SQRIBBLE The World’s First EASY TO USE & POWERFUL eBook Creator Studio

Sqribble is a web-based software application that enables you to create eBooks, manuals, guides, reports, product information packages, white papers, and other types of digital products easily and quickly. Essentially, Sqribble simplifies the process of content creation as well as designing thereby saving marketers a lot of money and time.

With an intuitive interface and a wide variety of templates, you will not need to hire graphic design expert or content creators. It is an all-in-one software. When you log in to Sqribble dashboard, you will find a variety of templates for 3D covers, eBooks, and other digital documents.

The templates are categorized into niches. You should select your preferred template and modify it until you feel satisfied. You will be taken through various steps to create your eBook before editing it. First, you should provide a title. After that, you get to select your project.

It is here that you choose where to source for your eBook content. You can either source content from a URL or create from scratch. There are also other options including copy/pasting content manually, uploading from a word document, or selecting from the collection of ready-made articles.

You can add as many items to your content such as photos, graphics, text, etc., as possible. After you have added your content, you can edit the eBook format to your liking. You can edit everything including titles, headings, color, sizes, and fonts. After this, your eBook will be free for download as a PDF.

Sqribble Features:

[+] Automatic content:

  • Sqribble allows you to fill your eBook with valuable content; you don’t have to write anything.
  • This software source content from all around the web and you can also provide a URL that it can use to create content.
  • You can also copy content from any URL and paste it directly to the eBook editor, and the software will do the rest.

[+] Create automatic table of content:

  • This software creates editable and fully-themed table of content thereby giving your readers easier navigation.
  • You can reword and reformat it the way you want.

[+] Automatic headers and footers:

  • Sqribble automatically inserts headers and footers into your eBook to give it a professional look.
  • You can edit these to add your logos, branding, contact details, and call-to-action buttons.

[+] Automatic page numbering:

  • This software will automatically number the eBook for you thereby saving you effort and time.
  • This ensures great user experience as it will enable them to find a page they are looking easily.

[+] Drag and drop technology:

  • You can drag and drop content on any page to this software.
  • It will customize a page layout without you having to do anything.

[+] Add unlimited pages:

  • You can insert a new page in any place by tapping ‘plus’ button.
  • You can add a blank page in between chapters, table of content page, or thank you page. The possibilities are endless.

[+] Fully customizable:

  • You can change elements in this software.
  • From colors and styles to page layouts and themes with a push of a button.
  • This will help make your eBook look unique and match your brand.

[+] Add design elements:

  • You can add new cover pages, article pages, icons, images, new paragraphs, backgrounds, images, text blocks, links, and anything you want to add to your eBook.
  • It is easier to add any element.

You will be able to triple the number of eBook templates you get thereby giving you endless design options to help you have a variety. You will also find a wide variety of visually appealing designs that you can use in over 15 niche categories. This will help you save a lot of money.

You will get over 99,000 ready-made content articles you can use to create niche reports and books. Fill your eBook with great content automatically with a click of a button. You don’t have to pay for any of these contents as it is already done for you. They are prewritten and can be used different niches.

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$400M Fiction Giant Wattpad Wants To Be Your Literary Agent – Hayley C. Cuccinello


It took a less than an hour in 2013 for Anna Todd to change her life. The Army wife and part-time babysitter had spent a lot of time reading fan fiction, stories by amateur writers about existing fictional universes and real-life celebrities. So her erotic tale about Tessa and Hardin—a wholesome college freshman and a tattooed bad boy who is a thinly veiled stand-in for singer Harry Styles—came together quickly when she sat down to typed the first chapter of After on her phone. Todd posted it to Wattpad, one of the world’s largest destinations for online reading and writing……

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hayleycuccinello/2018/09/24/400m-fiction-giant-wattpad-wants-to-be-your-literary-agent/



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The Secret You Need to Know About Ebooks – Rick Ardman


Earlier this year, the price on the blockbuster book, The Girl on the Train, was slashed from $11.99 to $1.99 for one day only.

Previously, Gone Girl was discounted from $9.99 to $2.99, and The Da Vinci Code was given away for free for one week. In all three cases, the discounts were only available for the ebook version.

Most people were completely unaware of these huge deals.

A select group of readers, however, had the inside scoop on all these deals and more. They were using our service here at BookBub: a daily email that alerts readers to free and deeply discounted ebooks that are available for a limited time.

