Facebook LIVE Marketing


Every business needs a Facebook Page. Now you can provide your customers with a step-by-step professional DIY guide to creating your own Facebook Timeline design for business pages.

How you can make profits with Facebook Live Marketing.This Special Free Report tells you why ?Some interesting facts are:

– People comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.
– The average time people spend watching Live videos is more than three times longer      than video that isn’t live.
– One in five Facebook users watches Facebook Live.
– People in more than 60 countries can share Facebook Live video.
– More than 50 percent of people watching live videos are using Android devices.
– Facebook has invested heavily in Live video. The platform has signed as many as 140 contracts with media companies and celebrities to produce Live videos

Keeping this massive Potential of Facebook Live Marketing in mind Our Friends Firelaunchers and Arun Chandran have created a Brand New and Never released before training product “Facebook Live Marketing” PLR .

After extensive research, their Team have developed this report on this red hot Topic that will give you an idea of how you can increase your real time Viewer Engagement and thereby consumer Internet traffic using these Highly Facebook Live Marketing strategies.


With this course you will get:

  • A beginner’s guide to Facebook Live.
  • How to get started with Facebook Live, developing a plan, strategizing and step by step guide on using Facebook Live features.
  • Tips on how to leverage Facebook Live network and features for your business to make sure you are setup for success.
  • Tips to increase your reach of Facebook Live broadcasts
  • How to utilize Facebook Live for Vlogging on your YouTube channel and interact with your audience there.

You will also get:

  • Tips for brands to grow using Facebook Live and best content ideas for creating engaging broadcasts.
  • A guide to using Ad breaks and make money with Facebook Live.
  • A guide to using hardware and software for creating broadcasts in a budget.
  • Ways to reuse your facebook live videos in marketing.
  • A guide to understanding TOP 5 metrics that marketers need to know.
  • And much more



Make Money With Facebook


In this amazing intensive course you will find tools to automate our work . With the help of  Mass Planner ,we can  auto-accept friends , share our page post in hundreds of group at different time , auto reply of every message , sending auto friends request  by keywords ,scheduling our post in different groups ,page and timelines, auto commenting ,liking other post etc .

Before doing such a mass planner app you need to know a lot about Famebit so we can get sponsor for our page , Addmefast other people can share our page/group or timeline post, AlexaMaster to getting  fans at our page on auto-pilot, SEOclerks to outsource our work like buying fans , buying likes ,comments.

So our first step to create these type of profile , groups and pages and in this post I will reveal some secret that how can we make such big groups and big pages fastly and easily.Facebook offers give ample amount of opportunities for E-commerce, product sites, Service sites to offer special discount and make money directly via Facebook pages.

Bloggers who offer their product like eBooks, Membership sites or they can use affiliate marketing to take advantage of FB offer the feature.You should also consider utilizing Facebook retargeting to make your offer reach to highly targeted audience. Here is a video guide that shows you how to use Facebook Marketing features


You get all the traffic from Facebook and you won’t have to think and afraid of Google shutting you down. You might have heard a lot that people always keep complaining that Google has stopped ranking or has de-indexed their website. Using FWF, you’re simply out of risk.


Penny Clicks Academy

1.jpgPenny Clicks Academy (FE) is a in depth step by step video course that shows how to build highly engaged FB pages into the 10s of thousands of fans for just a penny a like – and then how to take this community of fans and push them to your products and services for free with simple posts and organic daily reach.

Penny Clicks Academy will show step by step how to get $0.01 likes on niche FB pages in 2016, and rapidly build the pages into a raving, engaged and passionate community that click on product offers like crazy.Real fans. Real community. Real, engaged and loyal customers for life.

In the main OTO1 package we will have 5 case studies which show the EXACT FB pages that have been created, like campaign ad creatives, ad copy, targeting information, our exact stats with nothing hidden. We are also providing 10 Done For You niches, along with 30 ready to go content posts (3 per niche), 30 FB Page Headers (3 per niche), 30 FB Page Profile images (3 per niche).

Penny Clicks Mastermind (OTO3) Is a 4 week intensive bootcamp with Sam, James & Stephen – run through a private FB group. This is perfect for customers who need more hand holding and/or accountability – where we push them to get results and answer any questions and personally help them through the steps to build up their Facebook fan page community and start monetising it.


  • Promote a truly UNIQUE and REVOLUTIONARY course with insane proof in Penny Clicks Academy
  • Capitalize on EVERYTHING your list is DYING to achieve, but haven’t been able to do yet. Combines Facebook, Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic and Cash-Generation without the need for a big budget or prior skills
  • Sick sales funnel with copy that SLAYS means the commissions won’t stop coming your way starting on the 18th November at 9am EST
  • We reciprocate and mail for our JV partners HARD, and we can’t wait to send the support back your way
  • Dope prizes as a token of our huge appreciation for your support
  • Done for you swipes mean all you have to do is copy and paste your affiliate link and schedule your e-mail right now



Video Ads Formula


Mario spent his own money the last couple of weeks to test Facebook Video Ads in very detail to generate traffic and most importantly LEADS.He got leads for as low as $1.40, his opt in page converts at 53% with COLD traffic and he had a massive Return Of Investment.

