How To Use Niche Product To Find Targeted Audience in Instagram With Insta Crusher 2.0


Insta Crusher 2.0 is a 4-part software suite package which builds a system to make money online automatically. From finding the right niche, create posts to choose targeted audiences, Insta Crusher 2.0 establishes a machine so you can gain more followers, traffic, and leads with ease.

Insta Crusher was released a few months ago and created a huge success amongst users and experts since then. Now, it is coming back with more updates.

Feature details

You will get those 4 tools all at once and a tutorial training for a very affordable price:

  • InstaDB software: this is a giant database of top Instagram accounts and niches
  • InstaTemplate: pre-made templates and slogan to create engaging content in a blink of an eye
  • InstaCinema: create cinemagram which combines the power of videos and images
  • AutoInsta or Insta Crusher: the most convenient way to create quote or text image like a pro

Also, you will receive up to 12 step-by-step videos which provide an exact way to maximize Instagram potential. It shows you how to build thousands of followers in just one month. Besides, you also get chances to learn more about these topics:

  • How to choose the right niche for affiliate marketers
  • How to create engaging content to get more likes, comments, and clicks
  • How to attract followers
  • How to drive massive traffic to your website


How to Use It?

Step 1: Choose a niche using InstaDB

Step 2: Use InstaDB to search for best content on top accounts in your niche. You may need about 30 seconds to finish this step. Then enter your keywords to search for a suitable template.

Step 3: Now it is time to create content. Post your content and use AutoInsta to add images and text just by clicking and dragging. You do not need any technical or design skill to do this.

Step 4: This is where InstaCinema kicks in. It lets you create stunning cinemagram to boost engagement. Until now, cinemagram is one of the most effective tactics that experts use to get more clicks and shares.

Step 5: At the end of the day, getting followers is still one of the most important goals you have to reach. In the package, you will find many tips and tricks to get more followers and gradually force them to become your buyers.

It’s time to take things to the next level. And that’s where our new INSTA CINEMA software comes in. Insta Cinema lets you create awesome cinemagram that mix image with the power of video. These cinemagrams are the latest tactic used by huge celebrities. So now you’ll be getting monster shares, likes and clicks, using the latest “Insta trick” for 2018!​



Insta-Stories Upgrade – The 10 Best Performing Templates Are Delivered Right Into Your Dashboard Every Month As A Member Of The Platinum Experience | Online Marketing Tools

Source: Insta-Stories Upgrade – The 10 Best Performing Templates Are Delivered Right Into Your Dashboard Every Month As A Member Of The Platinum Experience | Online Marketing Tools

Visualai Commercial – Artificial Intelligence Powered Instagram App Lets You Automate & Monetize Content In ANY Niche




Visualai is a cloud-based Artficial Intelligence powered software that uses Smart Visual Recognition Technology and Smart Algorithm to help you create complete Viral Instagram Posts and schedule them to be posted at the perfect time suited for it to get maximum engagement and reach.

Visualai does everything from finding you a captivating Image, to adding perfect captions and the right #hashtags, all the way to scheduling your posts at the perfect time to give you maximum exposure possible.

Visualai comes with a built-in 500k+ Image Library. Images related to ALL the niches that you can think of (and more!) are listed. The Images contained are of high-definition and high-quality clicked by professional photographers who do this exclusively, for a living.

Start A Campaign: Use your own photo or select from the built-in 1 Million+ Image Library of high-resolution images from our gallery.

Visual Recognition Automation: On Instagram, it’s not enough to just post the perfect picture…you also gotta have a fire caption!

Visualai Schedules The Post At Best Hours : Schedule posts on autopilot based on the smart algorithm for best posting time. It helps to build your Instagram accounts from zero to thousands of followers and combine all the elements for a successful posting.

The moment you have zeroed in on the Image you want to use, the Artificial Intelligence powered Smart Visual Recognition kicks-in. It instantly scrutinizes 800 Million Instagram accounts and returns with a list of Captions that are perfectly suited with the image that you want to use. These Captions force your audience to take note of your post, like it, follow it and share it!

At last, Visualai uses Smart Algorithm to study the behaviour of your targeted audience and schedules your post to go out at the exact time that your audience prefers to check out posts on Instagram, thereby increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Visualai is a 100% cloud-based software. No need to install or download anything. You just need an internet connection to get started. Just login from anywhere at anytime and get cracking.

The Artificial Intelligence powered Smart Visual Recognition instantly scrutinizes 800 Million Instagram accounts and returns with a list of Captions that are perfectly suited with the image that you want to use. These Captions force your audience to take note of your post, like it, follow it and share it.

Build 5-6 Figure Instagram account literally from Scratch and grow your followers within a week by posting consistently on Instagram. Drive Organic Traffic for free. Make your audience share your post happily with their friends and family.

Build 5-6 Figure Instagram account literally from Scratch . Grow your followers within a week by posting consistently on Instagram. Drive Organic Traffic for free and make your audience share your post happily with their friends and family.




Insta Stories – How To Leverage Instagram Stories & Mobile Video Ads To Reach 700 Million Active Users


This is a Full Blown Video Creation AND Video Marketing Platform and it’s THE ONLY platform on the market that is 100% integrated with Instagram. Brand new Templates, Brand new Background Songs and Images – you can’t get these anywhere else

Use Storie to create sales and animiated videos to present your products in the most professional and engaging way possible. Best part – without having to hire an expensive video company or overrated freelancer ever again.

Your Sales Page will be more engaging and most importantly as confirmed by TechCrunch and Hubspot, it will lead to more sales and profits. Use Storie to run powerful Video Ads to your Affiliate Offers showcasing the offer from different angles and with a great Call-To-Action.

