XLeads360 Pro – How To Find The Best Business Owner Platforms


Xleads 360 is a cloud-based software that works for any platform, browser or operating system. The Vendor claims this is suitable for any online marketing angle such as: Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Video Marketing, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Web Design and so much more.

If your customers already make money online or they are just starting, they can use Xleads 360 to find clients and make a recurring income by selling them online services. According to the vendor’s concept, this formula works in 3 simple steps:

  • Step-1: Find hundreds of untapped small businesses leads
  • Step-2: Contact them using Proven to Convert Email templates
  • Step-3: Deliver the service or outsource everything and keep 90% profit.

You can also work with the client reputation management. You can get the client Reviews, Ratings and Photos so you can propose them a reputation management service.

You Will Get Instant Access To:

  • Xleads 360 – Ultimate Lead Finding Software with dozens of features
  • Top 50 “UNTAPPED” Local Businesses that convert 10 times better
  • Software to generate personalized website audit reports that you can send to your clients
  • Top 20 Proven to convert email templates that I use to contact and close clients, quickly and easily
  • Outsourcing cheatsheet with Top 50 Freelancers and Fiverr Outsourcers
  • Video Training on how to use the software and handle clients in order to generate recurring income
  • Instant access to the Top 20 SEO Tools that I use to improve my clients websites rankings overnight

These are the key features of Xleads 360:

  • SaaS based web application no need to install software.
  • Search local businesses using Facebook
  • Search using different parameters like Niche keyword, Location, Search results from Facebook, Number of FB likes etc.
  • Sort results (lowest number of likes to highest number of likes)
  • Ability to Create/Manage/Delete Campaigns by selecting the prospects you want
  • Export Leads
  • Check Reputation (Reviews, Ratings, Photos)
  • Get access to the prospect’s Google Places Reviews
  • See the ratings of the Google Reviews
  • Contact Prospect & Close Deal By Sending Email
  • Easy Text Editor WYSIWYG
  • Display a chart on the Dashboard with Sent Email vs Open Emails
  • Email will be sent via Gmail or other safe SMTP

You can see the total number of leads and campaigns so you don’t have to always search again. Everything is saved inside the software so you can always re-access your stored campaigns. You will also see stats on the emails you sent and how many people actually open your emails to see how effective your campaigns are.

This is the place where you can search for local businesses around the world(even your own backyard). It works in every city and country and you can search for any niche: restaurants, tattoo artists, barbershops and hundreds more. You can also choose to search for online businesses that don’t have a physical address. We’ll show you a secret strategy and niches no one targets.

We also integrated an SEO Report modules that makes it EVEN EASIER to get clients because for every lead you find, you can quickly generate a SEO audit report to show the client what they’re lacking and how they can have that easily fixed by using you.

You have the ability to prospect for clients via email. This makes prospecting fast, easy and efficient because 80% of these small businesses use email on a regular day to day basis. That means no cold calling, no wasting time, effort and energy on other forms of marketing that require you spend money on ads.

We have more categories and email templates that are optimized by us and proven to work. You can use any swipe! You’ll have access to easy prospect management tools to help you turn leads into clients. You can add as many campaigns as you’d like, and manage them all, easily. Prospect management to quickly and easily manage your progress. Less time wasted and more time making money.



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Discover Real Leads – How To Find Your Ideal Customers & Deliver Your Initial Marketing Approach


By using Discover your able to add all of your new leads to your chosen autoresponder, CRM or webinar platform AND  all of the selling for you, firing off emails automatically whilst you sleep.

You can become a Private Investigator – telling the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can immediately jump in with your product or service and offer them the EXACT solution they need and charge them handsomely for it.

You will actually increase your conversions by responding to 100% of your new leads immediately. If you are in business, whether brick and mortar or purely online, or both, you need Discover.

It finds, automates and organizes information and communication at your fingertips in minutes, and can also be used to create highly targeted custom audiences for Facebook advertising. DISCOVER IS A GAME CHANGER.


You Need Leads. Yes. You do. You know it, and I know it. (but that’s not all). We’ll Give You Leads. Loads of Them. For FREE. Hyper-Targeted. And ON AUTOPILOT. Researching leads manually is a nightmare! (Get ready to increase the prescription on your glasses – this is going to take some serious eye strain!)​

Do they have a website? Do they need an app? Would they benefit from mobile optimization? Do they have a Facebook page? Or a video? Do they already own the product you have to sell them? Do they need an upgrade?​

Research like this takes TIME. Masses of time. For Each and EVERY company that’s out there… The Beauty of Discover is that it is truly a “hand in glove” software for everything you want to do in my business.

