TED – The Rapid Growth of The Chinese Internet & Where It’s Headed By Gary Liu

The Chinese internet has grown at a staggering pace — it now has more users than the combined populations of the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France and Canada. Even with its imperfections, the lives of once-forgotten populations have been irrevocably elevated because of it, says South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu. In a fascinating talk, Liu details how the tech industry in China has developed — from the innovative, like AI-optimized train travel, to the dystopian, like a social credit rating that both rewards and restricts citizens…..




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Thinking About Becoming An Infopreneur – Michael Guta


You probably have heard “Information is Power,” and in today’s digital ecosystem it has become much easier to turn this information into a business. The new infographic by Kajabi looks to answer how this is the right time to turn your knowledge and expertise into a business as an infopreneur.

Titled, “Knowledge Commerce: How to Turn Your Skill Into a Thriving Business,” this infographic shows how the market is ready for infopreneurs. According to Kajabi, there is now a huge opportunity  for knowledge commerce.

And thanks to the confluence of current technology and knowledge these businesses can be easily and quickly established by anyone. As long as you have the knowledge and expertise, you can make yourself available to a global customer base looking to consume what you offer.

What is an Infopreneur?

When Harold Weitzen came up with the term infopreneur in the 1980s, the internet was crawling at kilobits per second and smartphones, social media and gigabit speeds were still years away.

Fast forward to 2018 and access to massive amounts of data is literally in the palm of your hand — provided you have a smartphone. This availability gives entrepreneurs the rare opportunity to provide information to a massive audience almost instantaneously — and this is where infopreneurs come in.

An infopreneurs are people who take the knowledge they’ve accumulated and turn it into a money-making enterprise by teaching, consulting, engaging in knowledge commerce or creating knowledge-based media.

The Knowledge Market

Kajabi is a company which provides a platform for creating online courses. And in the infographic, the company claims the market for knowledge commerce is growing.

The E-learning market is expected to reach $241 billion by 2022 and with so much potential, Kajabi says experts can use the many different resources available to them to start a business or provide a second income.

The company first recommends you figure out in what area your expertise lies. This could includes taking an aptitude test to help you find your subject area and clearly identify your field.

You then need to market your brand — in this case, yourself! The infographic suggests publishing content on social media, blogs, your website, or in podcast and on YouTube while managing your time efficiently. And as with any other business, you have to create a product in which your customers will be interested and make it available at a great price point.

As Kajabi points out, the market is big and the competition is fierce, but “It’s all about combining your unique knowledge with your unique personality and viewpoint.”

Become an Infopreneur

Take a look at the infographic below to get some pointers on how to become an infopreneur today.

Can You Become an Infopreneur? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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