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$3.2 Million From Cryptopia Hack Liquidated on Major Crypto Exchanges

The infamous Cryptopia hack of January 14, which led to over $16 million in stolen Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens, has been under close investigation by New Zealand police and specialists worldwide.Thanks to the open nature of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, analysts and investigators have…


Blockchain Security Experts Claims That $2.5 Million is Stolen From Crypto Exchanges Daily

Malware Found on a Movie Downloaded via Torrent Steals your Crypto and Poisons your Search Results – Ethereum World News

The plans of the security researcher under with the twitter username 0xffff0800 to spend a relaxing movie night at home did not turn out as he expected since after downloading a movie from a torrent uploaded to The Pirate Bay, he found a new…

How Hackers Bypass Gmail 2FA at Scale – Joseph Cox

If you’re an at risk user, that extra two-factor security code sent to your phone may not be enough to protect your email account. Hackers can bypass these protections, as we’ve seen with leaked NSA documents on how Russian hackers targeted US voting infrastructure…

Here’s how to protect your bitcoin and ethereum from hacking

This Kid Has Been Begging For A Bitcoin For Over 15,000 Tweets

Begging in the Bitcoin world is nothing new. Go to any gambling site or even some exchange troll boxes, and you will find people asking for Bitcoin. Look at any Tweet by a major Bitcoin personality, and you will find people asking for Bitcoin….

Hackers steal an estimated $59m from Japanese crypto exchange Zaif – The Block

Darknet Vendors Charge $1 per Stolen Personal Data “Account”

Marriott Hackers Stole Data On 500 Million Guests Passports And Credit Card Info Included – Thomas Brewster

One of the year’s biggest hacks has just been revealed. Hotel chain giant Marriott admitted 500 million guests had been hit by an attack that dates back at least four years. The company said Friday the information was taken from the Starwood guest reservation…

The Immutability Of Blockchain Is Useless When It Comes To Easy Crypto Thefts And Hacks – Monty Munford

[Disclosure: I used to have a small amount of Ethereum (Ether), but now I have absolutely zero Ether]. Your eyes are not deceiving you, the disclosure above is usually printed at the end of any article by any Forbes writer when the subject matter is about cryptocurrencies. In this case,…

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