Social Sales System


The Social Sales System is a simple to use cloud based app that bridges the gap between Facebook Lead Ads and CRMs/ autoresponders AND custom audiences.It uses an ingenious system to capture the leads – using Lead ads – then adds them to an autoresponder list and email sequence.

This contains a clever “nurture” campaign – that’s seamlessly synced with a custom audience, which the software adds the same contacts to.This allows you to expose them to emails AND highly “tuned” FB ads designed to lure them to a sale.

Once they buy the pitched product, they are automatically switched to a new autoresponder sequence – and custom audience – with a fresh set of ads to upsell them to the next product in the “funnel”.

There’s also a step-by-step 36 page marketing manual for turning laser targeted Facebook leads into raving customers.It walks them through the audience targeting processes, ad creation processes… making the process quick and easy and remove any chance of overwhelm or confusion.

AND.. if that’s not enough – it also contains the “fill-in-the-blanks” Autoresponder templates for prospects, buyers and referral email lists.Previously, they only way to get this close to functionality has been to subscribe to TWO monthly subscription apps and set them up to work together.



The con with Facebook lead adds is that the information stays in Facebook and does not connect with any external systems.The social sales system software bridges that geo and takes the information submitted through a lead add directly into your autoresponder tool.

It also contains the “fill-in-the-blanks” Autoresponder templates for prospects, buyers and referral email lists.

● Creates “on the Fly” email autoresponder lists from FB Lead ads – and add them to a custom audience. (This takes place seamlessly and shows them targeted ads and “Nurture” emails so it’s impossible to ignore your marketing messages).

● The nurture campaigns are provided using fill in the blank email templates with ads (No more wondering what ads to show or to write in your emails to get a good response and lower unsubscribes).

● Once a prospect buys your offer they are seamlessly put on to a new “buyers email list and custom audience to start the process again and upsell them. (Whilst you relax and work on what matters)

● This is ALL in ONE Software app – (In the past you would need at least two confusing apps and they were expensive monthly subscriptions).

● You also get an 8 part video training series thrown in for free (This was a paid upgrade on the other software apps on the market – it ensures you get up to speed and profiting in minimum time). It walks them through the audience targeting processes, ad creation processes… making the process quick and easy and remove any chance of overwhelm or confusion.















Targetr Agency


For far too long, Advanced FB marketers have had a massive advantage over newbies because they use little-known targeting strategies that allow them to get massive conversions and profit. However, starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to utilize
the SAME strategies that they use in your business as well.

And the $10k in 14 days that we made is proof that these targeting strategies work – especially when we’ve been able to automate the process.Targetr uncovers the MOST passionate groups of people on Facebook that are ready to buy from you.And this works for ANYTHING you’re doing online.It works for:

– Affiliate marketing
– Local Marketing
– eCommerce
– t-Shirts
– Digital products
– Content Marketing
– Video Marketing

If you need targeted, BUYER traffic, Targetr will deliver You The Most Passionate, Buyer Interests on A Silver Platter in Under 60 Seconds! Targetr levels the playing field for anyone who’s currently – or thinking about – using Facebook traffic in their business.Because when it comes to Facebook, once you get your targeting right, the rest is history.

And Targetr uncovers the MOST passionate groups of people on Facebook that are ready to buy from you. this works for ANYTHING you’re doing online.All you’ll need to do is:

– Insert your target niche or keyword
– Let Targetr deliver you the best and most passionate interests
– Load these interests into your campaign



Targetr uncovers the MOST passionate groups of people on Facebook that are ready to buy from you. It truly levels the playing field for anyone who’s currently or thinking about  using Facebook traffic in their business.b

FB Auto


With 1.79 billion users, Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp,Twitter and Instagram (200 million) combined.People are all over there, daily, spending hours seeing the FB dashboardIt’s the perfect place to market your products and make money online!

The missing piece is a software like FB Auto FB Auto is the ultimate way to grow and monetize your Facebook accounts, without spending any money on advertisements or touching your account personally allowing you to auto post and schedule, all your content to your Facebook fan pages, groups, or pages that you liked

The only autoposter that allows you to post text, links, videos, images, album photos and even slideshows directly!FB Auto is the Facebook automation tool that will give you a new way of doing business with Facebook,Here are some of best benefits:

[+] Grow and monetize your Facebook fans on complete autopilot
[+] Automate your entire Facebook Marketing Efforts
[+] Bring you traffic, leads and sales on complete autopilot
[+] The 1-Click solution that works

Set and forget your Facebook accounts to post all your content and monetize for you on complete autopilot, you don’t need to touch your Facebook anymore, FB Auto makes it easy for you to post links of your products inside of all your Facebook Pages, groups and even pages that you have liked, bringing you traffic and sales instantly and for free!



A full sales funnel audit and conversion optimization to convert Facebook traffic into sales…on auto pilot. We will create your sales page, opt-in form and drive traffic directly into your funnel. Up to 10 ads using the latest testing results and proven sales funnels to cut-to-the front of the bidding line in Facebook’s competitive marketplace.



