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Building out PBNs or private networks has always been a challenge with so many things to take care of from purchasing aged or expired domains, adding different registration details for each, getting class c hosting, adding unique themes and templates redirecting the old backlinks from the domain to the home page or recreating those pages that had backlinks before and it was time consuming, painful and very, very expensive.

Even worse was that after you built your PBN network it was not task to manage the network or to post into the sites easily. In fact many people got to this stage and gave up or spent a fortune hiring VA’s to take care of the network management and posting.

Recently we have seen a lot of discussion on whether SEO is dead, and digging deeper the questions were often coming round to whether PBN’s (private blog networks) were dead too now.The answer to both questions is emphatically NO!SEO is still the best way to get free targeted traffic, but the goal posts have been moved several times and some new factors come into play for 2017.

The Solution is : Alpha Networks and it will allow you:

  • Add Expired Domains In Seconds By Simply Adding The Domain URL, Title, Description and Meta Tags.
  • Choose The Type Of Site You Want
  • Blogs, Video Sharing Sites, Social Bookmark Sites
  • Random Templates and Themes Are Created On The Fly By The Alpha Networks system
  • Web App To Manage Sites
  • Desktop Tool To Post Into The Sites
  • Work within group networks (OTO1 version)
  • Check if the sites are still indexed or deindexed in one click
  • Instantly index and ping new posts
  • Bulk posting with Scheduler
  • Work with a tiered linking system
  • Add Up To 50 Domains (More With OTO’s)
  • Local SEO Strategies and Google Maps Built In

Most of us have tried to generate free traffic and often we come up with the same reasons for failing. Traditionally the GURU training goes like this,…

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Run Keyword research tools to find easy to rank keywords.
  • Get content created to create blog posts and affiliate reviews.
  • Get Backlinks From The Latest, Greatest SEO Trick & Watch the money roll in!

Well, we all know thats not so easy as it sounds and that’s exactly what Anthony Hayes has been looking at over the past few months, and he has come up with an ingenious shortcut that not only takes away the guesswork, but he has created a tool that can build out sites fast and designed to build quality backlinks for you fast, low cost and easy to post into, even if your not that into SEO!


Backlinks are still at the heart of getting rankings and free traffic and this system is newbie friendly and designed to avoid the common mistakes that people make when they do not know what they are doing.

Anthony will be doing a pre launch webinar on the 21st January at 9am and he will show you his latest new tool and the built in strategy that can cut out wasted time, money and end frustration with his new system which he has literally thrown out the rule book on how to get free traffic and tossed aside recent SEO and Ranking fads to create something that works 100% of the time and will continue to work forever!



Guru For Hire


We are looking to build a stand alone web based business online for a small group of members, and coach them in addition to the custom project.You can consider it a joint venture and we both contribute to the project and Jamie makes sure to build the entire website, including the incredible modern graphics, everything else needed for a profit producing website.

You wont have to do a thing, except sit back and and enjoy being waited on hand and foot. This is the opportunity everyone dreams of and your seconds away from grabbing it.Let me show you a few examples of custom websites we have created for some of our top profit making businesses. And again these are just a few…


Thats the magic of a joint venture. We allocate a budget, we put our heads together and we create an incredible converting niche website.See the video below:

Image result for Guru For Hire2.jpg

This plan includes every possible type of promotion, to get the most traffic, or you might want to just start out with the website and take things a bit slower. This is so you can supply our team with all of your desires. Then, we will work with you to register your domain name. We will start producing the digital product.


Lifetime Hosting Standard


Lifetime Hosting is a new concept in Hosting. Instead of paying month-after-month, we charge you once. A single one-time payment.Our parent company has been providing web hosting for over 14 years. 6 different companies. We’re not new at this. This isn’t a hobby for us. This is what we do for a living. And we do it well.

We’ve provided shared web hosting for over 50,000 customers. This includes our premium brands that sell shared hosting for as much as $720/year and our value brands that sell for as little as $24/year.Lifetime.Hosting for up to 12 websites, including up to 12 GB of SSD-optimized storage.

Not only have we invested heavily in our enterprise cloud infrastructure, we integrate best of breed software including cloudlinux, litespeed webserver and mariadb to ensure the fastest loading websites.Create as many 500 MB email accounts, forwarders and auto-responders required for your business or website.

