Happiness Is When What You Think

Seek to create an alignment between your thinking and your actions. For it’s so difficult to cultivate that sense of happiness for ourselves when the two are at odds with each other. Aligning your thinking with your actions takes mindful awareness. It means taking a day to step back and observing your tendencies, your habits,… via […]

If You Want To Be Happy, Learn How To Stand Up For Yourself

Calvin LupiyaStand up for yourself because no one else will stand up for you. No one else will defend you when people do you wrong. No one else will explain your intricacies as well as you do. No one else will protect your passion and your values much as you do. No one else has… via […]

Happiness Is Very Simple

Have you ever thought that sometimes happiness is just simple. When I took a look back at some old pictures with my friends, it reminds me how we can easily get happiness. We love hunting nice places and taking pictures. So, we often did that once in a month with different ideas and places. Unfortunately, […] […]