The Arctic Is Burning Like Never Before & That’s Bad News For Climate Change

Getty Images Wildfires blazed along the Arctic Circle this summer, incinerating tundra, blanketing Siberian cities in smoke and capping the second extraordinary fire season in a row. By the time the fire season waned at the end of last month, the blazes had emitted a record 244 megatonnes of carbon dioxide — that’s 35% more […]

Michigan Man Discovers Strange Glowing Rocks In The Upper Peninsula – Trevor Nace

A Michigan man made the discovery of a lifetime when he stumbled on glowing rocks on the beaches of Lake Superior. The rocks, which he named “Yooperlites” emit an eerie glow, appearing to be partially molten rock. Rintamaki, a gem and mineral dealer, made this discovery after hunting for rocks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, bringing with […]

A Tale of Two Communities – People & Fish – Recovering from Harvey By Larry McKinney

One year after Hurricane Harvey hammered the Texas coast, divergent pictures of recovery and resilience have emerged. The coastal marine communities of fish, shrimp and crabs that thrive along our Gulf coast, are dynamic, resilient and on the mend. The coastal human communities are also dynamic but their resilience is being challenged. The coastal marine […]

Engineering, Bioplastics Firms Debut ‘Cutting Edge’ Algae Removal Process – Ryan Dailey

Florida’s problem with algal blooms has taken center stage, and efforts to mitigate it are in high demand. A partnership between two engineering and bioplastics companies aims to bring a new type of solution to the market. One Florida county is already trying it out. Lee County isn’t the only in Florida, or even in […]

Red Tide Bloom Reaches Southern Pinellas Co. By Trevor Pettiford

Florida Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday that two samples collected showed background-to-low concentrations of the red tide organism. While the low level of algae is not currently affecting anglers in the area, they are still worried of the possibilities. “Just being around the water all my life, I’ve seen red tide in here before, but […]