Guru For Hire

We are looking to build a stand alone web based business online for a small group of members, and coach them in addition to the custom project.You can consider it a joint venture and we both contribute to the project and Jamie makes sure to build the entire website, including the incredible modern graphics, everything […]

Mints App 2.0

  This Done-For-You mints app business automation covers up to 10 niches that you can tap into right now even if you know nothing about the niche (remember — everything is already done for you, just copy n’ paste). Access Your Done-For-You Package and Start Building More Lists and Selling More Products with Mints App […]

Genius Pay Days

Product creation costs a lot of money, and TIME. While you’re trying to write the perfect ebook, or fix every bug in your new software, someone else is beating you to the punch. Don’t let those other marketers get those sales!”Genius Pay Days” gives you 100 Done For You Products so you can IMMEDIATELY get […]