InboxBoss – How To Leverage TOP PERFORMING Emails Written by Master Copywriters For Your OWN Campaigns | Online Marketing Tools

InboxBoss is the BEST automated copy creator designed SPECIFICALLY for email marketing.It combines TESTED and PROVEN email subject lines, copy and CTAs that maximize your open rates, engagement, clicks and profits. Choose from 8 categories and 17 sequences to create up to 75 unique emails for ANY product or service. The built-in editor makes it point & click simple to customize your message in seconds.

We paid TOP DOLLAR to get you unrestricted access to the very best emails created by the top copywriters in their fields. Each and every email inside InboxBoss has a proven track record of conversions …now you can sell YOUR offers using the ‘best of the best’. For each promotion or email series, you’ll simply have to answer a few questions that highlight the specifics of your offer. Your answers let the software CUSTOMIZE each email and laser target your audience for sky-high conversions every time.


The whole point of InboxBoss is to let you plug into profitable emails as fast as possible. Depending on your niche and offer … you WILL have to spend a few minutes filling out a profile and answering questions about your product. So to save you EVEN MORE TIME … we’ve hand-selected SEVEN if the most LUCRATIVE marketing niches …And PRE-FILLED the questions and answers FOR YOU …We’ve done ALL the heavy-lifting and research about your target market and the types of solutions consumers are asking for …

Use InboxBoss to create, customize and send AS MANY emails as you want. There are zero restrictions. Send 100 emails this week, 1000 next week, or even more.The unlimited customization options make it easy to ‘re-purpose’ winning emails and resend to unopens … to maximize conversions and profits from ALL your campaigns.

Nothing to install, login from ANY internet-enabled device. Want to craft and send a promo from your smartphone while you’re on the beach? Easy. InboxBoss gives you TRUE freedom to do business from ANYWHERE in the world. With HUNDREDS of billions emails being sent daily …Standing out in the inbox isn’t NEARLY as easy as it once was. YOU need an edge to maximize profits from your list. THIS is your edge.

Source: InboxBoss – How To Leverage TOP PERFORMING Emails Written by Master Copywriters For Your OWN Campaigns | Online Marketing Tools


MyMailIt – How To take Full Control Of Your Email List Through Powerful Autoresponder


With this amazing WordPress autoresponder plugin you will Provide CONSISTENT DELIVERY – so users would never suffer reduced deliverability because of spammers or blacklisted IPs on 3rd party platforms.

Let you import your leads with NO RESTRICTIONS – it’s your list, so you should be able to keep ALL of your subscribers. Allow people to send UNLIMITED emails with NO MONTHLY FEES – and save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year .

You will be able to :

  • Choose what subscribers to upload, and how many (there are no restrictions)
  • Choose when to send emails
  • Choose how many emails you want to send (again, NO limits)
  • Choose what’s in the emails you send
  • Never worry again about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you lost profits
  • Decide what web platform to use: MyMailIt is fully cloud-based , there is nothing to download or install!

MailIt is a WordPress plugin that Brett originally designed for his business. myMailIt is the upgraded cloud based version which was written from the ground up, and is much more powerful with many new features that were not possible in the WordPress version.

If you would like additional features like the ability to schedule your emails, to create unlimited follow up sequences, to build beautiful optin forms, and to have a cloud based system that you can access from anywhere then upgrading to myMailIt is for you.


No need to be a technical wizard... it’s step by step easy with the included directions. myMailIt was specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly, and getting started is simple.

EVER exposing your business to the risk of lowered email delivery due to spammers on 3rd party platforms. Risking account suspension due to the content of your emails* or the ever-changing terms of service of brand name autoresponders.


MailZoom Cloud Based Email List Technology

A revolutionary new email technology that gives you ​unlimited power and total control of your email list so you can skyrocket your online business. ​The truth is that the money is in the list ​and MailZoom helps you make money and keep more of it too!

