own website. We also provide a 365-day free technical support.

Now it’s all possible with CPA Marketing Genius PLR Bundle that takes all the hassle away, so you can focus on making money.It’s truly a one-of-a-kind package that you’ve
never seen before.Here’s what you’ll get inside:

Module #1 – Top-Shelf Guide
Module #2 – Studio-Quality Audio Files
Module #3 – Cheat Sheet
Module #4 – Mind Map
Module #5 – Infographic
Module #6 – Resources Report
Module #7 – High-Impact Sales Page
Module #8 – Professional Minisite
Module #9 – Doodle-Style Sales Video
Module #10 – Professional Product Graphics
Module #11 – 10 Unique Articles
Module #12 – 10 Animated Banners
Module #13 – 6 Persuasive Email Swipes
Module #14 – Extra Product Graphics
Module #15 – License Rights


You’ll get carefully crafted product graphics for your main guide, resource report, mind map, and cheat sheet. Plus, all the source files (PSD Photoshop files) so you can edit and customize them however you like.That means you’ll be able to rebrand the whole product if you want and make it totally unique.

Or just add your name, change images and so on.Additionally it comes with a 3D mockup files that will allow you to turn your 2D flat designs into stellar 3D ecovers. No need to buy anything extra. You’ll need Photoshop to use it.

We strive to provide excellent support to our customers. And it shows with less than 3% average refund rate from the last 4 launches!It’s our job to get you the highest EPC so you can make MONSTROUS commissions from each single click you send! Each part of the funnel was carefully crafted together to unleash this commission-earning animal.

Make king-sized commissions on high-ticket, carefully selected upsell offers! Plus 100% front end commissions – BOOM.This is the ultimate PLR offer with 16 jam-packed modules, top-shelf content and detailed video training.Win a well-deserved cash prize & recognition for your brilliant support. We love our partners!



Snap Reviews Pro


Snap Reviews Pro is a WordPress Plugin with market-leading features that will allow your customers to make beautiful review pages for all types of reviews: product reviews, place reviews, service reviews, affiliate product reviews and CPA product reviews.

Snap Reviews Pro allows you to create beautiful review pages, instantly. You never have to touch any code to make stunning pages. Never pay for traffic, because Snap Reviews Pro has all the free traffic training you need to take this into a 6-figure business.

We are showing how even the newest marketers can start from ZERO and grow this into a full time income.Grow and harness your reputation, authority and presence the same way we have. Everything is shown step by step inside.

Snap Reviews Pro FE is a software and training combo that shows your customers how we use and build reviews / review pages as a large revenue stream and list generator for our business.  Not only is our training top notch, but our world class software does MOST of the work making this product irresistable.




Snap Reviews Pro Training is a 20+ module extensive training showing your subscribers EVERYTHING they need to know about how to start from absolute ZERO and build a successful affiliate marketing business using the power of Snap Reviews Pro.

The modules that we are have recorded are:

  • Overview of the method, big picture, how to get started with nothing and grow fast
  • Building your blog, all set up, branding, how to position your blog to benefit from free traffic
  • Choosing the best offers to promote, how to get access, how to review them, and how to get traffic to your reviews
  • How to get traffic from YouTube, Google and other sources
  • How to start building your very first list
  • How to correctly scale up your success in the fastest possible way

Snap Reviews Pro OTO1 includes case studies and 5 weeks of Done-For-You Content. Making this TRULY plug and play. It includes everything they need from the launches picked out, videos created, pages created, content written, and more. It’s as done for you as it gets. Inside you will find:

  • 5 Weeks of best product recommendations
  • Each week, we will make and deliver a Done For You product review (5 total)
  • Each week, we will also make a review video (5 total)
  • Each one will come with a prefilled review sheet, descriptions, and tags
  • Customers can simply upload these to their sites and to YouTube and start getting traffic
  • We will ALSO provide 4 case studies of our own promotions and ways of getting traffic to them through YouTube and Google

Snap Reviews Pro OTO2 is a complete Done-For-You site installation. All the customer needs to provide is domain and hosting details and we’ll get to work installing a complete WordPress review site, with theme and of course the Snap Reviews Pro plugin configured and ready to go. We also include the necessary Contact page as well as the plugin for them to create the compliance pages.

Snap Reviews Pro OTO3 is a combination of white label and reseller rights. We are offering either a 50 site or unlimited site license, but we expect most will go for the unlimited version of course. Your customers will be able to sell Snap Reviews Pro for ANY price they want. And not only that, but WE provide the sales material! They will get:

  • Full source code of the software
  • Ability to rebrand, change, and sell for any price
  • High converting sales page
  • If they don’t want the complications of installation and code change, they can simply use the included reseller access which means they can earn 100% on the sales through the funnel

Snap Reviews Pro OTO4 is our “double-your-profits” pack. Where we show your customers how to make more money and add an additional revenue stream to their business. They will learn about growing their powerful email lists even faster by creating and releasing simple products.


Social CPA Academy


CPA the term epitomizes for Cost Per Action that simply means that you can get paid when your visitor completes a simple action, such as filling out their name email address or agreeing to a free sample of a product.

Well, when you try to drive traffic and generating sales by using Face book and CPA then you are probably in one of  These three Categories:

  • Category 1 – You are well aware of the power of Facebook and CPA for generating big revenue all quickly then anything else.
  • Category 2 – You might have less success ratio with both Facebook and CPA marketing but cannot seem to generate the massive numbers the way other Pro marketers are doing.
  • Category 3 – You might be quite happy with both Facebook and CPA results you had so far but you want better results and return of the box.

