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25+ Blossoming Works of Art Made Out of Real Flowers – Kelly Richman-Abdou

From still-life depictions to blooming landscapes, flowers have been a tried and true inspiration for nature-loving artists throughout the course of art history. In addition to traditional paintings and photographs, however, many of today’s artists have taken a more avant-garde approach to the floral craft by creating works of art…


Earth Laughs in Flowers — Discover

Whether you’re an aspiring gardener or just looking for a new blog to spend a few (soothing) minutes in, you’ll love the garden and flower photography on Jude’s blog. via Earth Laughs in Flowers — Discover       Your kindly Donations would be so…

The Brilliant Reason You Should Put Hairspray on Fresh Flowers — PushUP24

Put me on the list of people who really, really enjoy fresh flowers. I consider them a line item on my “well-being” budget and they bring me considerable joy. Just seeing them on a table calms me down, so, whenever possible, I gather a…

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