​There’s no reason for you to give away any of your hard earned profits every month to some unreliable email service when you can get better results with no monthly fees

Step1 Login to our secure platform

Step2 Simply upload your list (no double opt-in required) or use our built-in forms to setup your high-converting campaign

Step3 ​Hit “send” and ​​watch your profit generating emails ​reach ​your customer’s inbox and get read

MailZoom’s ​Powerful​ ​Features:


No Monthly Fees!

​With MailZoom you’ll never pay monthly fees. Ever! Just a one-time payment is all you need to unlock all the amazing features that are listed below.

100% Cloud Based Technology

Our technology is hosted in the cloud so you can login and create campaigns from anywhere. Our easy to use dashboard is available from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Import Your Own List … NO Double Opt-in Required!

​If you sign up for an account with the “other guys” they send an email to your subscribers asking them to click a link in the email and re-optin before you begin sending emails to your customers. Since many people will not click on the link ​you lose a large number of subscribers just by using their service. With MailZoom there’s no double opt-in required! Simply upload your list and hit send to deliver your message to your customers.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Keep track of everything in one easy to use dashboard. ​Add subscribers, check your stats, create new lists and campaigns all with a couple of clicks. Big bold graphical statistics ​make it easy to see how your campaigns are performing.

Create Unlimited Mailing Lists & Segments

Keep track of your separate customer lists and segment them by those who opened or clicked a link during a campaign. Easily identify those customers who are highly interested in your offer so you can send them a highly targeted email.

In-Depth Email & Click Tracking

​If you like data then you’ll love our advanced reporting suite. Go deep into every email campaign and follow the user’s actions so you can make better marketing decisions for future campaigns.

Advanced Drag & Drop Email Builder

​Choose from our library of email templates to create your perfect message. Don’t know how to code in html or create fancy looking emails? No problem. Our advanced drag & drop email builder lets you create beautiful emails with ease.


​This is probably the most powerful of all the features offered! You can set up automation rules so when an action is taken by the subscriber it triggers another event (like sending a follow up email if someone has not opened your previous email). Set up unlimited automation on unlimited lists.

100% Mobile Responsive (Use on ANY Device)

​Since MailZoom is cloud based and runs from our servers it is fully web-based and 100% mobile responsive. That means you’ll be able to create and send your message to your customers from anywhere using any device.

Built-In Subscription Forms

​Our simple form builder lets you create and customize your opt-in forms to collect as much or as little data from your customers as you want. Embed your forms into your landing pages, website, or ​blog.

Email Verification Integration

​​It’s an unfortunate fact of any online business that people don’t always put in a valid email address into your landing page or opt-in box. Our email verification integration allows you to check the email addresses on your list to be sure that they are valid.




eMailforce – The Ultimate Email Copywriting Tool…Integrate eMailforce With Your Favorite Email Marketing Service

You know how the old saying goes – you never get a second chance at making a first impression. Getting someone to hand over their email and join your list is certainly a reason to be excited, but what happens next is what separates the players from the bench riders.

Your email marketing efforts are only as good as the level of engagement your audience demonstrates on a consistent basis. Lose their interest? Fail to reinforce the value propositions and benefits of being a member of your list? Miss a chance to connect on a deeper level? Well, you just might be left with an underperforming sales and marketing channel.

An email list isn’t too different from a backyard garden. It’s not a set-it-and-forget type deal, in which you just dump seeds into the ground and wait for your rewards. You need to actively tend it in order to get the best possible outcome.

In addition to using the best soil and regularly watering your plants, you need to actively remove harmful elements like bugs, weeds, and rodents. Likewise, you need to consistently monitor your email list’s health to make sure it has everything it needs to grow in the right ways.

 You will eventually get bad sign-ups; it’s a natural part of having a publically accessible email opt-in form. Some will be spam, some will be robots, and some will be real people who really have no interest in whatever you’re selling.

If you’re lucky, they’ll unsubscribe quickly and save you the hassle. If not, you could get stuck with a bunch of non-responsive emails that do little more than slowly chew away at your open and click rates.

With eMailforce you’ll have access to a growing catalog of high-converting email templates written by world class copywriters for a low monthly price.

Not tech savvy? Don’t worry this online tool is incredibly simple to use. Even a complete beginner can log in, select the perfect emails, customize them and send them out.