He’s going to share EVERYTHING with you – from the ad, to the results to why it’s working so incredibly well.As you know, Video is HUGE right now and just 3 weeks ago Facebook announced that they’re getting 8 Billion Video vies per day! That’s just insane.

Mario understands the power and with this Case Study he’s now giving you everything that is working NOW when it comes to Facebook Ads and specifically Video Ads.Imagine how much targeted traffic you can drive to your website for your offers, services, products, eCommerce store or anything that you want to promote.

In this case study Mario is letting you look behind the curtains. He spent his own money to test everything when it comes to FB Video Ads and now he’s handing you all the info on a silver platter.His exact landing page that converts at 53%. The best form to bid with video. The exact interests that he targeted. His video ads and re-targeting ads.

Every business needs traffic and high quality leads. In this case study you get everything on a silver platter. Copy Mario’s approach, swipe his targeting and landing pages and you’re up and running – he created the case study so that YOU don’t have to do the work.



The front end training is made up of 6 different modules, in total there are 23 videos that run from between 4 and 15 minutes long. There are also 2 additional ‘case study’ modules that  are a part of the OTO / Upsell. In addition to the main training there is an additional bonus module that everyone gets access to


Here is what you get in Video Ads Formula:

Module 1: Foundation

The first module is all about the foundation of the training and some more detailed intro into the course. This module consists the following video lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Mindset Training
  • Case Study Overview
  • Why Video & FB Ads

Module 2: Create Your Page

The second module is all about setting up your pages, such as your Fan Page, Lead Capture Page, Thank you Page as well as the Webinar Registration Page. Module 2 contains the following 6 lessons:

  • Create Your Facebook Fan Page
  • Create Your Lead Capture Page (Part 1)
  • Create Your Lead Capture Page (Part 2)
  • Create Your Thank You Page
  • Create Your Webinar Registration Page
  • Create Your First Webinar

Mario does even show all the steps you have to take to get your first webinar up and running using GoToWebinar.

Module 3: Start Your Campaign

The third module is now all about setting up and running your first Facebook video ad and this module contains the following lessons:

  • Breaking Down My Video Ad
  • Posting Your Video On Your Fanpage
  • Ads Manager Overview
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 1)
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 2 – Interests)
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 3 – Bidding)
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 3 – Ad Creative)
  • Targeting Secrets

Module 4: Retargeting Campaign

The fourth module is about retargeting or like Mario calls it remarketing. This was a big part of this case study and remarketing should be done with any ads since it allows you to talk to the audience who showed interest either in you or your product/service and this is a great way to get them take action. The lessons of this module are:

  • Retargeting (Part 1 – Create Ad)
  • Retargeting (Part 2 – Custom Audience & Bidding)
  • Retargeting (Part 3 – Ad Examples)

Module 5: The Results

The module 5 is all about the results. Mario breaks down all the different numbers and shows exactly what he did to get the results. The lessons are:

  • Results Revealed (Part 1)
  • Results Revealed (Part 2)
  • Results Revealed (Part 3)
  • Retargeting Results (Part 1)
  • Retargeting Results (Part 2)
  • Webinar Offer Results

Module 6: More Results

Module 6 will be available on November 27th.

  • More Results

Module 7: Case Study #2

Case study #2 wasn’t available at the time of writing this review. This page showed a 404 page not found error. I sent a support ticket and I’m sure, Mario and his team will fix that soon and then I’ll update this section of the FB Video Ads Formula Review.

  • Case Study #2

Module 8: Creating Screen Capture Videos

Within Module 8 you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating screen capture videos. Mario included noth only some training for one software. He took the time to give training on 3 different software, so there will be something for everyone. The lessons in this module are as following:

  • Screenflow – How to split clips & overview
  • Screenflow – How to adjust volume and brightness
  • Screenflow – Edit Canvas & Move Video
  • Screenflow – Zooming In And Out
  • Screenflow – How To Export
  • Introducing Camtasia
  • Camtasia – Editing Basics
  • Camtasia – Record Your Screen
  • Camtasia – Explore the Editor
  • Camtasia – Apply SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan
  • Camtasia – Cut Unwanted Media on the Timeline
  • Camtasia – Produce & Share Your Video
  • Jing – Free Alternative To Create Your Videos
  • Jing – How To Create A Jing Video

Module 9: Keeping Your Account Safe

Module 6 will be available on November 27th.

