Who is the next famous couple to get divorced? To answer this question, We took a survey of 1,000 Americans and asked them to name the three celebrity couples they thought were most likely to hit the rocks in 2018. Find out who will be get divorced in 2018 with this infographic. Partners must […] via […]

‘Stupid Things Couples Fight About’ Hashtag Keeps on Giving — The Sydney News

Stupid things couples fight about: the list is endless. And accordingly, this week’s hashtag #stupidthingscouplesfightabout is taking the internet accordingly by storm as every person on Twitter (well, almost), single or partnered up, weighs in. Is it a stupid fight, or is it the end of the road? Listen to this episode of 9Honey’s hit… via […]

5 Tips to Break Your Bad Habits

Habits are, in many ways, something entirely essential to us as human beings. They require little thought or mental energy, and that’s why we always turn to them. We’re simply used to the comfort they give us, and this is the very reason why, once established, a habit can be insanely difficult to break. All…… via […]


Have you ever met a woman who keeps a library in the bathroom and sits on the toilet and reads for 20-40 minutes every day? I haven’t. But my grandfather did it, my husband does it and so do the husbands of most of the women I know well enough to ask about it. I […] […]