MailZoom Cloud Based Email List Technology

A revolutionary new email technology that gives you ​unlimited power and total control of your email list so you can skyrocket your online business. ​The truth is that the money is in the list ​and MailZoom helps you make money and keep more of it too!

​There’s no reason for you to give away any of your hard earned profits every month to some unreliable email service when you can get better results with no monthly fees

Step1 Login to our secure platform

Step2 Simply upload your list (no double opt-in required) or use our built-in forms to setup your high-converting campaign

Step3 ​Hit “send” and ​​watch your profit generating emails ​reach ​your customer’s inbox and get read

MailZoom’s ​Powerful​ ​Features:


No Monthly Fees!

​With MailZoom you’ll never pay monthly fees. Ever! Just a one-time payment is all you need to unlock all the amazing features that are listed below.

100% Cloud Based Technology

Our technology is hosted in the cloud so you can login and create campaigns from anywhere. Our easy to use dashboard is available from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Import Your Own List … NO Double Opt-in Required!

​If you sign up for an account with the “other guys” they send an email to your subscribers asking them to click a link in the email and re-optin before you begin sending emails to your customers. Since many people will not click on the link ​you lose a large number of subscribers just by using their service. With MailZoom there’s no double opt-in required! Simply upload your list and hit send to deliver your message to your customers.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Keep track of everything in one easy to use dashboard. ​Add subscribers, check your stats, create new lists and campaigns all with a couple of clicks. Big bold graphical statistics ​make it easy to see how your campaigns are performing.

Create Unlimited Mailing Lists & Segments

Keep track of your separate customer lists and segment them by those who opened or clicked a link during a campaign. Easily identify those customers who are highly interested in your offer so you can send them a highly targeted email.

In-Depth Email & Click Tracking

​If you like data then you’ll love our advanced reporting suite. Go deep into every email campaign and follow the user’s actions so you can make better marketing decisions for future campaigns.

Advanced Drag & Drop Email Builder

​Choose from our library of email templates to create your perfect message. Don’t know how to code in html or create fancy looking emails? No problem. Our advanced drag & drop email builder lets you create beautiful emails with ease.


​This is probably the most powerful of all the features offered! You can set up automation rules so when an action is taken by the subscriber it triggers another event (like sending a follow up email if someone has not opened your previous email). Set up unlimited automation on unlimited lists.

100% Mobile Responsive (Use on ANY Device)

​Since MailZoom is cloud based and runs from our servers it is fully web-based and 100% mobile responsive. That means you’ll be able to create and send your message to your customers from anywhere using any device.

Built-In Subscription Forms

​Our simple form builder lets you create and customize your opt-in forms to collect as much or as little data from your customers as you want. Embed your forms into your landing pages, website, or ​blog.

Email Verification Integration

​​It’s an unfortunate fact of any online business that people don’t always put in a valid email address into your landing page or opt-in box. Our email verification integration allows you to check the email addresses on your list to be sure that they are valid.





Email Force – Done For You Automated Emails With Maximizing Conversions

When it comes to list building, PROFITS are what matter. Turn subscribers into buyers, and you get paid. 5000 subscribers mean nothing if they don’t buy. 5000 subscribers can make you a fortune every month when they do.

To convert new leads into BUYERS …You need specialized email sequences that build a mutually PROFITABLE relationship.Email sequences like these are part art, part science … and NOT easy to create.

That’s why we’ve developed a software specifically designed to convert every new subscriber into a long term, paying customer that puts profits in your pocket.

And that maximizes lifetime profits from every lead on your list. With this amazing tool you can customize your messages with the built-in editor, then watch the software connect to your autoresponder and send your proven-to-convert emails for you.

Email Force utilizes a robust platform on which users can easily navigate and manipulate to create profitable emails. This tool works for any product and service you may want to promote, regardless of the niche you are working in.

Email Force has made “push button profits” a reality. This tool utilizes the artificial intelligence in content creation, giving you winning emails on demand. With Email Force, you can have your own high-converting email to promote your offer efficiently.

With this Brand New Tool:

  • You can effortlessly generate DOZENS of unique emails and complete promo sequences for any product or service … WITHOUT ever writing an email again
  • You’ll save money AND time – no need for expensive email specialists, no more struggling to write your own content
  • Maximizing profits per subscriber is literally push button simple

The software will help you convert more new leads into long-term customers in literally any niche. Plus the bonus training will help you build your list more effectively than ever … then you can use the software to maximize your profits per customer.



Identify the right audience with Ambulance Services Email Lists

Targeting Ambulance Service companies by industry or city may be part of your strategic plan – but putting your plan into action can be difficult. Let us help you build a custom list of fresh Ambulance Service Sales Leads. At Mailing Data Solutions We can provide you with high quality, cost effective Ambulance Services Email […]

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15 Email Swipe Files to Copy & Paste Follow Up Email Messages | Online Marketing Tools

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Email Tools Quick Demo – 4-in-1 Email Tool Helps Increase Engagement, Creates Urgency, Gets Feedback and Gets You More Clicks

(2) Email Profit Blueprint – Home

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EmailFindr – How To find Thousands Of email Addresses In Minutes – YouTube



Every person in the world closely guards their professional email address.Whether its a product vendor, an investor, a recruiter, a founder, a top blogger, youtuber or a hard-to-reach CEO — we’ve all tried to email them at some point.

Finding their right email address is extremely hard.No matter how many hours you spend on Google, Facebook or Linkedin.You will be lucky if you are able to find their professional email address that gets you past the gatekeeper and right into their inbox to close a deal.

