Chanterelles with sour cream — Cooking without Limits

I am crazy about wild mushrooms, so have patience with me. I love to find them in the woods and to cook them. My satisfaction is when I find them, not when I buy them. This love for foraging was transmitted by my parents since I was a child. Now I am passing this love […] […]

Eat Real, Drink Real, Really Fast

That’s all, folks. The manuscript for Real Food, Really Fast is locked in, speeding out to the printer as we speak. It’s been a brief but intense journey to this point, but now one of the most difficult parts of the process lies ahead: The wait. January 16th, the tentative release date, feels like a […] […]

Ten reasons why dhal (spicy legume soup) is my superfood; and my recipe

I love dhal. I make a giant pot of it on the weekend and eat at least one bowl every day. It is my superfood and it’s delicious. You can make dhal (or dal) so many different ways. I base mine from a Guyanese recipe, and I like it very spicy. But I make it […] […]

Zesty Potato and Bacon Salad

Another summer salad is coming your way today… I am aware that sadly we are coming towards the end of summer now so this will probably be the last post in my “Summer Salad Series” but I created this recipe and shot the photos a while ago so it seemed a shame not to have […] […]

Green Papaya Salad

Summer is definitely here this week – today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, here in Virginia. It just so happens that today is also the day that the movers are delivering all 10k pounds of our household goods, so we’ve set aside pitchers of cold water, lemonade, and iced tea […] […]

Whip up this spinach, tofu or chicken and rice recipe in no time

When work and personal commitments get busy at the same time, it seems like there’s not enough time in the day to make a healthy and tasty meal. Working crazy hours off and on, coupled with food allergies has trained me to cook healthy and yummy (well sometimes!) food – fast! My recipe for spinach, […] […]