PacificApp – How To Legally Steal Audiences From Multi-Million Dollar Companies

At the click of a button, you can upload your list of Email IDs/Phone Numbers on Facebook to create custom audiences whom you can show ads to directly on Facebook….And Create Powerful Lookalike Audiences that would let you target people who have similar interests as users of your competitors! With Powerful Lookalike Audiences – you are able to Focus on a Huge segment of people on Facebook who’re your best prospects to target. Get Publicly Displayed Email IDs and Phone numbers of FB Profiles who are all using your competitors product. Growth Hack By Offering Discounts and Free Trials to these people and get them to switch to your products and services! Read more…

Lead2List – Easily & Instantly Deposit UNLIMITED Facebook Leads Straight Into Your Autoresponder

Get your leads right from Facebook. You get your prospects’ email ids, name and any other information that you requested. Facebook already has this info in place, so nobody has to type out anything.People just click a button and give you this info. IMPULSE Captured!Connect with any Facebook page in a matter of seconds, Run Facebook lead-gen ads and send leads directly into your autoresponder, Single setup, runs forever. Leads keep pouring in without any maintenance, Send welcome emails containing access or other details to anyone who signs up, 100% Accurate Facebook Emails. You can virtually guarantee this is the user’s main account Single click signup. Your prospect never has to fill any information and much more……

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SplitEngage – How To Create Stunning Traffic By Applying  Video Email Ads On your FanPages | Online Marketing Tools

Source: SplitEngage – How To Create Stunning Traffic By Applying  Video Email Ads On your FanPages | Online Marketing Tools

WP Messenger Plugin


WP Messenger Plugin is a unique software that combines the newly released Facebook Messenger Live Chat for sites with chatbots. There is one big advantage of using WP Messenger a vistor does not have to leave your Site!

You can See it right here the Messenger LiveChat option is there and it pulls your attention. It‘s personalized and that helps massivly in engaging with your visitors And the beauty of Wp Messenger

The moment they hit the “Chat Now“ button they are added to your database. Once a visitor has interacted with your chat, they are added to your list and you can send them a message again long after they left.

Using this tool you will reach your audience a lot better then with normal, old email. WP Messenger Plugin enables you to set auto replies on keywords as well, making it easy for frequently asked questions and of course you can answer questions visitors have right away which increases the conversions.

WP Messenger enables you to add Facebook Messenger Chat right on your Site and get in touch with your visitors and prospects. No budget and no experience required. AND a complete step-by- step training is included.

More Video

Live Chat Pop-up
The livechat popup is like the one you see in the right side corner here on the screen. BUT…it will be connected to your Facebook page and it will have your bronding & logo.

Autoreplies with ChatBot
You can receive answer instantly when he isn’t online. The bot will do that. It’s amazing!!! This allows you to save time and also to be able to respond to questions the moment you are momentairly not able to respond

Broadcasts, 97% Open Rate
UNLIMITED ADS ON FACEBOOK WITH $0. Reach customers frequently WITHOUT monthly fee! Broadcasts are another major feature of the plugin…this will allow you to send out a message long after the visitor has left.


WP Messenger Plugin is Extraordinary, practicable and Recomended. WP Messenger Plugin is an easy to follow guide with clear step by step so that you can follow in his footsteps. I would have paid thousands a month for WP Messenger Plugin. WP Messenger Plugin provides serious marketers with everything they need.

Get over those traditional marketing methods and target more prospects than only 5% to 10% who get to read your emails you send them. WP Messenger comes here to remove that extra step and connect you with every visitor of website or store.

And after passing through all these, what are your chances? An average person checks the email once or twice a day but spends 2-3 hours on Facebook. Messenger is the place where you connect with them on human level as people connect with their friends.

But that is all going to change. A new tool called WP Messenger Plugin is releasing today it lets you broadcast messages to anyone who visits your site. This tool allows you to automatically follow up with your customers through FB messages and send out discounts, coupons, external links, and so much more.


LeadsTunnel – Discover The “5 Minute Trick” To Pulling Leads Directly Out of Facebook Without Ever Creating a Website | Online Marketing Tools


Source: LeadsTunnel – Discover The “5 Minute Trick” To Pulling Leads Directly Out of Facebook Without Ever Creating a Website | Online Marketing Tools




You already took a big step toward more sales by adding FanContact to your marketing mix, but the more ways you can get attention of people on Facebook, and the more ways you can build an email list, the better your results could be.

You will be able to get subscribers not only from posts of Facebook itself but from anywhere on other social media: your blog, website, and even ecommerce store, as long as the user has a Facebook account and accepts your app invitation.

