Why almost no men take paternity leave in a country that offers 12 months of it

Japan has one of the most generous paternity-leave policies among developed countries, but a look around the average Japanese office might not seem that way. Only about 2% to 3% of men in Japan take their allotted parental leave, and last year, a politician became the first ever in the country to take paternity leave.… via […]

The sex-offender panic is destroying lives — Later On

Radley Balko reports in the Washington Post: The video below tells the story of Shawna, an Oklahoma woman who is still in mandatory treatment because 15 years ago, when she was 19, she had sex with a boy who was 14. Over at the Marshall Project, David Feige has more about the unlikely people swept […]

We Should Forgive Everybody at Some Point.’ Chelsea Manning Speaks Out in Rare Public Appearance

(NANTUCKET, Mass.) — Chelsea Manning said Sunday she is not an “American traitor” as her critics have claimed, and that she did what she thought was right. Manning made the remarks at a conference in Nantucket that was one of her first public appearances since being released from a military prison in May. The Associated… via […]

The Leaves They Seek

The chirps and the beeps the black machine speaks Echo a nervousness around me. Away from the birds, and the leaves they seek, Away from hammocks under clouds and moss on the north side of trees, The black machine tries to fill me with voices from countries from people, With foods impossible to taste and […] […]


There’s nothing like nose and glasses to make me chuckle. In fact I once drove through a fast food drive through, wearing a pair. Of course a rubber chicken can also gets the same reaction. I’m a born laugher. My mother was the same way and it used to embarrass me, but now I realize […] […]

Research suggests that everyone is not, in fact, hanging out without you

We humans can be an overconfident bunch. We tend to rate ourselves above average in categories from attractiveness to altruism to driving ability. But there is one area where this positive self-regard fails us, and that is when it comes to how we experience emotions. We consistently believe that other people are happier and more… via […]

A Monday Meander – A Journey To San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Originally posted on Journey To Ambeth: As promised, this is the second part of my Game of Thrones location visit, this time to the spectacular San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, on the coast of Spain. San Juan de Gatzelugatxe is actually the name of the small hermitage located on the islet, a sanctuary dedicated to Saint… via […]