Nature Life – Loving Me in My Valley

I am fully aware of what a valley is. According to, it is “A long, narrow region of low land between ranges of mountains, hills or other high areas, often having a river or stream running along the bottom.” My less elaborate paraphrase definition is that a valley is a low lying area of […]


Who is the next famous couple to get divorced? To answer this question, We took a survey of 1,000 Americans and asked them to name the three celebrity couples they thought were most likely to hit the rocks in 2018. Find out who will be get divorced in 2018 with this infographic. Partners must […] via […]

28mm portrait of a Hijabi woman

Pictured here is a lovely hijabi lady from the colourful Rainbow Village, Tual, Maluku, Indonesia. This was taken for the 28mm Portraits Project. To find out more about this Project, click here. Join me on: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK via 28mm portrait of a Hijabi woman — Joshi Daniel Photography


Have you ever met a woman who keeps a library in the bathroom and sits on the toilet and reads for 20-40 minutes every day? I haven’t. But my grandfather did it, my husband does it and so do the husbands of most of the women I know well enough to ask about it. I […] […]

From gangster to marathon runner, how Rahul Bhiku Jadhav rebuilt his life  | InfoBlazeIND

A decade ago, Rahul ‘Bhikhu’ Jadhav, a hitman with several cases against him,ran from cops. Then, he took to running and rebuilt his life Source: From gangster to marathon runner, how Rahul Bhiku Jadhav rebuilt his life  | InfoBlazeIND

4 Things to Cut Out of Your Wedding if You Want to Save a Significant Amount of Cash

(Source: People think getting married in Singapore is expensive, but it really costs only $26 to ROM—yes, even on “auspicious” dates like the 8th of August. It’s the wedding that drains people’s cash, and all the bells and whistles that go with it—the fancy banquet, the pre-wedding shoot in some exotic locale, the lavish […] […]

6 Signs Your Life Is Going To Defy The Odds And Surprise You With How Good It Gets

God & Man1. You didn’t peak when you were young. The people who were “cool” in high school try maintain the status quo as adults because they were affirmed for those behaviors. People who weren’t are more inclined to develop themselves further, because they weren’t. What seemed like a curse was a huge, life-changing blessing… via […]

Take Control Of Your Life Sales Funnel Mega Pack

Let me start by asking you a question…Are you living the life you always dreamed about? If not, does this make you feel down? Maybe even making you miserable Does it seem like you’ve tried everything in your power to achieve more in a shorter period of time, and yet, despite your best intentions, you’re […]

5 Unconscious Habits That Are Ruining The Way You Talk To The People In Your Life

Benjamin Robyn-JespersenI stumbled across a great article by Julian Treasure today, discussing the habits we have that keep us from being great communicators. The list was powerful, but as I was reading, I couldn’t help but think that these ideas applied in every setting of our lives—not just the traditional workplace or classroom. I started… via […]

Overcome Excuses – Stop Procrastinating & Get Done While Staying Happy

When you get our PLR package, expect to receive the best. I made sure it’s a product I would be proud to release and sell myself, so my team and I have gone the extra mile and put 110% into this product. Here are a few top reasons why you need to grab this PLR […]

Personal Transformation Mastery – Self-Improvement Course To Create Meaningful Life

Would you agree that as a  business owner, your energy should be placed on high-priority tasks like building relationships with key partners and growing your email list? The last thing you want to do is sit in front of your computer designing, writing and slaving away trying to make ends meet. You’re better than that. […]

Self Help Journal – Your Daily Structure For Success

Right now you may be feeling some are all of the below feelings… Frustrated because you aren’t having the success you have dreamed about in your life? Knowing what you have to do but for some reason when you try to do things, you either procrastinate or stop short of taking action? Annoyed because you have […]

Here’s the science behind why some people love animals and others couldn’t care less

(Source: The recent popularity of “designer” dogs, cats, micro-pigs and other pets may seem to suggest that pet keeping is no more than a fad. Indeed, it is often assumed that pets are a Western affectation, a weird relic of the working animals kept by communities of the past. About half of the households […]

‌Have fun – Happiness Trends

‌Attraction shouldn’t feel like hard work, it should be enjoyable. Everything must happen naturally and will happen once set in motion. ‌No need to rush things or force creation making it feel like hard work. ‌Everything you want to attract will come to you naturally and in its own time so long as you keep […] […]

This Is How Each Myers-Briggs Type Ruins Their Own Life Without Even Trying To

@antonmattssoniiENTP You have a hard time committing- when it comes to possibilities, you see them and even thrive living in a realm with never ending choices and opportunities. You ruin your life without meaning to by constantly entertaining all your options and choices without picking one and sticking to it. Although possibilities are wonderful, if… via […]

This, is How I’m Passing Through the Days Now

Life after retirement…translated… As I exited the workforce, people are often concerned with me, asking, “How are you doing now?”, thinking on it, the accumulation of the pressures from work, all relieved, I’d stopped having migraines, stuffiness in the chest, diarrhea that often, I’m now able to sleep through the nights, how do you think […] […]