Inside Social CPA Academy you will learn how you can profit big without ever selling anything to anyone. Based on real results and a case study, this training shows how to utilize two powerful components to get cheap traffic and high conversions.

CPA is all about getting paid when someone takes a simple action, such as filling out their name and email address, or ordering a free product sample. Can you see how easy it is to get a conversion, when they don’t have to pull out their credit card?

On top of this, you will learn how to use these components….

  • Reverse Engineering – instead of testing and trying a bunch of campaigns in the hopes of finding something that “hopefully works”, you will learn how to find your competitor campaigns which are already successful.

    After all, if they are running those campaigns long-term, they must be making money, right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending money on ads. And don’t worry, the ad budget required to do this is a tiny $5 / day to get started.

    And once you have found that successful competitor campaign, you can see which offer they promote, what ads they use, what images, and what their landing page looks like. This way you can replicate what they are currently doing and model your own campaign based on their success.

  • Facebook Traffic – inside you will see how to not only get into positive ROI from the get-go but to also then scale up your successful campaigns and further reduce the traffic costs.


No one else is telling you how to correctly reverse engineer campaigns that are ALREADY successful… No one else is showing you how to really profit immediately while building your list.

To the tune of spending $1.20 per conversion, yet making $2.50 – $3.00 in income per conversion… No one else is (ethically) tapping into thousands of proven successful campaigns that are hiding right in front of your eyes.

And no one else is showing you how to get the easiest conversions you’ll likely ever see, in niches full of HUNGRY buyers.


CPA Lead Machine

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not seeing results online? Let’s face it, there are a lot of courses out there that make some BIG promises, but most of them will leave you guessing…Right now, there are a lot of products out there talking about FREE traffic and combining that with list building and CPA. And you know what, that all sounds really good…After all, you DO need to build an email list… that’s just smart online business. With CPA Lead Machine you get access to step-by-step, “over the shoulder” videos as well as a PDF outline that makes it easy to see results very quickly. Inside CPA Lead Machine you will find: How to choose the offers that convert the best with paid traffic and will make you the most money possible, The exact step-by-step process that you can use to get approved to CPA networks, even if you’re a complete newbie, Forget Facebook and Adwords! Why Bing Ads is incredibly inexpensive when compared to other paid traffic sources, and the bestoption right now online when it comes to paid traffic, How to generate leads WITHOUT risking getting into trouble with Bing… never worry about getting your account banned ever again

CPA Lead Machine – Generate Leads & CPA Commissions With Bing Ads PPC

CPA Masters Academy

CPA Masters Academy. Includes training on Facebook PPC, Bing PPC, PPV, Native Ads, Google Adwords, Exclusive Member Bonuses.Crush out some 100% whitehat campaigns as you look over our shoulder step by step discovering everything from PPE ads to using Power editor to our advanced strategies and much much more. We will walk you through keyword research, finding offers that hit the sweet spot and show you how to crush your competition by getting clicks as low as 10 cents a click. Our in house 7 figure email marketer with over 20 years in the biz will walk you through his exact email sequence and process to closing sales day after day. Learn from our CPA Ninja as he silently assassinates his competition by picking high converting offers and targets with his own secret strategy. This is PPV done right. Get our 300% ROI Strategy that nobody is teaching. Let us show you how to run profitable campaigns on a little known advertising strategy that nobody is using. We also teach you how to get into secret underground Native Ad networks and much much more.

Tube CPA

Promoting CPA offers on YouTube is a perfect way to make money online, but you have to promote offers to a hungry crowd. YouTube helps to find serious fans of niche instead of just the casual online browser. In this program you will learn to  A Simple Way to find the Best Niches to Promote on YouTube.Instead of struggling to find what to promote, I already know which CPA products will convert,  How to get tons of traffic and beat your competition. I use special “pre sell” techniques in my videos to get them viewed over my competitors, and now my views are skyrocketing, How to put irresistible offers in front of your video viewers so they will want to click on your CPA offers. I created a special “click here now” technique to get tons of leads to my CPA offers (it’s insane how fast my bank account is growing.



Quick CPA Profits


CPA advertising has been helping internet marketers pull in billions of dollars each year. It has been taking the internet by storm for several very good reasons:It allows companies to manage their advertising budget by only paying for specific actions undertaken by prospects, such as opting into a form to become a lead, or by making a purchase of a product or service. These companies save hundreds of thousands in the long run by not wasting their advertising budget on ineffectual advertising that doesn’t bring them a high return on investment. It allows publishers and affiliates to leverage the backing of corporate companies to make much higher income per referral. [So high, you’ll fall off your chair when you see what I mean!]There’s very little effort required, and barely any knowledge or experience is necessary. [Grab hold of your hat as I show you just how exciting this is, and how it could be the perfect solution for you!] Without a doubt CPA is the perfect solution for most struggling and would be entrepreneurs, because the list of what you don’t need to get started is a very long list!

Quick Cpa Profits has been designed with YOUR success in mind. Each of the ten modules is overflowing with the information you need to start creating a successful CPA affiliate empire. Whether this is your first attempt to make money online, or you’re a seasoned marketer looking for an exciting new opportunity, you’re sure to find every resource you need in this course.

This book and accompanied material delivered electronically to your computer immediately. It can be viewed with adobe acrobat reader which is freely available to download.The book is nicely formatted and is easy to read. You can search through the text for a specific word or phrase. You can also add digital bookmarks for future reference.