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6 Tips for Building Trust With Your Child’s Doctors – Beth Arky

Find clinicians who get your kid. “We have an exceptional relationship with our OT and a solid one with our developmental pediatrician,” Dana W. writes. “They value our kiddo in ways the regular world doesn’t. [The OT] had one 90-minute session with him and…


Shaking Hands is Disgusting – Here’s What Else You Can Do – Nicky Milner

The traditional handshake plays a central role in our daily lives. We shake hands with people we know and those who are new to us. A handshake communicates our personality and mood to people and we use them as a mutually acceptable way of…

How Often You Should Clean Your Home, According To Science – Vivian Manning

Cleanliness can be somewhat subjective: some folks wear things once and feel compelled to wash them, while others wear them five times before exposing them to some kind of soap. But when it comes to cleaning your home, there are some standards to consider,…

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