  • Keeping Your Account Safe

Module 10: Upgrade #1 Content

  • Copywriting Crash Course – Video 1
  • Copywriting Crash Course – Video 2 (Ad Examples)
  • Copywriting Crash Course – Video 3 (Promoted Posts Examples)
  • Images Crash Course – Part 1
  • Images Crash Course – Part 2
  • Images Crash Course – Part 3
  • Images Crash Course – Part 4
  • Guru Subject Line Rolodex
  • DFY Email Follow Up Campaign
  • Copywriting Power Phrases
  • 100 Ad Writing Methods
  • Headlines That Sell
  • Newsfeed Collection

Module 11: Upgrade #2 Content

  • Instagram Ads Revealed
  • Power Editor Crash Course (Ad Creation, ADVANCED Bidding, ADVANCED Ad Creation, Power Features)
  • Done For You – My Personal Ad Template Rolodex (Instagram, Newsfeed, Right Hand Side)

Module 12: Upgrade #3 – Mario’s Premium Product Bundle

Online Marketing Mastery
Webinar Mastery
Video Product Pro

Personal Note: I haven’t purchased the upgrades for this product, since I was only interested in the Video ads and since I’m focusing on my chosen project and that’s why these upgrades didn’t fit in to my project plan. I still listed them here, since I wanted to show you what they are all about.

Module 13: Your Bonuses

Mario included some bonus content for all. Some of then are future webinars and some of them are videos from events.

  • Live Call – How To Capture Mobile Leads Immediately
  • Live Call – How To Leverage AUTOMATED Webinars With Facebook Traffic
  • Frank Kern – Becoming THE Authority
  • Mike Filsaime – Funnels & The Perfect Offer
  • Andy Jenkins
  • Chris Farrel



Massive Shopify Conversion


Using the power of Facebook Ads and Shopify , you will get a new strategy to get massive income with the Facebook Ads power. Even if you don’t have a website now, don’t worry Also with this strategy we will teach you how to set up your very own online store that will make you money like clockwork…

Shopify is a platform very similar to ebay that allows you to create your own online store and sell different items of your choice. You have total control of what you sell on there and total control of the prices you charge for your items without the hustle of paying overcharged fees on each sale you make….

It is a training focused on using FB ads to make $1000s with Shopify. The training is PERFECT for someone who has a low budget and is looking for MASSIVE results. You must go through a training so that you can get really good at your e-commerce business.

What You Going To Get With Massive Shopify Conversion

FACEBOOK Ads Mastering   . Stop bleeding from facebook ads   . Learn New Strategies to Make up to $240 in profit from $1 spent

 Clip 1: Store Set up: Learn Step by step method to create an online store in less than 1 hour

Clip 2: Design & Custom Templates for Your Store : How to use amazing done for you templates to increase conversion

Clip 3: Store Applications: Learn All the wining applications you need to have your store and website running smoothly

Clip 4: Pixel Set Up : Learn Easy Fix to automate pixel Set up… No Crazy coding and Facebook and Google


E-commerce is a billion dollar industry. Keep your store looking professional and make it easy for a customer to purchase. The simpler the better.



FB Lead Ads Pro


Facebook just recently released a new feature that is making it possible for anyone to get real leads within just minutes for as little as a $1 per day.The best part is that you don’t even need a squeeze page or website or any technical skills to get setup within minutes.

This new feature is called Facebook Lead Ads and it really has been the best thing Facebook has done since its release of its ads platform.It’s allowing every business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, or even complete technically challenged beginner to generate leads in real-time for just a few cents per lead.

This ad product has taken our customer acquisition efforts on Facebook to the next level. Lead ads have driven robust volume while maintaining exceptionally low acquisition costs—up to 50% less than comparable ad platforms. We are incredibly excited to continue scaling with this product.

 In early A/B testing, Facebook’s native lead ads outperformed link ads driving to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics.
We give you unlimited access to create as many Lead Ads with as many fanpages and autoresponder / CRM connections you need. You can even use this for clients.You can create Lead Ads for both Desktop & Mobile traffic around the world. There’s no limits to your potential reach.


Ease of use is our #1 priority with all tools we create. FB Lead Ads Pro takes 5 minutes to setup. There is nothing to install on your end, just create your account and connect with your Facebook app. We provide a “smart” 3 step process to complete to get fully setup with 5 minutes. We also provide full video training and a support staff trained to help you out if you get stuck.

FB Fast Cash


From this page you can grab a report called FBFastCash from John Crosbie that shows you the gurus’ secret. It also shows you a super-simple system that even the greenest IM newbie can use to earn income. It’s pretty cool how John stumbled on this system.

You’ll discover…

  • Why All IM Millionaires Started This Way
  • How to Avoid These 3 IM Nightmares
  • Why “Free” Traffic Can Kill Your IM Biz
  • Where to Find SMOKING-HOT Products That Convert Like Crazy
  • Why What You Don’t Know Won’t HURT You… It’ll KILL You With This Traffic Source
  • The 3 Steps to Create A Killer Ad
  • Why This Ad Feature Accounts For 70% of Your Profits and Losses
  • The Simple Graphic That’ll Work For Any Ad
  • How to Avoid Being Slapped Silly By This Popular Traffic Source
  • How Millionaire Copywriters Use 1 Extra Step to Hypnotize Prospects to Buy
  • How to Laser-Target Your Ads
  • How to Make This Traffic Source Work For YOU
  • How to Make 347% ROI Starting TODAY
  • And LOTS, lots more…