From gangster to marathon runner, how Rahul Bhiku Jadhav rebuilt his life  | InfoBlazeIND

A decade ago, Rahul ‘Bhikhu’ Jadhav, a hitman with several cases against him,ran from cops. Then, he took to running and rebuilt his life Source: From gangster to marathon runner, how Rahul Bhiku Jadhav rebuilt his life  | InfoBlazeIND

5 Unconscious Habits That Are Ruining The Way You Talk To The People In Your Life

Benjamin Robyn-JespersenI stumbled across a great article by Julian Treasure today, discussing the habits we have that keep us from being great communicators. The list was powerful, but as I was reading, I couldn’t help but think that these ideas applied in every setting of our lives—not just the traditional workplace or classroom. I started… via […]

This Is How Each Myers-Briggs Type Ruins Their Own Life Without Even Trying To

@antonmattssoniiENTP You have a hard time committing- when it comes to possibilities, you see them and even thrive living in a realm with never ending choices and opportunities. You ruin your life without meaning to by constantly entertaining all your options and choices without picking one and sticking to it. Although possibilities are wonderful, if… via […]

Faith without Works

Ever put together something with instructions in hand. Do you read them or do you let your pride take over and try to go at it without? Or maybe you skim over and only take our what you feel is necessary to get the job done. Doing things out of sequence will never result in…… via […]

Establishing Love With an Imperfect Partner

“Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be true.” Unknown The prevailing ideal of perfect love is a major obstacle to establishing enduring, profound love. Finding meaning in an imperfect world “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina In his excellent book, Finding Meaning in an […] […]

Do you actually take care of yourself?

You take care of yourself, right? I mean, we’re all grown ups. We feed ourselves. We go to sleep at (hopefully) reasonable hours. We go to work so we can afford to live. We pay all those pesky bills. Wait—those are responsibilities. What about self-care? Self-care goes above and beyond responsibility. It means loving yourself and…… […]

Why almost no men take paternity leave in a country that offers 12 months of it

Japan has one of the most generous paternity-leave policies among developed countries, but a look around the average Japanese office might not seem that way. Only about 2% to 3% of men in Japan take their allotted parental leave, and last year, a politician became the first ever in the country to take paternity leave.… via […]