Prosperity & Abundance

Prosperity & Abundance “Once you change your definition of abundance to reflect its true nature, you will be able to perceive it instantly and without the acquisition of anything. It will put you in the flow of abundance, and will enable you to manifest it easily in whatever form or shape you desire. Until you…… via […]

Three Cinquains under the Moon (for Adelaide Crapsey)

These were originally written for a “Full Moon Social” celebration hosted by Jeff Schwaner in October 2014.. October 8, 1914 Listen… three silences none harsher than your breath dissipating into the night’s bright mouth. Later Rainfall and wind. How I would like to have touched you if only with words trembling from my lips. October […] […]

You’re Allowed To Be Happy Without Them

Christopher SardegnaYou’re allowed to be happy without them. You’re allowed to laugh until your stomach hurts and you can no longer breathe because someone with shaggy hair and amber eyes said something so funny you can’t believe it. You’re allowed to remove pieces of them from your heart in order to make room for new… via […]

Stop hitting your snooze button

We all aspire to be punctual and disciplined. Yet, whenever it comes to waking up in the morning and setting up a goal, we end up hitting the snooze button. Hitting it with such a pride as if it was the most beautiful thing ever. But what if I told you that even a snooze […] […]

Faith Grows — Source of Inspiration

If faith does not grow unbelief edges in the more we trust that inner voice the stronger it grows Be still, listen discern its guidance from your desires surrender and follow even when you cannot understand ask for clarity faith and courage to follow the Divine voice that guides us from within. via Faith Grows — […]


Mangata. The glimmering road-like reflection the moon creates over the water. Sometimes, we get caught up in the process of trying to find whom we are- our purpose and value in life – that we tend to lose sight of what is important . Our purpose has already been made for us long before we […] […]