Bounce Rate Analytics: How To Measure, Assess, and Audit To Increase Conversions

Your bounce rate can be such a scary number, right?It’s common knowledge that a high bounce rate is bad, and a low rate is good.Every time you log into your Google Analytics account, it’s right there waiting for you. I understand the feeling when you see that number creeping up. But the problem is that […]

Google Maps Could Promote Safe Bike Routes

  While Google Maps increasingly offers information on where bike lanes are, its routing algorithms don’t offer the same level of nuance that drivers enjoy.  Google Maps has a suite of features to make driving easier. The app gives users options to avoid tolls and highways and even recommends low-emission routes where available. Bikers using […]

Google Wants To Fix Its Search Engine’s Misinformation Problem

In 2014, if you were to Google “King of the United States,” you would have seen a picture of Barack Obama, yelling passionately into a microphone while at a podium. That’s not true, of course. But Google proclaimed it with authority after surfacing a Breitbart article entitled, “All Hail King Barack Obama, Emperor Of The […]

Google Tries Shaming Apple Into Adopting RCS With #getthemessage Campaign

Google is kicking off a new publicity campaign today to pressure Apple into adopting RCS, the cross-platform messaging protocol that’s meant to be a successor to the aging SMS and MMS standards. The search giant has a new “Get The Message” website that lays out a familiar set of arguments for why Apple should support […]