Facebook LIVE Marketing


Every business needs a Facebook Page. Now you can provide your customers with a step-by-step professional DIY guide to creating your own Facebook Timeline design for business pages.

How you can make profits with Facebook Live Marketing.This Special Free Report tells you why ?Some interesting facts are:

– People comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.
– The average time people spend watching Live videos is more than three times longer      than video that isn’t live.
– One in five Facebook users watches Facebook Live.
– People in more than 60 countries can share Facebook Live video.
– More than 50 percent of people watching live videos are using Android devices.
– Facebook has invested heavily in Live video. The platform has signed as many as 140 contracts with media companies and celebrities to produce Live videos

Keeping this massive Potential of Facebook Live Marketing in mind Our Friends Firelaunchers and Arun Chandran have created a Brand New and Never released before training product “Facebook Live Marketing” PLR .

After extensive research, their Team have developed this report on this red hot Topic that will give you an idea of how you can increase your real time Viewer Engagement and thereby consumer Internet traffic using these Highly Facebook Live Marketing strategies.


With this course you will get:

  • A beginner’s guide to Facebook Live.
  • How to get started with Facebook Live, developing a plan, strategizing and step by step guide on using Facebook Live features.
  • Tips on how to leverage Facebook Live network and features for your business to make sure you are setup for success.
  • Tips to increase your reach of Facebook Live broadcasts
  • How to utilize Facebook Live for Vlogging on your YouTube channel and interact with your audience there.

You will also get:

  • Tips for brands to grow using Facebook Live and best content ideas for creating engaging broadcasts.
  • A guide to using Ad breaks and make money with Facebook Live.
  • A guide to using hardware and software for creating broadcasts in a budget.
  • Ways to reuse your facebook live videos in marketing.
  • A guide to understanding TOP 5 metrics that marketers need to know.
  • And much more



FB Exciter


FB Exciter is a  complete set and forget system that makes massive profits exposing the power of Facebook’s messenger like never before in just 4 easy steps.
Step 1 – Collect Messenger leads
Step 2 – Schedule and set your campaign
Step 3 – Send a message including videos
Step 4 – Let The Automation do the rest

However, with 4 out of every 5 people having smartphones, nowadays, and Facebook Messenger being much more easily accessible than email, it is slowly falling to the shades. Not to mention deliverability rate and the possibility of your emails being lost into the cyberspace and to never be seen again.

To sum all of this up, if Email Marketing were to go toe-to-toe with our heavy-hitter, FB Exciter, it would lose every time.Email Marketing is the past, and FB Exciter is the future

1. Select the leads whom you want to send message. Full flexibility to select.
2. Create your message. We are providing the facility to send message with First Name and Last Name.
3. We are providing the facility to attach your links with the message.
4. We are providing the Awesome Feature to attach your YouTube videos that will play within the inbox.
5. Send instantly or schedule your campaign and forget.
And Much More


This awesome marketing tool can generate more than $970 within 24 hours. Facebook Exciter is now the best bulk mailer ever in marketplace. The best part of this software that you easily can direct message to all of your Facebook Subscriber or Follower.

And we can strongly states that this is now 10x more stronger than email-marketing.Consequently, this 100% efficient tool boost your business by 50x.

Why We Recommend 1 FB Exciter ?

  1. Super Easy :: This is truly very simple technique and easy to use. Without having prior experience you can do everything.
  2. Powerful Technology :: Undoubtedly, latest hidden and most powerful technology is used here. And it use the most traffic clouded platform Facebook for your internet marketing.
  3. YouTube Traffic :: You can get also the YouTube traffic from here. Because, you are eligible to send your YouTube video to your desired list by direct message.
  4. Custom Message :: Yes! you easily can custom your message that can be send to different users.
  5. Embed Emoji :: To highlight your message you can also insert emoji with your message.
  6. Schedule Message :: The best part is that you can choose your time to send your message. Optionally you can send them instantly or Scheduled.
  7. Delivery Report :: After the total process you will get the full & final delivery report instantly.

1 FB Exciter Review

LiveLeap Facebook Streamer


Facebook Live is Facebooks brand new LIVE STREAMING network allowing you to share stories, content, events and information LIVE to your audience in THEIR news feeds. Imagine being able to literally select multiple Facebook Fan pages, Groups and profiles instantly, connect your twitter, linked in email list and even SMS list .

The live stream is syndicated to EVERY social channel alone with having  email and SMS list informed and making them go VIRAL EVERY SINGLE TIME. The moment you go live, Live leap will post your live feed direct to your chosen fan pages, Facebook groups and profiles instantly to ensure you get the MOST viewers on LIVE.

Live Leap enables you to not only spread your live feed to unlimited fan pages and groups, we also give an option to upgrade to share to external social networks, email, and sms.The moment you go live you can have Live Leap email your entire email list letting them know you are live and the topic of conversation.

We have also integrated with twillio so you can even text message your subscribers to let them know.Live Leap is the first tool that shows you the most engaging parts of your live and what you can work on in future.Simply select your pages and social networks and close live leap, it’s as simple as that! Whenever you go live it will trigger Live Leap in the cloud and do all the work for you!



Make Money With Facebook


In this amazing intensive course you will find tools to automate our work . With the help of  Mass Planner ,we can  auto-accept friends , share our page post in hundreds of group at different time , auto reply of every message , sending auto friends request  by keywords ,scheduling our post in different groups ,page and timelines, auto commenting ,liking other post etc .

