Push Button Covers – Discover The Professional Graphics Methods For eCovers & Kindle eBooks Without Any Photoshop Tools | Online Marketing Tools

Source: Push Button Covers – Discover The Professional Graphics Methods For eCovers & Kindle eBooks Without Any Photoshop Tools | Online Marketing Tools

Passive Kindle Profits | Online Marketing Tools

Source: Passive Kindle Profits | Online Marketing Tools

Publishing Cash Blueprint


With “Publishing Cash Blueprint”, I have taken my entire powerful Kindle publishing process and simplified it down into a super easy-to-follow 5-step blueprint.You will discover how to become profitable and successful on Kindle from scratch.

Inside Kindle Cash Avalanche I will show you exactly how to get all of the crucial aspects right.If you haven’t tried Kindle publishing yet, you can follow this blueprint to get started making your first big profits from it right away.

If you don’t want to write, you don’t even need to.If you already publish on Kindle, you can follow this blueprint to discover many powerful new golden nuggets. Just take a look at the bullet point list for yourself and see.

What’s Inside “Publishing Cash Blueprint”:

  • The simple (yet very powerful) 5-step strategy that I use to generate a highly-profitable income on Kindle
  • The exact “loophole” strategy I use to get ANY book on the front page of ANY keyword (even “romance” and “mystery”)
  • How to outsource your books for cheap
  • Quick (yet crucial) tips for creating your own book
  • How to utilize your description to help you become a bestseller
  • Crucial category selection tips (you should NEVER skip this)
  • How to revive your book sales (if they ever slow down)
  • Recommended days for scheduling a book promo
  • How to make the MOST out of your book’s success
  • How to publish a book on Amazon Kindle
  • How to make a title that SELLS
  • The best way to price your book


Kindle Samurai SEO


Kindle Samurai Software will help you generate ideas for you by pulling keywords on demand directly from Amazon’s Kindle Search Suggestions Data, Related Search Data and Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. You can export this list for further offline analysis or jump right into the running the next steps of the software. With this incredible one-click Page One concussions tool you can take your keywords and, through the software’s Automatic Conclusions Tool, find out the specific keywords you can succeed in : Get the total number of books that currently show up in Amazon’s Search for the keyword that you are analyzing. This is fantastic information for trying to gauge competition and saturation, How many books have the keyword in the title in the first page. As you may already know putting the keyword in the title will help you rank on the first page in Amazon (just like SEO with Google). If you find a bunch of Books without the Keyword in the title, then you just found a goldmine,You’ll also be able to find out if your competition, in the page one, is putting their keyword in the description. Again, if your competition isn’t using the keyword – then there is a massive hole for you to fill and How many reviews your competitors on the first page are getting. Amazon takes into account the reviews books have in part of their ranking algorithm. This is really crucial data to know before jumping into a market and trying to rank on the front page for the keyword you are analyzing


Kindle Romance Tycoon System

Inside the Kindle Romance Tycoon System you will discover the exact, super-leveraged and unstoppable Kindle Publishing System that makes up over 50% of Muhammads income.The only kindle publishing system that actually ‘HANDS-YOU’ 100% Unique, $100-$600/Month Earning 15,000+ Word Romance Books for PENNIES On The Dollar…As it GENERATES 50+ ‘SEARCH-DOMINATING’ Book-Reviews With The PUSH OF A BUTTON …In fact, this system is so powerful and leveraged you will be able make use of Muhammad’s unstoppable Ultimate Promotion System. Inside The 5+ Videos, Audios, & Cheat Sheet PDF You’ll Discover: Muhammad’s complete ‘Zero-Work’ Kindle Romance Tycoon System that unleashes endless S100-S600 per month Romance Books that rocket to the top of Kindle search in 4-7 days,Our highly-guarded outsourcing process that gets talented English-speaking writers to write sizzling 15,000+ word romance books for just $60 each at absolute warp speed, Muhammad’s entire Kindle Romance Tycoon Outsourcing System that recruits, trains, and unleashes dirt-cheap (yet high-quality) book writers FOR YOU, Muhammad’s ‘Secret 7′ keyword secret that FORCES and GUARANTEES immediate traction and sales for every kindle book you publish,The CLIFFHANGER secret that writes your book listing descrptions FOR YOU while increasing your sales by 300%,The Kindle Romance Tycoon secret for going from ZERO to $1000’s per-month… in just 2-3 months, The keyword secret that will guarantee your books gain instant visibility and rank effortlessly,Muhammad’s secret FB post template and strategy that generates 1000-3000 free downloads of your Kindle books during the FREE KDP promotion period with the push of a button! and many more



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