Working Too Hard? How to Achieve a Better Work

So, you’ve started a new business, you’re working your ass off to make it a success, but did you forget all about your personal life? Starting a new business is exciting, especially when you do something you love, and it can be very easy to fall into the trap of dedicating all your time towards… via […]

How to quit your job the right way — TechCrunch

It’s too easy to slip into melancholy and gloom. Corporations want to ultimately fire you, whether you like your job or not. Their entire purpose is to create and squeeze the efficiencies out of you until you drop dead or are no longer needed. Know when to jump. Read More via How to quit your job […]

Former Peers Challenging Your Authority? Ask Madeleine — Blanchard LeaderChat

Dear Madeleine, I’m relatively new to a managerial position; I’ve been in my role for around two years. I was promoted from the ranks and am now leading a team that I was a member of when I first came to the company. This has created some interesting challenges—some I’ve overcome, others remain a work […]

We should be worried about job atomization, not job automation — TechCrunch

In the future, machines will do tedious, repetitive work for us, and do more of it than humans ever could, simultaneously increasing economic output and liberating humans everywhere from drudgery. We all know what that means: Disaster! Dystopia! Catastrophe! Everybody panic, the robots are stealing our jobs! We’re dooooooomed! Read More via We should be worried […]

Quick Start Job Guide

Grab your copy and learn exactly how you can smash through every interview you ever participate in! Landing your dream job isn’t as difficult as you may think when you know exactly how to mentally prepare for the on-the-spot question rounds that will show them exactly what you’re made of! I will show you exactly […]