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Sea Ice Retreat Could Lead to Rapid Overfishing in the Arctic – Hannah Hoag

The Arctic Ocean has long been the least accessible of the world’s major oceans. But as climate change warms the Arctic twice as fast as anywhere else, the thick sea ice that once made it so forbidding is now beating a hasty retreat. Since…


How Much of the Ocean Is Actually Fished – Ed Yong

How much of the world’s oceans are affected by fishing? In February, a team of scientists led by David Kroodsma from the Global Fishing Watch published a paper that put the figure at 55 percent—an area four times larger than that covered by land-based…

4 Reasons Why Every Beginner in Fly Fishing Should Start by Taking a Guided Trip. — Chasing The Elusive

Throughout the years the sport of fly fishing has continued to grow in popularity. What once used to be a small niche has now grown into one of the largest sports and communities in the world. The well-known movie “A River Runs Through it”…

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