ECom Rocket


With the advent of AliExpress and Shopify, it’s quite amazing to see that you can set up stores for any niche, rather easily, and market on Facebook or Google Ads to anyone but setting up eCom stores that actually sell, may not be as easy as it sounds.

Wouldn’t you want to get a small slice of the ever-growing eCommerce pie? Currently nearing 2 Trillion a year and this market is only set to grow more and more as people around the world continue to get Internet access readily and trust online transactions even more.
eCom Rocket Just went Live to the Public after Many months in development.Spear-headed by a Paid Traffic and eCom expert from NYC who teamed up with a Veteran Internet Marketer/software developer to bring you a tool that will Launch ANY eCom Store to OuterSpace… (meaning massive profits for YOU and your Clients!)
eCom Rocket lets you quickly Identify the HOTTEST products that are ‘currently’ selling the MOST on Facebook, overlayed over “Google Trends”The Big “G” knows more about the Internet than any online entity out there.So Now You know to set-up the Best eCom Store in 3 Easy Steps:
1.) Which Store AND for What Niche
2.) Identify the Hottest Product for ANY Niche via Facebook
3.) With the Google Trends overlay, You can Visually SEE what’s selling RIGHT NOW with “Real Time Data”.Those 3 Simple Steps will be Your KEY to Success in eCommerce
Doesn’t matter if your are a complete NewBie, Intermediate or Expert. With eCom Rocket and the Step by Step Training in the Member’s Area, You can Launch Your Success to Outer-Space.

NOW you can Quickly and Easily enter the eCommerce space “Successfully” by being able to search out on the hottest products in eCom that are already being sold Massively on Facebook! Like never before with the added layer of Google Trends, you can Quickly Identify the ‘right time’ to be selling that product that you are looking up.

Why waste your time trying to sell something in your eCom store now, when that ‘perfect product’ is HOT at a different time of the year? NOW you’ll know WHEN to Sell. Just type in the key-words and let eCom Rocket do ALL the work.


FB Sweepstakes Profits


FB Sweepstakes Profits is Powerful Proven in Making Millions of Dollars Building Emails Lists and Communities in A Ton of Different Niches. And Then You Will Simply Have The Ability to Build Huge Viral Emails Lists and FB Communities of Your Own on Almost Complete Autopilot Without Ever Having to Spending a fortune on traffic, Without Wasting time you don’t have with annoying tech, and Without Having to wait weeks or months for it to grow!

Therefore if you’re not building huge and responsive lists, Actually It’s Not Your Fault! 100% Get Started Building A Profitable Email List Is The #1 Reason 99% Of Marketers Fail When Trying To Make Money Online! As we all know the money is in a highly targeted hyper active LIST. And also yet most marketers fail dismally trying to build and make money from a list for one of 3 major reasons:

  • Actually they don’t have the money to spend on advertising (absolutely PPC can cost a fortune if you do it wrong!)
  • Actually they don’t have something irresistible that practically forces traffic to join their list…
  • Actually they have no idea how to create proven to convert viral campaigns that build communities and lists on complete autopilot!

FB Sweepstakes Profits Features:

  • 2 Best Stunning Templates that allows you to create looking sweepstakes. And these are the same templates Roger used to build his massive 12,000 list and 6,000 Facebook communities in under 14 days.
  • Best Point and Click Technology that allows you to Build Killer Sweepstakes Campaigns in Under 3 Minutes without needing for any design, marketing or tech skill, this is completely Fool Proof
  • Get Exclusive Viral Ballot Technology
    Here almost forces people to want to share your sweepstakes. Using a click of the mouse that you can incentive your new members in multiple ways to share the word about your incredible offer. And this is the secret to generating a massive list of willing buyers for pennies that Roger used this to generate a list that made him $30,000 in nearly instant sales


  • Best Email Lead Generation Technology
    Therefore you build both social and email communities to massively increase the value of the list you are building invaluable
  • Best Set Start and End Dates for Your Contests
    Here you can create scarity to massively increase interaction with your new leads and forces them to take action super Fast
  • Best 1 Click Integration within Facebook FanPages
    This awesome cool thing allows you not only to build crazy big email lists, but also allows you to create huge FanPages. And You Could Have Your Very Own Overnight Community of Members Who Follow What You Have to Say. You Can Sell Them products of your own or as an affiliate





Timeline Optins


With this amazing app you can put your squeeze page video and optin form right where traffic already is, virtually unlimited stream of highly targeted people for any niche you could possibly want to promote.

Best of all what if you could do it 100% for free as much as you like. With Timeline Optins you can put your squeeze page video and opt in form on any Facebook fanpage that you own or manage, on any Facebook group you are a member of, on your own timeline, or in a friends timeline.

You can finally break out of the hamster wheel and start building a targeted and profitable email list without the catch 22 of needing to spend money to drive paid traffic to your squeeze pages, without needing a website, or to spend hours struggling with confusing traffic methods like SEO.