For Online Marketers it’s all about Traffic and Leads – nothing is more powerful to get that than Video. Run Facebook Ads, Run Video Ads or Post on Social Media and get Shares and Viral Free Traffic, the opportunities are endless!

Use our Commercial License to Promote Your Business (or your client!) locally to generate leads, traffic and customers. Use videos for Local SEO and generate massive free traffic thanks to local Video Rankings on Google.

InstaStories uses in three steps:

  • Pick Your Animated Storie Mobile Video Ad Template
  • Customize It 100% To Your Liking
  • Export & Upload Directly To Instagram Or Download To Your Computer

Help Gym Owners, Restaurants, Spa Centers or any niche you can think of with highly engaging Videos to promote their businesses AND GET PAID to do so. Literally, with the commercial license you can start selling your videos TODAY.


We have over 30 (!) specific Video Templates ready for you! This will allow you to promote any physical product you can imagine in the most engaging & professional way.Everything is integrated within this product.

You also have connections to your other social media accounts, including being able to make an Instragram ad! How cool is that? Mario is well known for making exceptional products, and this is certainly one of those.


Engage Shops – How To Monetize Any Instagram Account In Just 3 Simple Steps

1Engage Shops is a brand new software that makes it easy to directly monetize your Instagram feed. It does this by taking every post in your feed and turning it into a shoppable post within an “Engage Shop”.

You can overlay your posts with buy buttons to products either within you own Shopify store, or to affiliate products on Amazon. Replace your website bio with the link to your “Engage Shop” on Instagram and your followers can then shop their way through your feed.

No more swapping bio links, no more posting un-clickable links in posts, you can monetize everything on your feed without sending your followers down a path miles away from where they started.

If you are currently advertising on other social networks, chasing the same billions of people as major corporations with multi million dollar ad budgets, quite frankly you don’t have a chance. It’s YOUR time to capture YOUR fair share using a social network that works for YOU. Feedback, Test and Modify Offers Then Plan Bigger and Better Campaigns With Our Tracking And Analytics Tool. Ensure Your Offers Are Performing at their Best With In-Depth Analytics.

Find and understand key customer metrics with EngageShops analytics, Customize your content and offers based on the traffic hitting your store and Improve your stores performance day to day for even more sales and income

Insta Engage Pro


Instaengage Pro Gives You A Greater View Of Influencers In Every Niche, It’s The Ultimate “Bird’s Eye View” Of Your Entire Niche. What This Means For You Is You Can Make The Best, Most Informed, Most Profitable Decision When Approaching Influencers.

  • You get access to 100+ influencers PER search = more potential, more results, more opportunity, more sales, traffic, followers.
  • Doubled to 12 results per influencer which means you have more niche specific information when choosing influencers. Better choices means more sales, traffic and followers
  • InstaEngage Pro has the ability to pull the most up to date data directly from instagram. Rather than pulling data from a database like other website/services do. Every search is “live” the data we show is exactly what the customer will see if they open the same influencer on instagram themselves.
  • This is the ULTIMATE time saver, giving you the ability to save past influencers results, Streamline the entire veting process, save time, energy, and effort.

    Save as many templates as you want, it’s unlimited! Want to test which email template is the best? Now you can save past emails, review conversions, & at the click of a button populate an entire email

    Watch The Video Below To See InstaEngage In Action:


    You can compile a list of unlimited influencers in the UNLIMITED niches and save them into a campaign (in the copy you own right now you can only do this a few times) you can compile a huge profile of all the major influencers to review.

    InstaEngage Review – The Sales Funnel

    InstaEngage OTO 1: InstaEngage Pro Software
    We take the software to another level with the pro version adding advanced Campaign features saving more time, effort and energy and exploding you results exponentially.

    InstaEngage OTO 2: Agency/Dev/Unlimited License
    The great thing using InstaEngage is you can use it for other and get paid to do minutes of work and charge whatever you’d like. This is where our Agency license comes in and allows your customers to get profiting right away.

    InstaEngage OTO 3: InstaEngage DFY Graphics + Influencer Rolodex
    We’ve taken the offer and made it braindead simple for your customers by including a completely DFY offer giving away 1000+ details of the hottest influencers in multiple niches.


GramKosh Instagram Suite


GramKosh is the Only web based Instagram Marketing Suite that allows users the Ability to Schedule or Post Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop, Schedule or Post Normal Instagram Posts from Your Desktop, Auto Post and Schedule Your First Comment with Viral Hashtags.

With Complete Engagement Analytics Dashboard and Advanced Image Editor to craft beautiful images to be used on Instagram Create Unlimited Buzz of your Instagram Stories and Instagram Posts. Get Hundreds and Thousands of New Viewers and Customers via Instagram. Get Superior Brand Authority which means Superior Trust among your Customers.

Your Engagement will be 50 Times more Powerful than Present. You can schedule 30 Days Task in 30 Minutes (Scheduling Stories, Post) In Instagram. GramKosh Auto-Links each story/post with 30 Viral related Hashtags for virality.

Convert one Bio Link into Multiple links with GramKosh Instafeed and Send Unlimited traffic to your offers via GramKosh Instafeed. Schedule your Instagram posts Pictures and Videos without the need to leave your computer running.Create Emoji’s for post with Live Preview before posting with Premium Custom Instafeed Layouts.



GramKosh is the world’s first web app, which allows you to post Instagram Stories directly from your desktop.Instagram – the leading social network gives maximum exposure to Instagram stories by pushing it right on top of its feed.Instagram Stories Exposure is higher than Instagram Normal Post.

GramKosh allows you to Schedule Unlimited Instagram Stories directly from your desktop.Schedule Instagram stories for months to come instantly and automate the Engagement to grow your Instagram account.