Insta-Stories Upgrade – The 10 Best Performing Templates Are Delivered Right Into Your Dashboard Every Month As A Member Of The Platinum Experience | Online Marketing Tools

Source: Insta-Stories Upgrade – The 10 Best Performing Templates Are Delivered Right Into Your Dashboard Every Month As A Member Of The Platinum Experience | Online Marketing Tools

Some people who screenshot Instagram Stories are getting flagged

Instagram is currently testing a feature that identifies users who take screenshots of public Instagram Stories. Instagram already identifies users that take a screenshot of a photo or video that’s sent as a direct message. This new feature — the latest to be lifted from Snapchat — hasn’t been turned on for all users in […] […]

Visualai Commercial – Artificial Intelligence Powered Instagram App Lets You Automate & Monetize Content In ANY Niche

    Visualai is a cloud-based Artficial Intelligence powered software that uses Smart Visual Recognition Technology and Smart Algorithm to help you create complete Viral Instagram Posts and schedule them to be posted at the perfect time suited for it to get maximum engagement and reach. Visualai does everything from finding you a captivating Image, […]

Here’s why your Instagram and Facebook feeds are looking bare this morning | Mastering Facebook, Google+, Twitter

Facebook and Instagram suffered a massive outage overnight which prevented people from posting things to their timelines and stories. Source: Here’s why your Instagram and Facebook feeds are looking bare this morning | Mastering Facebook, Google+, Twitter

Instagram now tells everyone when you’re active, here’s how to hide it

(Source: Another day, another feature nobody asked for. Facebook subsidiary Instagram has now enabled activity status in direct messages: this means that practically all of your friends will now be able to see when the last time you were actively using the app was. The feature rolled out as part of the latest updates […] […]

Insta Stories – How To Leverage Instagram Stories & Mobile Video Ads To Reach 700 Million Active Users

This is a Full Blown Video Creation AND Video Marketing Platform and it’s THE ONLY platform on the market that is 100% integrated with Instagram. Brand new Templates, Brand new Background Songs and Images – you can’t get these anywhere else Use Storie to create sales and animiated videos to present your products in the […]

Engage Shops – How To Monetize Any Instagram Account In Just 3 Simple Steps

Engage Shops is a brand new software that makes it easy to directly monetize your Instagram feed. It does this by taking every post in your feed and turning it into a shoppable post within an “Engage Shop”. You can overlay your posts with buy buttons to products either within you own Shopify store, or […]

Elite Instagram Marketing

A good majority of online entrepreneurs find it seemingly impossible to drive traffic to their business. And they spend a lot of time, money and energy when they try to because they don’t have a proven guide. There is a good chance your customers are dealing with these issues… A trickling of visitors to their […]

‪Instagram now autoplays video sound once turned on until you close the app

Autoplay audio can be annoying or convenient depending on the situation. Luckily Instagram has found a happy medium between defaulting autoplay video sound on or off. This weekend TechCrunch spotted that some Instagram videos in the feed were autoplaying with audio. Now Instagram has confirmed to us “this new update rolled out recently” and here’s… via […]

Insta Engage Pro

Instaengage Pro Gives You A Greater View Of Influencers In Every Niche, It’s The Ultimate “Bird’s Eye View” Of Your Entire Niche. What This Means For You Is You Can Make The Best, Most Informed, Most Profitable Decision When Approaching Influencers. You get access to 100+ influencers PER search = more potential, more results, more […]

GramKosh Instagram Suite

GramKosh is the Only web based Instagram Marketing Suite that allows users the Ability to Schedule or Post Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop, Schedule or Post Normal Instagram Posts from Your Desktop, Auto Post and Schedule Your First Comment with Viral Hashtags. With Complete Engagement Analytics Dashboard and Advanced Image Editor to craft beautiful images […]

ConjureGram Pro

With ConjureGram you can legally exploit Instagram to get all the traffic, subscribers and sales you could ever possibly need and ethically build an A+ brand people love very fast in any niche, for any type of offer, and easier than anything we’ve seen before. We searched high and low for an easier way to […]


What successful people always tell you is to work hard to become successful.What they don’t tell you – and what actually made THEM successful is – to make OTHERS work hard so that YOU become successful. Most people I know in marketing, both online and offline, work really hard to drive traffic and then by […]


InstaDesigner allow your to post text to Instagram and share your thoughts with all of your followers! Doesn’t it make you crazy that there is no simple way to send text to Instagram? InstaDesigner make posting text to Instagram directly very easy! You can write all your thoughts with a lots of well designed templates […]

Instagram Marketing Samurai

This professional exclusive training is packed with more than enough training to get you where you really want to be using the engaging power of Instagram.We have the complete step by step  training you need in order to reach all of your business success expectations. Check out the segments and tips that you will discover […]


Figure out how to get instagram traffic to your store. eComily is just what the Doctor ordered. In case you don’t know it yet, Instagram traffic is probably the hottest buyer traffic you’ll ever get especially if you’re selling products that target women such as apparels, make ups, baby toys etc. Combining Instagram+Built-In Mobile store, […]

Social Redirect Pro

Social Redirect Pro is a fully featured, social media image posting system that is guaranteed to send your Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest fans directly to the URL of your liking. Imagine tweeting or posting an image and getting 85% of your fans to engage. The commissions you would earn if they clicked […]

Insta eCom Formula

  Insta eCom Formula is a neat series of training videos that are simple to follow even if you’ve never used Instagram. Insta eCommerce Formula will teach you the secrets of mass sales and traffic and how to become a master of eCommerce on Instagram. The principles and tools helped build their Instagram business to […]