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HitSafari Advertising


If you are looking to gain more traffic to your website HitSafari is your answer. HitSafari has been the top ranked manual traffic exchange since 2003, delivering quality high targeted traffic.When results matter, HitSafari delivers.

Thousands of people join manual traffic exchanges to get free traffic to their sites. With over 5 Million views to our members sites each month HitSafari is sure to increase your sites traffic.

But that’s not all! HitSafari also works as a high quality banner exchange via our banner advertising network that comes with your free membership. It’s clear that banner advertising is an effective way to also increase traffic to your websites.

You Deserve It…
Now We Have the System to Provide It!
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bonuses!

Credits, Banner and Link Impressions Plus Cash!

You Deserve Real Rewards and We Give Them to You


We also offer a high quality text exchange that puts your text ads right in the faces of our visitors. These two powerful advertising platforms combines with our manual traffic exchange will bring you opt in subscribers for your email advertising and email lists and increase your sales.

HitSafari also partners up with other manual traffic exchanges via Power Surf Central. This system when used earns you rewards for taking an active part in it. You deserve it and now we have the system to provide it!

Our downline builder is another great feature of your membership. When you join HitSafari you get free access to this powerful tool to increase your traffic flow and build residual income for years to come.

Have a site not in the downline builder?
Not a problem! Our unique system allows you to add it to your downline builder for the ultimate configuration.


It’s easy to see all the power HiSafari brings to the table and when combined with your free membership its clear to see this is a win win for your business. Start increasing your website traffic today and claim your free account by clicking on the join now button below.

Auto Marketing

Automarketing is the process of letting your business run itself while you do other things, like sleeping, golfing, skiing, climbing, diving, beaching, spending time with family and yes, even space walking (that’s right, you don’t even need to be on the planet to automarket)…

At Automarketing we have combined the best advertising methods with effective direct email marketing to reach potentially thousands of members. We then show you how to use your leads to get the most out of your efforts, by automating that process.

You can also build a List and earn Commission at the same time… AND, if you use Aweber, you’ll discover exactly how that particular company overcharges you for something you can’t possibly use, which could save you hundreds, or even thousands over time

Sign up for your free membership and receive $200.00 worth of free advertising right now. When you join Automarketing you immediately get traffic to promote your offers (by way of the site members). In fact, you could start emailing prospectve buyers right away.

What Can You Do With This Instant Free Traffic And Valuable Information?
Get New Leads Into Your Own Lists
Promote Anything You Want To Anyone
Learn How To Keep Your Lists Active & Profitable
Earn Money By Promoting This Site
Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites
Recruit Affiliates
Promote Home Business Opportunities
Discover How To Automate Your Business
Announce New Programs, Products and Services


If you promote and refer new members to Automarketing you earn commission on anyone you personally refer who upgrades or buys advertising, on ONE LEVEL only. As a Free member you get 10% of the upgrade payment for every referral upgrade or other purchase. Upgrade and you can improve this to 50% commission!

We provide an extensive Affiliate Toolbox to help you in your marketing efforts, plus you get instant and free access to the extensive Automarketing ecourse on how to automate your marketing so you can earn money while doing anything other than working on your business!

Safelist Monster

There is a great new viral mail program called Safelist Monster! Join now and get in quick before everyone else! You get 500 credits, 500 banner, and 500 text impressions as soon as you join and log in!

You can join for free and immediately mail up to 500 members, but upgraded members get tons of benefits including up to 75% commissions on all referral sales!Please go ahead and join right now! You will love it!

If you are not yet a member of Safelist Monster then you need to join right now! This is a great new email program that gets you very scary results!

Free members get 500 credits, 500 banner and 500 text impressions when joining! All members earn commissions on any referral sales! They have a downline builder so you can promote your other favorite programs as well!

Don’t delay, join right now and start referring others before they join under someone else! You can join as a free member, but upgraded memberships are very inexpensive



Downline Builder Direct


Increase Your Traffic And Sales With The Most Powerful Free List builder. Our Free Safelist Mailer Will Instantly Allow You To Increase Your Website Traffic With Our Laser-Targeted Free Website Traffic Network That Will Get Your Website Seen By 1,000’s Of Hungry Buyers At No-Cost To You.You can get a Diamond membership, huge commissions and a monster downline to market to as long as you live. Without paying a dime. How would like to build a huge downline, that’s yours to generate cash on demand or would you like to cash in on some handsome commission check every month? One of the driving forces behind every successful business is building a targeted and responsive list. We make it easy for you to build your list by mailing up to 20,000 members in as little as every 2 days. Our credit multiplier function allows you to earn more credits towards building your business by reading member’s emails. This boosts member activity and response, making it easy to gain targeted leads for your business.Without networking, your business will be slow to grow. Joint Venture offers allow you to post your ideas and attract marketers who share similar goals in growing a successful business.


Simple Mail Builder


SimpleMailBuilder was launched by Marcy McManaway, owner of 2 traffic exchanges and several blogs. Marcy uses many different advertising resources for her business and mailers is one of her favorites. The problem was, she was looking for a good mailer downline builder to increase her referrals in these traffic sources and just could not find one. So she made one herself, and is offering this tool to you too!SimpleMailBuilder solves this problem by allowing you to promote just one link to build multiple downlines in all your favorite mailers.Simply add your referral IDs to the multiple mailer downline builder and choose from several advertising resources from our affiliate toolbox. It’s that easy and It’s FREE!




Top Viral Mailers

Top Viral Mailers

With Top Viral Mailers you can add your affiliate IDs to the mailers in Top Viral Mailers, and whenever anyone sees your page, they’ll be clicking on your referral links and if they join Top Viral Mailers they’ll be in your downline. Use our Promo Tools to get people to your Top Viral Mailers page.  Any link they click will be linked to your referral ID in that program, so you can promote all the best mailers from one page.Viral Mailers have proven to be one of the most effective forms of online advertising, but with so many out there, how do you know which ones are the best? Introducing Top Viral Mailers, where marketers can vote on their favorite mailers, and then build their downlines in all of them! Promote all the best Viral Mailers from one splash page, and get exclusive promo codes for free advertising. Find the Viral Mailers that will bring you RESULTS.


FreeTE Credits

Eric’s sleek design of FTEC is refreshing and the best part is it gives free advertising to some great active traffic exchanges. Get FREE access to thousands of FREE Traffic Exchange Credits Today!  All from some of the best owners in the business and some of the top Exchanges online today! Free TE credits rocks! An awesome tool to build downlines in multiple TE’s and get free credits while doing it. Free TE Credits is by far one of the best downline builders there is. Eric is always looking for ways to make it better which means it will be around for a long time. Very robust support system to easily and quickly get your problems anwsered. We even have a toll free 800 number, Even get free upgrades in some of the TEs listed in the program. 100% Free to Join and free to Promote,There are not any “No Name” Traffic Exchanges… only the best.Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic.Other members of FreeTECredits will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members. Click ‘Surf’ on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members.You will earn credits for every site you view. Your site will receive one hit for each credit that you assign to your site.