Now we all know the power of contacting the right people is HUGE. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to reach out to a journalist or you simply want to skip over customer service and contact someone higher up to actually get your problem resolved.

If you belong to the world of internet business, you’ll know it can be a huge challenge to find someone’s right email address.Well, Not anymore. Introducing EmailFindr – your one click solution to finding anyone’s professional email address in under 60 seconds.

No more spending hours scouring the depths of the internet to find the right email address. EmailFindr will do all the hard work for you, and FAST.​


Email Findr not only gets you the RIGHT email address but it also goes the extra mile to find you the social profiles of the person if they are available on the web. This will help you connect better when you email them and strike a conversation.


Once you find the prospects you are looking for, you can save them in separate LISTS. You can create lists of new prospects, warm leads and hot prospects to manage your sales cycle or do it just about any way you want.

Since this is a fully cloud based app, we store all the searches for you so you can get back to them anytime you want. You can also download them immediately or at any time in the future.

EmailFindr does not guarantee you to find every single person that exists in world and their contact info. There will be some cases when you will not get a result, you will simply have to try another domain for that person or maybe try at a later date. We use a combination of methods to find the email addresses and some may not be accurate & it will reflect in the score provided with each result.


Mega Traffic List


In such a BIG advertising world you need a MEGA solution to reach more prospects, generate more traffic and create more sales. Mega Traffic List is your solution!We have combined the best advertising methods with effective direct email marketing to thousands of members.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Mega Traffic List will benefit you today:

* $150 worth of BONUS Advertising after signup

* Start emailing up to 2000 members immediately

* Earn viral traffic automatically

* Instant Commissions paid directly to you, for
all members

* Use credits to buy Solos! (Unique to this site)

2.jpgAt Mega Traffic List we have combined the best advertising methods with effective direct email marketing to thousands of members. You can build a Mega Traffic List and earn Instant Commission at the same time, but only if you choose to promote the site!

Sign up for your free membership and receive $150.00 worth of advertising right now. We also have our own virtual currency, Megabuck$, that can be used to buy advertising not just at MTL, but other sites as well.When you join Mega Traffic List you immediately get traffic to promote your offers (by way of the site members).

In fact, you can start emailing up to 2000 members right away. If you wish to promote and refer new members you can earn instant commission, paid directly to you, on anyone you personally refer who upgrades or buys advertising.


Viral Lead Builder


What if you could super charge your list building?Well I’m here today to tell you  about a awesome new site I created called Viral Lead Builder.This is a unique site that will allow you to get free traffic and have all your referrals send their 1st 4 signups to join YOUR LIST first before they can experience the power of Viral Lead Builder themselves.

Check out viral lead builder Imagine having 2 people turn into 8 new leads to your list. Then those 8 turn into 32 new leads and so on…This is the VIRAL EFFECT and it’s POWERFUL.

> Earn up to 50% commissions

> Get VIRAL traffic

> No emails from members AT ALL

> Your referrals 1st 4 signups join YOUR list first!

> Simple & Easy To Use System

This works with ANY autoresponder


Step 1. Click on the “Edit My Details” button to upload your photo and to add your Autoresponder code.


Make sure your redirect URL is set to:

So the signup process works flawlessly. If you have doubts, contact us.

If you need help with adding your Autresponder code please watch the video under Tutorials. You can also read our Quick Start PDF guide.

If you upgraded to an Elite, JV Partner, Reseller or Founding Member, you will also go here to edit your “Exit Pop URL” and other details. You can also go here to change your password.

Step 2. Click on the “Setup Ads” button to Get FREE Advertising!

All new members get 1 banner ad with 10K impressions & 1 text ad with 10k impressions!

In this section is where you’ll redeem the promo code: newmember

This is also where you setup your banner ads, text ads and login ads.

You can also go here to trade in your credits for free advertising or to buy additional advertising.

You can earn credits by clicking on the banner ads and text ads.

Step 3. Click on the “Affiliate Tools” button to grab promotional material including your referral URL. Refer others to earn cash when your referrals upgrade! No SPAM will be tolerated.

Step 4. Click on “Support” if you need help with anything. Make sure to include your username when you submit a support ticket and allow up to 24hrs for us to get back to you.

  • Buy Solo Ad Clicks

Solo ads a great way to get more traffic. They are fast and can get you a TON of traffic, leads, and sales. Most people will sell unique clicks usually anywhere from .35 to .50 per click.

The price of buying a solo ad will depend on a few things. The quality of the list and of course how many unique clicks you’d like to purchase. You might think paying .35 or .50 per click sounds like a lot of money, but these are unique clicks and very high quality.

I’ve gotten some of my best results from buying unique solo ad clicks.

I’ve put together a list of solo ad sellers that you can use to purchase solo ads from and promote your Viral Lead Builder website and build your list super quick.

Click here to download my solo ad sellers list

  • Safe-Swaps

Safe Swaps is a great site that I love to use to help build my list and generate new fresh leads. This site is also great for connecting with other like minded internet marketers. You’ll also fine people on the forms that will sell very cheap solo ads.

The main feature of Safe Swaps is the ability to swap clicks with other marketers. You can also buy solo ads, and you can even sell solo ads if you’d like to other members.

You’ll be able to search for people to do swaps with, and once you fine someone you’d like to swap with you just request a swap with them. If they accept they will send your ad out to their list and in return you’ll do the same for them.


This is great for any size list you might have as they put everyone into their own class based off the size of your list so you’ll always swap with people that have the same list size as you do.

So even if your list is 200 people or 50,000 you can find people to swap with.I usually like to queue up about 10 swaps a month myself. This helps me not only build my list, but it also provides me with something to mail to my list on days I don’t have anything to send out.