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Craigslist gets around 38 million unique visitors a month, its categorized by location and topic so you can really narrow down your lead source and get really qualified leads that are PERFECT for your business.

The more you review this page, the more you begin to find yourself realizing how powerful Craigslist really can be for you. Inside our Craigslist Bananas we are going to reveal to you our exact system for turning Craigslist into a lead generation machine with less than one hour of work a day.

Inside Craiglist you will find how to post on Craigslist multiple times a day without getting ghosted, this is important to ANY ad you post on Craigslist, easily post 50+ Ads a day on Craigslist in nearly any city we want if you are only posting one or two ads a day on Craigslist then you will never see HUGE results from this marketing method.

This is so easy after you get started you’ll laugh that you weren’t doing this before, How to bypass PVA accounts and create multiple accounts easily, this is literally one of the biggest secrets you have to know to make Craigslist a lead monster for you and Simple Ways to track your ads, not only is it great to get sign ups on a daily basis from Craigslist but its also great to know what ad is bringing you the most leads and money.

Taking Craigslist marketing to a whole new level and going bananas with it. What is even cooler about this product is that every marketer starting out could use some sharp Craigslist training under their belt. It also has an affiliate program built into it so that you can share it with someone on your team that may need it and make a commission.





Craiglist Cash Cow

1 Craigslist is a gold mine just sitting there waiting for you to drill into it! You don’t have to waste all your days writing articles, finding link partners, doing SEO, or any of that other time consuming crap. Stop spending all your money on PPC, ezines, classifieds, and other online advertising methods. You can get all the traffic your website can handle for FREE! There are numerous ways to profit from the incredible amounts of traffic that Craigslist gets every single day. The possibilities of Craigslist are virtually endless and you don’t have to spend all your time, energy, and money to tap into them.This is a great option if you’re wondering how to make money on Craigslist. Just follow these simple steps

  1. Look for furniture or appliances or anything that needs restored at garage sales, flea markets, or on Craigslist.
  2. Dirty stuff is often discounted, as are damaged goods. These are the goods you want.
  3. Use your skills to fix the item and make it look like new.
  4. Sell at a much higher price.

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6 Craigslist-Cash-Cow-

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