 1.jpg 2.jpg

Looks what’s included: – Faster loading websites (better hardware, software & support) – cPanel Control Panel – Unlimited Email Accounts – Free Website Builder – One-click Installer for WordPress, etc… – 24/7 Technical Support

And What’s New in Lifetime.Hosting 2: – New Responsive Drag and Drop Website Builder to Ensure 100% Mobile Compatible Websites – Double the free lifetime domain names (a $79.90 Value) – $395 in advertising credits with Bing, Amazon, Bidvertiser, Youtube, Google & Perfect Audience (for retargeting)

5GB of Free Lifetime FTP Storage for WordPress Backups, cPanel Backups, desktop Backups or whatever you like ($199.95 value) Lifetime.Hosting is LITERALLY the last web hosting you will ever buy. And now you can get two Lifetime Domain name included with any hosting purchase during this launch. That’s right – you’ll never pay domain renewal fees again. Check out the amazing domains that qualify for one-time lifetime payments.



Launch Jacking 101


Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of the buzz and traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch to earn affiliate commissions off of that product or a similar one you wish to promote.

For example, if someone was going to release a product called Make Money 2000, you might buy the domain and build out a website with your affiliate links.

Then anyone searching for a review of the latest cool product Make Money 2000 will find your site, read your review, and then purchase through your links.

If you are not too familiar with the product, or find out it is crap, you can choose to substitute a product you stand behind to promote instead. In the example above, you would write an honest review of Make Money 2000 indicating you wouldn’t recommend it but instead recommend your product as an alternative.

But here’s why launch jacking works so well. When a new product launches, there isn’t much information about it yet on the internet. So when someone searches for the product, there aren’t many sites the search engines can pull up related to the product.

By creating and optimizing your website for the new product, you are prime to get high rankings right from the start!









Domainer Elite Course


In this page were going to give you a crash course in the art of buying low, selling HIGH. Let’s Do IT! I never knew I would hit it big, but the concept is simple.. we are all sitting on an opportunity like no other. INTERNET REAL ESTATE for PENNIES and then sell for dollars.Whether you are a domain investor, webmaster or business owner, I’ve got something for you. The hard part? You’ve got to find them.. Yes, domains are being bought up, but there are many domains still available, but the hard part is finding them. Hence the need for our recipes and software. We cover singular domain selling, brand name selling, starter site selling, established site selling and “package” domain selling. Finding a domain name that’s available to purchase for $9.00 and then turning around and selling it for $9,000 is NOT easy. For instance a domain like They’re out there, but I went automated from manual about a year ago. I used to search all night… Id start with a list, and I would scour the web. Id appraise, look down the list of availables and grab them up, then drop them on the marketplaces and watch them sell for more than I bought them for.When you are scouring, the one thing that you WISH you had was a list generator.. a button you could press, appraisal, the whole nine years all hooked together so you weren’t going back & forth, getting eye strain. I mean you know the reward is significant.. selling your first domain is amazing. The lump sum payment.. Nothing like that. But the process to find them is strenuous, it really is like you are MINING for GOLD.


Project Lazarus Expired Domain Crawler


Within a really short period of time you will be able to find some domains that have a much higher value than what you spent on the software.Using this crawler is a no brainer. If you are lucky and find a source of inexpensive domains, lets say $50 per domain, with 4 domains you find with this crawler you are already getting your money back.This is a lightweight , lean , mean, crawling machine. You can crawl over 1 million pages in 3 hours or so.

Project Lazarus is able to include Majestic SEO and SeoMOZ domain metrics automatically

ewhenever an expired domain is found. This means you spend less time digging through garbage domains in order to find those real gems.Rank Easier. Cheaper. Faster. Never before have the search engines been so predictable when you use Powerful Expired Domains found by Project Lazarus.Or even start your own domain selling business and start making money today.

Find expired Web 2.0 blogs with Project Lazarus. Currently supports Blogspot, Tumblr, Livejournal,


Weebly, and Over-blog. Build out your PBN with FREE Power Expired Web 2.0’s.Totally works, found over 100 domains from a quick 30 minute crawl from only 14 seed sites, and like Kurt said: no limits here!

Project Lazarus is one of the SEO communities favourite expired domain scraper, and for good reason as it is still one of the most powerful scrapers out great for finding expired domains, but as you have to run it on a Windows machine, it can get a little tedious, especially for the average Apple Mac user!

Project Lazarus is Best Expired Domain Crawler Software that will help you to find Hiqh quality Expired domain with High PR and High Authority to start your own domain selling business and start making money today.


