Inspiring Ways To Display Your Treasures

Whether you collect Pez dispensers, straw hats, heart-shaped rocks, or anything else on earth, you probably want to corral your treasures in an attractive, efficient fashion. These 15 examples, including detailed DIYs, might inspire you to put your beloved collection on display at last. Use A Frame As A Shelf The upper edge of this […] […]

Mind and The Radio Analogy

I happened to read an interesting piece of philosophy. As the time passed by with the dawn of the spring, it turned into an analogy between the mechanistic view and radio. Yep, a radio from the era gone by. To the younger generations who have been deprived of the charm of a radio, it is […] […]

Friday’s Quick Pick/Poem: One Love, One Life, One God

Though health may elude me or riches arrive, betray and leave there is a wonder that visits with a whisper, a deep ease of life and folds me into gratitude like a cocoon; it generates courage and beauty that cannot wither. For still humanity dares to be humane, wild creatures birth and roam. Sun watches […] […]

Keys to Passion II — BayArt

Now when we read about Paul in chains in a dank cold jail cell we put him up in a place of reverence because he endured this hardship but continued to serve God. I am sure if you were sitting right next to him your thoughts on the situation would drastically change. I would hope…… via […]