Over 10 million people have signed up for BookBub’s free service. Readers sign up with just an email address, and then select their favorite genres. Each day, we send an email with free and discounted bestselling ebooks in the selected genres. Just click, download, and read on any device: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Droid, & more.

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From romance to mystery, cookbooks to non-fiction, and literary to historical fiction there are more than 35 categories to choose from to customize your email.


Expert Editors


Each title is hand selected by our editorial team to ensure the highest quality – we do the work for you. In addition, each book is at least 75% off, and many are free, which makes it extremely low risk to try new authors and genres.


“It’s the Groupon of books,” Dominique Raccah, the publisher of Sourcebooks, told The New York Times about deal sites like BookBub. “For the consumer, it’s new, it’s interesting. It’s a deal and there isn’t much risk. And it works.”

Book lovers have now become practically obsessed with this concept. In many cases, they’ve downloaded hundreds of books and saved hundreds of dollars using the service.

“I now have more books than I can read in a lifetime,” said Suzie Miller of Auburn, WA. She said she has downloaded more than 350 free ebooks using the service.

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Are eBooks Dying or Thriving? The Answer Is Yes


It is a heartwarming story: In spite of the endless onslaught of digital content, American readers have collectively put down their screens and decided to embrace once more that beloved tactile rectangular prism that reminds us, with its weight at the bottom of our bags, of its immeasurable heft. Since 2015, major news outlets, including this one, have reported the triumphant return of print: that “real” books are back, and ebooks have lost their gleam.

Of course, it’s not entirely true. Yes, ebooks are doing just fine: Americans consume hundreds of millions of them a year. But many of their authors are writing and publishing books, and finding massive audiences, without being actively tracked by the publishing industry. In fact, the company through which they publish and distribute their books, a tech behemoth disguised as a benevolent, content-agnostic retailer, is the only entity with any real idea of what’s going on in publishing as a whole.

Amazon’s power over self-publishing, a shadow industry running outside the traditional publishing houses and imprints, is insidiously invisible. As a result, the publishing industry has a data problem, and it doesn’t look like Amazon will be loosening its grip any time soon.

A wave rises

They don’t often get nominated for huge book prizes, noticed by the New York Times book review, or endorsed by the president. But over the past seven years, self-published books—predominantly sold as ebooks–have offered a rare avenue through which writers can make a living just from writing, as opposed to speaking, teaching, and/or consulting. By cutting out publishers, writers sidestep print and distribution costs, increase their revenue, and are beholden to readers and algorithms, not critics, editors, marketers, or sales people. A decent writer with a flair for self-promotion, or a decent entrepreneur with writing chops, can earn serious cash.

Amazon launched its Kindle Direct Publishing platform in 2011, and by 2012, it had its first breakouts in the mainstream. Hugh Howey, author of Wool, and Andy Weir, author of The Martian, were early success stories. But so were dozens of people you’ve potentially never heard of: H.M. Ward, Rachel Abbott, Bella Andre, all getting paychecks that left authors in the rest of the rest of the industry salivating.

Amazon launched its Kindle Direct Publishing platform in 2011, and by 2012, it had its first breakouts in the mainstream. Hugh Howey, author of Wool, and Andy Weir, author of The Martian, were early success stories. But so were dozens of people you’ve potentially never heard of: H.M. Ward, Rachel Abbott, Bella Andre, all getting paychecks that left authors in the rest of the industry salivating.

Self-publishing has since exploded, particularly in romance, fantasy, and science fiction. Though an average is impossible to estimate, top-selling authors can sell hundreds of thousands of self-published books on Amazon, which, with revenue of $2 per book, can generate millions of dollars. For the past few years, mega-selling romance writer H.M. Ward has been making a seven-figure salary across self-publishing platforms, more than half of which came through Amazon. At one point, she cracked double-digit millions in sales. According to one estimate, last year 2,500 self-published authors made at least $50,000 in book sales across self-publishing platforms, before the platforms’ cuts.

Self-published authors price their books lower than traditionally published ebooks, but authors can make up to 70% in royalties from Amazon; that’s double, even triple, the royalties they could make with a publisher. Even though an author could get a big advance from a traditional publisher, advance amounts vary widely—and this assumes she can get a book deal at all.

More data, more problems

We’re not just talking about a few women reading erotica on their phones during their lunch breaks; by most accounts, self-publishing is massive. But only Amazon knows its true scale.