Whether you are online or local, you have a tool that can get you leads with a few push of buttons, search the web and social media and integrate those leads with your autoresponder so they can hear your message for RepWarn or anything else that you maybe of service for your clients.



Xleads 360 Pro – The One & Only Outsourcing Tool Of Anything They Need In Your Business | Online Marketing Tools

Source: Xleads 360 Pro – The One & Only Outsourcing Tool Of Anything They Need In Your Business | Online Marketing Tools

RewardLeads Professional – How To Grab Potential Buyers Through Displaying Virtual Reward Cards


RewardLeads is a mid-ticket SaaS that is your own virtual army of sales people getting you more customers, more sales per customer, more subscribers and cheaper Facebook Ads.

RewardLeads is a digital Loyalty program for product vendors, events, affiliates and ecom stores.It automatically rewards your buyers with loyalty points and automated incentives ensuring that they:

[+]Buy more products – Purchases = points and rewards. A huge advantage over your competitors. RewardLeads will even follow up when your buyers forget to get that upgrade, without you lifting a finger

[+]Get new customers – Potential buyers will join your program just to earn points but you also get viral growth from buyers because they get points to recommend others. PLUS they get points from purchases made by those recommended buyers – meaning you get buyer leads!

[+]Automate Sales – With our Facebook technology you can build custom audiences of buyer behaviour. Meaning you can recapture buyers who have stopped purchasing, remove refunders and target low, mid or high ticket buyers only.

We even have automated email followup to remind people that they are close to the next incentive level!

How does it work?

RewardLeads will ready to give you its best shot after just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Connect RewardLeads To Your Favourite Payment Programs.

3Whatever payment system, affiliate network or shopping cart you use, RewardLeads can ‘hook into it’. Just copy our webhook code to your payment platform of choice and RewardLeads can start assign points and building up profiles.

Step 2: Link Up To Facebook And Your Email Autoresponders

Simply link RewardLeads to your Facebook accounts and email autoresponders, and you can begin segmenting your buyers based on how much they spend and how they behave. That means you can laser target buyers with RewardLeads created custom audiences and mailing lists.

Step 3: Create Your Rewards Store And Automation

Now, all that is left to do is to tell RewardLeads what sort of incentives to deliver and what they cost. You can also set rewards for completing their profile and recommending friends. ​Add SMTP Email Sending details, and RewardLeads can even mail out your buyers to tempt them to keep buying!


RewardLeads is groundbreaking, but there are many things we couldn’t do or offer while keeping a one-time price. RewardLeads Professional means that our marketing dreams can be followed.

No matter how server intensive, or complex to maintain, RewardLeads Professional allows us to deliver the cutting edge advances that breakout businesses like your require.


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Speedleads Browser Extension – How To Share Quality Content On Fan Pages In Such An Effective Manner

Discover a Revolutionary New Browser Extension Transforms Your Web-Browser into a Traffic and Lead Machine. Capture leads from every click by adding a retargeting pixel to your lead boxes. Add each visitor who engages with your Leadlinks to re-marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, Perfect Audience, Sitescout, Adroll and more.

Create hyper-targeted custom audiences and ads relevant to each Speedleads campaign you create. And send your ad ROI through the roof.SpeedLeads lets you add a Call to Action and branding to any page you share on social media. In seconds. Right from within the page you’re sharing…

Take advantage of any viral content or authority content you see, to drive more traffic and sales to YOUR business

1. Click on the Speed Leads icon in your browser
2. Select the Call-to-Action you want to add to the page
3. Then choose where you want to share the link for maximum impact!

This is one of the simplest and fastest ways you can generate leads for any business. And you don’t even have to break your stride… Because with Speed Leads, getting traffic and leads is as natural as breathing.The core offer allows users to create SpeedLead Boxes that can be added to any link you share in seconds, via the SL browser extension.

Buyers will also get reseller rights (yep, on the front-end!) so this is a COMPLETE no-brainer – guaranteed to sell like hot-cakes for you….

And you’re taking home 100% commissions.

Source: Speedleads Launch Offfer


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