In other words Notimail module allows you to collect both Facebook notification and email subscribers, so you will not only get massive promotion boost from Facebook notifications, but you will also be able to build email list on top of it.

And think about it, the first thing the user does on Facebook is to check notifications by clicking on globe icon at top of page, and this is exactly where you will be able to post messages. Facebook notifications can include image, text, and link to which the user is redirected after click.

Contact Segmenter allows you to both include and exclude segments for sending messages so you can send message only to that part of the list you want to.Ability to send promotions to targeted subscribers not only maximizes sales conversions by delivering only most relevant messages, but also significantly reduces number of people unsubscribing by not bombarding them with promotions for the products they already purchased or have no interest of.

What Smart Contact Adder does is crunch through all of your pages to discover all the posts, then mill through all those post to find all the comments, then parse every comment to get everybody who commented, then tediously find out which of commenters are not on your list yet, and then send a welcome message just once and only to those who are not on your list yet.

After that software taxing process, your new contacts are there ready for you to import and promote to. So it takes only a few clicks for you to get all these new subscribers.


If you are a vendor it means that you will be able to send special promotions to prospects who did not purchased a product yet, send different messages depending on which step in your sales funnel customer is on, and cross-sell similar products to those already purchased by the customers.

If you are an affiliate you will be able to send different messages to those who visited your landing page, to those who did not visit it yet, and be able to promote vendor upsell directly to those who already purchased the main product.

Watch FanContact in Action:


Shot Messenger


Create Facebook Messenger List [Like Email list] of Subscribers from your fan pages, websites, or even offline. Send Bulk Messages to All these Subscribers in 1 Click Imaging Sending a Personal Message to All Engaged fans of Your Facebook page in 1 Click.

Send them Page Updates, Product Updates, discount Coupons etc in minute if seconds right inside their Facebook messenger, Create a Welcome Message, canned responses etc, Create Smart Sequence Engagement Bot to Auto-Interact with your Prospects and Fans.

Auto Comment on Posts based on Specific Keywords or phrases either in Public or Private, Auto Reply to Personal Messages based on Specific Keywords or Phrases, Auto Delete Comments with Negative keywords and Reach your 1000’s of connected fans over and over again in just click of a button.

Facebook opened up their Subscription API’s for developers recently and Shot Messenger is one of the first tools to be using those features. FB Messenger is the World’s Biggest and Fastest Growing Messaging Service and it’s already crushing Emails and others in terms of Sending out Traffic.

Using FB Messenger Bulk Automation Service, you’ll get 100% Guaranteed Open Rates every Single Tim. You can build your brand and authority almost instantly and direct your audience with links to your offers resulting in Profits.


It allows you to:

# Send Traffic to your Unlimited Websites

# Send Discount Coupons or Promo Deals to all your Subscribers

# Send High Class Rich Media Messages to show you in Extreme League above your Competition

# Healthy Customer Relationship by being just one Step Away from all of them

# Increase Overall Viewership, Engagement & Exposure

# Increase the Good Standing of your Facebook account by sending out Quick Replies



The Lifetime Access accounts are available at Low One Time Price. So don’t take keep thinking for a decision, which is actually a No Brainer. In just ONE case study, one of the product user got over 788 Subscribers in less than 24 Hours and made over 1200 Bucks in Single Day.



FB Auto


With 1.79 billion users, Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp,Twitter and Instagram (200 million) combined.People are all over there, daily, spending hours seeing the FB dashboardIt’s the perfect place to market your products and make money online!

The missing piece is a software like FB Auto FB Auto is the ultimate way to grow and monetize your Facebook accounts, without spending any money on advertisements or touching your account personally allowing you to auto post and schedule, all your content to your Facebook fan pages, groups, or pages that you liked

The only autoposter that allows you to post text, links, videos, images, album photos and even slideshows directly!FB Auto is the Facebook automation tool that will give you a new way of doing business with Facebook,Here are some of best benefits:

[+] Grow and monetize your Facebook fans on complete autopilot
[+] Automate your entire Facebook Marketing Efforts
[+] Bring you traffic, leads and sales on complete autopilot
[+] The 1-Click solution that works

Set and forget your Facebook accounts to post all your content and monetize for you on complete autopilot, you don’t need to touch your Facebook anymore, FB Auto makes it easy for you to post links of your products inside of all your Facebook Pages, groups and even pages that you have liked, bringing you traffic and sales instantly and for free!



A full sales funnel audit and conversion optimization to convert Facebook traffic into sales…on auto pilot. We will create your sales page, opt-in form and drive traffic directly into your funnel. Up to 10 ads using the latest testing results and proven sales funnels to cut-to-the front of the bidding line in Facebook’s competitive marketplace.