Before doing such a mass planner app you need to know a lot about Famebit so we can get sponsor for our page , Addmefast other people can share our page/group or timeline post, AlexaMaster to getting  fans at our page on auto-pilot, SEOclerks to outsource our work like buying fans , buying likes ,comments.

So our first step to create these type of profile , groups and pages and in this post I will reveal some secret that how can we make such big groups and big pages fastly and easily.Facebook offers give ample amount of opportunities for E-commerce, product sites, Service sites to offer special discount and make money directly via Facebook pages.

Bloggers who offer their product like eBooks, Membership sites or they can use affiliate marketing to take advantage of FB offer the feature.You should also consider utilizing Facebook retargeting to make your offer reach to highly targeted audience. Here is a video guide that shows you how to use Facebook Marketing features


You get all the traffic from Facebook and you won’t have to think and afraid of Google shutting you down. You might have heard a lot that people always keep complaining that Google has stopped ranking or has de-indexed their website. Using FWF, you’re simply out of risk.


Targetr Agency


For far too long, Advanced FB marketers have had a massive advantage over newbies because they use little-known targeting strategies that allow them to get massive conversions and profit. However, starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to utilize
the SAME strategies that they use in your business as well.

And the $10k in 14 days that we made is proof that these targeting strategies work – especially when we’ve been able to automate the process.Targetr uncovers the MOST passionate groups of people on Facebook that are ready to buy from you.And this works for ANYTHING you’re doing online.It works for:

– Affiliate marketing
– Local Marketing
– eCommerce
– t-Shirts
– Digital products
– Content Marketing
– Video Marketing

If you need targeted, BUYER traffic, Targetr will deliver You The Most Passionate, Buyer Interests on A Silver Platter in Under 60 Seconds! Targetr levels the playing field for anyone who’s currently – or thinking about – using Facebook traffic in their business.Because when it comes to Facebook, once you get your targeting right, the rest is history.

And Targetr uncovers the MOST passionate groups of people on Facebook that are ready to buy from you. this works for ANYTHING you’re doing online.All you’ll need to do is:

– Insert your target niche or keyword
– Let Targetr deliver you the best and most passionate interests
– Load these interests into your campaign



Targetr uncovers the MOST passionate groups of people on Facebook that are ready to buy from you. It truly levels the playing field for anyone who’s currently or thinking about  using Facebook traffic in their business.b



LiveSuitePro is the Only web based Live Video Marketing Suite that allows users the  Ability to Schedule Live Videos, Send Auto Messages to people who comments, Show Live Real Time Reactions, Run Tickers, Run Live Videos In Premium Placeholders and Go live on Multiple pages and groups simultaneously on Facebook.

One and Only App in the World which allows you to Schedule your Facebook Live.You no longer need bulky and costly webinar platform to interact with your audience or fan following.With FB Live, You can interact with them face to face LIVE FREE OF COST forever.Your Audience will receive Real Time FB Notifications as soon as you Go Live on Facebook.

Live Suite Pro will Send a Personalized Response to every Customer who Comments on your Facebook Live while you concentrate on your FB Live without having to worry about replying to the audience.100% Inbox delivery will Boost your conversions and profits go through the roof.Your audience will be Thrilled to see this Live Real Time Response to their every Reaction.

Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement.Connect with people’s emotions and show Real Time Engagements inside your Facebook Live.Go Live on Multiple Locations at ONCE. Instant Syndication if your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups.

Notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds. More Visitor means more exposure of your live video which in turn means more audience and business leads every day.One and Only App in the World which allows you to Schedule your Facebook Live.You no longer need bulky and costly webinar platform to interact with your audience or fan following.


Make your FB Live highly professional using LIVE Tickers On Your FB Live Videos just like news channel program shows at the bottom of the screen about latest update news. This will give you a supreme authority in live space with unbeatable class videos. Select One Of the Live Video Placeholder Template from drop down to increase your FB Live Aesthetics & gather special attention of audience Pertaining to unique placeholder in which your FB Live Video will run.

Live Suite Pro will allow you to Schedule your Live Videos at a Specific Date and Time, which will create Super Hype and Enthusiastic audience for your Live Video.  Automated Notifications will be sent to your Audience as soon as you will Go Live.Run News like Professional looking Live Videos, which will create Stunning Impact among the attendees of your Live Video.Highlight important points, Website Links, Unique features and anything that you want to come inside Live Ticker.


FB Live Engagenator


What if you could get your content boosted right to the top of the FB pile? Imagine your marketing videos receiving massive exposure at the very top of all your friends timelines.

Our unique software is the only software anywhere on the Internet that allows you to Facebook LIVE any video content you want directly to your timeline.Facebook Live ENGAGENATOR was created by Peter Drew and here’s why you should take his products very seriously indeed:

Peter started making money online way back in 1995 and after 12 months was making between $500 and $700 per week – all back in the days when there were no forums, no social media, no…  well, you get the picture.

Facebook Engagenator will benefits you in a following :

  • You know exactly what your costs are with no hidden extras or surprises that you haven’t budgeted for.
  • INCREDIBLY SIMPLE TO USE PC SOFTWARE – if you can switch on a PC, you can use our software. No time wasted on a lengthy learning curve, get to work right away.
  • ACCESS TO OUR FACEBOOK MEMBERS GROUP – stay up to date with the absolute best methods to gain engagement and views. Get the support you need.
  • NO NEED TO BE ON CAMERA OR CELL PHONE – we’re not all born actors and we understand that not everyone wants to be in front of the camera. With our help, you don’t need to be.
  • STREAM DIRECTLY FROM YOUR DESKTOP TO THE WORLD – if you have a windows based computer, you have all you need to be successful – we show you how.