Software Launch System


Sam Baker will show you the step-by-step process used by 7 figure software vendors to create and sell high profit products from scratch and build a powerful list of premium customers you can market to over and over to make more money in less time while building a business you can be proud of.

With this amazing blueprint you will be able to:

  • Avoid the common mistake of costs getting out of control Successful software you can launch on a shoestring budget
  • Exactly how to determine what (and who) you need … Where to find them Guaranteeing you get what you pay for
  • Starting small and the essentials you’ll need for a profitable launch
  • 6 Powerful ways to find profitable software ideas never chase a losing project again
  • Branding, logos and themes that maximize both short and long term sales
  • The number 1 method to focus on… and it’s 100% free Avoiding the pricing mistake made by 90% of beginners
  • See why top vendors always have huge launches and copy their methods
  • How to keep customers happy and buying over and again Maximizing ROI by knowing when to release a “version 2.0” and when to start fresh and much more

Sam’s strategies has helped to advance  software selling business. Software Launch System is a very complete step by step guide to launching software. It reveals exactly what you need to know to create quality software at a low cost ready for launch.


This step-by-step method is behind multiple millions of dollars in software sales. We’ve successfully created numerous softwares and been involved in over 24 highly successful software launches.

Nothing is held back in this strategy. You’ll get every tip, trick and resource used whenever we sell software. This is the most up-to-date and complete guide to actually profiting with software sales… Created by someone who has built a 7 figure business using these exact methods.




JV Castle



JV Castle is a step-by-step video training course that educates product creators how to attract high quality JVs from the very first product launch and every launch after.The videos cover topics such as…The seven reasons a JV will promote for you,Where to find JVs and create a life long relationship,The three biggest mistakes marketers can avoid during JV recruiting,How to create a jaw dropping JV video and page,And much, much more. Delilah Taylor is inviting you to her castle, where you will be taught how to: spread JVs all over the land of internet marketing,build your own empire and lead your own army with her formula of 7 reasons: What you need to have ready before you ever start knocking on doors again asking for support on your launch, What items you need to have in your basket in order to attract armies of affiliates, How to approach affiliates the right way so you get a warm welcome invite, How others knock on your door thrilled to help and promote your product, How to layout your JV page so knights from across the land will beg to fight for you, Where to find doors to very mighty and strong JVs that will promote your products for years to come and How to go from winning the battle to winning the war by learning from the  mistakes.Without a solid launch plan, all your hard work could be wasted. Because UNLESS you get your product into as many people’s hands as possible, it’s just not worth it.Inside JV Castle you’ll get access to the 7 reasons affiliates will send you traffic.Plus the battle tested strategies of one of the top launch managers in the business.You’ll NEVER worry about getting masses of traffic to your offers again.So your product creation efforts will never be wasted, and you can build a massive list of buyers while getting paid to do it. Isn’t it time you discovered the secrets the gurus don’t want to share? And have a plan in place to crush it with every launch?




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