FB Sweepstakes Profits


FB Sweepstakes Profits is Powerful Proven in Making Millions of Dollars Building Emails Lists and Communities in A Ton of Different Niches. And Then You Will Simply Have The Ability to Build Huge Viral Emails Lists and FB Communities of Your Own on Almost Complete Autopilot Without Ever Having to Spending a fortune on traffic, Without Wasting time you don’t have with annoying tech, and Without Having to wait weeks or months for it to grow!

Therefore if you’re not building huge and responsive lists, Actually It’s Not Your Fault! 100% Get Started Building A Profitable Email List Is The #1 Reason 99% Of Marketers Fail When Trying To Make Money Online! As we all know the money is in a highly targeted hyper active LIST. And also yet most marketers fail dismally trying to build and make money from a list for one of 3 major reasons:

  • Actually they don’t have the money to spend on advertising (absolutely PPC can cost a fortune if you do it wrong!)
  • Actually they don’t have something irresistible that practically forces traffic to join their list…
  • Actually they have no idea how to create proven to convert viral campaigns that build communities and lists on complete autopilot!

FB Sweepstakes Profits Features:

  • 2 Best Stunning Templates that allows you to create looking sweepstakes. And these are the same templates Roger used to build his massive 12,000 list and 6,000 Facebook communities in under 14 days.
  • Best Point and Click Technology that allows you to Build Killer Sweepstakes Campaigns in Under 3 Minutes without needing for any design, marketing or tech skill, this is completely Fool Proof
  • Get Exclusive Viral Ballot Technology
    Here almost forces people to want to share your sweepstakes. Using a click of the mouse that you can incentive your new members in multiple ways to share the word about your incredible offer. And this is the secret to generating a massive list of willing buyers for pennies that Roger used this to generate a list that made him $30,000 in nearly instant sales


  • Best Email Lead Generation Technology
    Therefore you build both social and email communities to massively increase the value of the list you are building invaluable
  • Best Set Start and End Dates for Your Contests
    Here you can create scarity to massively increase interaction with your new leads and forces them to take action super Fast
  • Best 1 Click Integration within Facebook FanPages
    This awesome cool thing allows you not only to build crazy big email lists, but also allows you to create huge FanPages. And You Could Have Your Very Own Overnight Community of Members Who Follow What You Have to Say. You Can Sell Them products of your own or as an affiliate





Xtra Pro


With Xtra Pro, we have used our experience from countless IM software projects and designed a tool that fits perfectly into the workflow of both professionals and novices. Optimized for speed and time Xtra Pro contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient search engine framework.

On top of that, you get an obsessively streamlined user experience allowing you to move fast. Because what counts is performance from start to finish.Xtra Pro is one of the simplest and most intuitive IM software you will ever use and you probably will not have any questions… But just in case you do, each and every feature is covered in full detail, in the help section..

Extract REAL Email Addresses from Facebook !, fast and precisely. It retrieves all valid email addresses by Subjects, Keywords, Interests, automatically removes duplicates, and intelligently takes off false email addresses.


Now, in 3 easy steps you can Generate Your powerful List…
Get Laser Targeted Email List In 3 easy steps ” The Most Accurate Email List you’ll Ever See ”

  • “Search by Subjects, Keywords, Interests,”
    You can search by a keywords, such as “real estate” or more complex Phrases, such as “What Is the Best Diet for me” and pull up all Valid Emails related to that keywords / phrases
  • “Extract REAL Email Addresses from Facebook”
    Extract REAL Email Addresses from Facebook !, fast and precisely. It retrieves all valid email addresses by Subjects, Keywords, Interests, automatically removes duplicates, and intelligently takes off false email addresses.
  • “Once extracted, you can save the email addresses”
    Once extracted, you can save the email addresses . Select a location to save your file, and click the “Download” Button, You can now use these segmentation emails in your email campaigns , Facebook Custom Audienceas , Twitter Tailored Audiences and More




Every Element Inside Of Xtra Pro Helps You Drive Tons More LEADS And Sales :

  • Built in @ Patterns
    Extract email addresses from all emails providers ( Gmail , Yahoo , Aol etc. )
  • Search @ across Entity Types
    Search @ across Entity Types like : Posts, Shares, Videos, Photos
  • Search @ by Complex Phrases
    You can search by a keywords, such as “real estate” or more complex Phrases
  • Batch Mode !!!
    Batch Mode
  • Search @ across Time Ranges
    Search @ across different time ranges . for example : This year ,Last Year , This Week
  • Optimized for speed and time
    Xtra pro contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient search engine framework.