The information asymmetry between Amazon and the rest of the book industry—publishers, brick-and-mortar stores, industry analysts, aspiring writers—means that only the Seattle company has deeply detailed information, down to the page, on what people want to read. So an industry that’s never been particularly data-savvy increasingly works in the dark: Authors lose negotiating power, and publishers lose the ability to compete on pricing or even, on a basic level, to understand what’s selling.

When it comes to print books, NPD Book’s BookScan is the industry standard. The group collects data from point-of-sale purchases, an estimated 85% of the US print trade market, and from retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Costco, and independent bookstores.

But ebook sales are anybody’s guess. Amazon doesn’t report its ebook sales to any of the major industry data sources, and it doesn’t give authors more than their own personal slice of data. A spokesperson from Amazon writes by email that “hundreds of thousands of authors self-publish their books today with Kindle Direct Publishing,” but declined to provide a number, or any sales data.

NPD tracks digital books in a way that’s crucially different from print—via publishers, not retailers. But since hundreds of thousands of authors are behaving as individual publishers on Amazon without being tracked, any picture painted by the group has a gaping hole in it. “NPD PubTrack Digital tracks ebook sales but because it is a publisher data-share model, the data does not include self-published ebooks,” writes NPD’s Allison Risbridger by email. “Therefore we cannot comment on the size of the self-published ebooks market.”

Bowker, which issues ISBNs, the unique number you see above the barcode on a book, says 786,935 self-published titles came out in 2016. But there’s no way to know how close that is to the actual number of self-published books, because ISBNs are both optional and expensive, so individual authors often forego them. “The total size of the market is unclear,” writes Nicola Bacon, public relations manager for ProQuest, which owns Bowker. “Our data is meant to be directional—one of the few sources that can be compared year over year.”

“Honestly, Bowker’s numbers are completely useless,” says David Gaughran, a self-published author of historical fiction who blogs about the business of getting published on your own. “They’re worse than useless, because they’re taken as reliable, and they’re not.”

Nobody—industry experts, authors, publishers—can gauge the true size of the self-publishing market. So no one can say for sure what’s going on in the larger book industry.

Message-board mobilization

Short of any resource for good data, authors have self-organized and tried to fill in that gap to better understand the market. They band together on message boards to share their sales data and try to extrapolate a clearer picture of how many sales are needed to hit a certain ranking on Amazon.

In 2014, a self-published author started the blog Author Earnings anonymously to scrape Amazon’s bestseller page. Until recently, it was the best resource for sales data from self-publishing. In January, the team behind Author Earnings soft-launched Bookstat, a paid service that tracks online book retail in real time. Bookstat extrapolates sales data from book rankings and sales history, provided by authors, and estimates sales per author and book throughout the day, with a self-reported margin of error of 5%.

Bookstat estimates that in 2017, there were half a million self-published authors who sold at least one book, and a total of 240 million self-published ebook units sold. Both figures went undetected by the traditional reporting organizations. But as the founder, who still asks to remain anonymous, notes, “There’s really no way to wrap your arms around how many authors there are, including the ones who are not selling, including the ones who are out of print on the traditional publishing side.” By his estimate, self-published books in the US were worth $875 million last year, about $700 million of which was ebooks.

Combine last year’s NPD BookScan numbers (that is, 85% of US trade print sales) and what Bookstat strings together of self-published book sales, and you have a very rough picture of the difference between what is generally reported in sales figures and what’s missing (not including a grab-bag of uncategorizable sales or books from Amazon’s own imprints):

A new landscape with a bad map

Without good data, there’s no complete picture of the industry. News stories say digital fatigue is sounding the death knell of ebooks, as readers across the country devour $700 million dollars of untracked digital files. Publishers are less able to see what’s selling in certain commercial genres, and less able to take risks on debut authors. Bookstore attendance becomes lopsided, and a large swath of American readers get algorithm-driven book creation. As authors move to self-publishing, the creativity pool becomes bifurcated.

“I think it hurts everyone,” says publishing consultant Jane Friedman. “Because everyone gets to put forward the narrative they would personally like to believe in.” Publishers believe ebooks were a failed experiment, bookstore owners can cheer the triumph of their raison d’être, print lovers get to gloat that screens will never kill the old-school ways. Self-published authors can keep making money, and trying to light lamps to cut through the data darkness.

And Amazon can keep doing what it does best, without any transparency to the public, readers, or the rest of the industry. Using its highly attuned proprietary data, it builds a bigger, more pervasive product with every turn of the page: the machine that knows readers.

May 13, 2018


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