Today is Easy #1 Rankings, Rank Easier, Cheaper, Faster, Never before have the search engines been so predictable when you use Powerful Expired Domains found by Project Lazarus. Or even start your own domain selling business and start making money today. Our promise to you is that we will help you get Project Lazarus setup and running correctly on your machine that meets the minimum system requirements of Windows XP or newer, 2GB of Ram or more, and 2Ghz CPU or faster.

If for some reason we are unable to assist you in getting Project Lazarus completely functional after you have properly configured your Namecheap and Moz API’s, and given us access to your machine via RDP or Team viewer we will provide a full refund.  We want you to be successful and to get value out of this software.  We make no claims or guarantees to the quality or quantity of expired domains that you will find, or your ability to sell domains, or to rank your own websites using the found domains.


Domain Rocket


Domain Rocket is a SEO software which continuously searches 24/7 for expired domains that have backlinks from high authority websites such as Techcrunch, Mashable, Venturebeat, Time, etc.
It is web based tool hosted at our powerful cloud server farm.

Having backlinks from high authority sites is a proven SEO method for getting better website ranking in search engine results.Not every website owner can get a back link from the Time, Mashable, Techcrunch, or other high-quality, authority websites.

Since these type of back links are harder to get and can’t be easily manipulated with SEO “tricks”, Google will think of you as more important in your niche and rank your site higher.






News Domain Sniper

1News Domain Sniper is an amazing piece of software that will help you to create a list of expired domains, which are available for registration. It will also show you the DA, PA, CF, TF & PR. News Domain Sniper is a Windows based software, which will help you in solving the biggest problem most people face when buying, expired domains for their Private Blog Network. News Domain Sniper has 25 news sources in the basic version, which delivers a huge list of expired domains that has metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank, Citation Flow and Trust Flow Backlinks and Referring Domains. Click here now to get started. News Domain Sniper makes it very easy to select a domain according to category or metrics or news source such as BBC, CNN, FORBES, HUFFINGTONPOST, MASHABLE, GIZMODO, CHRON, EHOW, WIKIHOW and many others and you can buy these domains at Godaddy, Namecheap or other domain registrars at the basic price. No premium charges for these domains. Many people go through tedious manual analysis, which take a ton of time to find the right kind of domain or go to a domain broker to find the right domain and the broker charges premium amount for the domain and the same domain can be found easily by using the one-time fee software. Visit the official website here. News Domain Sniper has literally thousands of domains and the software updates every fortnight with exciting available domains. You will get the most value buying this software and you are going to love the 2 updates every month.


Domain Rocket Starter

1-CLICK Solution UNCOVERS High Quality Expired Domains With Authority Site Backlinks that’ll Skyrocket Your Rankings

The KEY to ranking higher and getting to that #1 spot is not as difficult as many may make you think it is.There’s a lot of bad advice out there.

But here’s what you really need to know :
To get to that coveted #1 spot, all you need is good content and QUALITY BACKLINKS.

Here’s what no one tells you:
You don’t need 1000s of backlinks to rank higher at hit #1.You just need a few HIGH QUALITY backlinks.

Domain Rocket Expired Domains

Having backlinks from high authority sites is a proven SEO method for ranking higher in search engine results.There are the types of links you can get from Authority Sites like TIME, Techcrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat and other sites like these. Not everyone can get links from these sites.

There are 1000s of quality domains that expire each day and they are priceless for one reason. They have high quality backlinks from authority sites yet many people just let them expire.Well, their loss is your gain.

The KEY is to be able to find these domains that have backlinks from these top authority sites and
buy them quickly at a really low price…for around $10.

Domain Rocket is a fully-web based SEO software that continuously searches 24/7 for expired domains that have backlinks from high authority websites such as Techcrunch, Mashable, Venturebeat, Time, etc.

301 redirect

Easy to use and Newbie Friendly – simple web based interface.Whether you own a site that needs higher rankings and more traffic or you’re an SEO consultant or agency… you can use Domain Rocket to find high quality expired domains to create 301 redirects to YOUR site.

Gives you domains with high quality authority backlinks in seconds.

Runs 24/7 on our powerful cloud servers.

Works on both Mac and PC – access from anywhere in the world.

Uncovers a ton of useful data about each domain.

Helps you securely buy the domain you want in just a few clicks.

DOUBLING YOUR PROFITS : Apart from getting backlinks to your own sites, you can double your profits by offering your private blog network to other site owners and charge them a monthly fee. This way, they get the high-quality back links that will help them rank higher and you’ll make thousands of dollars in profit each month.