BleuPagePro finds and posts the most engaging content according to your niche and posts it on all the major social media networks that include, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ and WordPress and that too on total automation.

Apart from taking care of all of your content demands, BleuPagePro also helps you in building your email lists, designing your own posts, bulk uploading, YouTube management, posting animated pictures, and discount coupons.

With the custom designer tool, you can easily create any type of content you want to post in your fans newsfeed. With a simple drag-and-drop dashboard, you can insert images, videos, optin-forms, buttons, text, background images and more!

From text to a huge variety of background editable images, BP Pro gives you the ability to post your own image/backgrounds through multiple social media sites with one click.  Post design is feature rich and provides the ability to easily create powerful content with a few clicks.

Our software allows you to develop high quality content, optimize, and engage with your target audiences. This section lets you utilize the latest news and stories from the “trending categories” for your audiences latest news updates.

We are updating our services from time to time and surely we’ll inform our valuable customers about it. The GREAT thing is, we will give FREE OF COST addition to our services on all the packages altogether.

Key Features:

Automate your social media accounts For Life

Are you spending a lot of money on hiring a social media manager to select the best possible content and post it your social media platforms? Well it’s time to say goodbye to your social media manager. AutoPosting searches the most engaging and viral content and posts it to all of your social channels with just a mere click of a button.

100 percent set and forget

Are you tired of scheduling posts in the old casual way? Then this is the lifeline for you this cool feature allows you to buckle up all of your favorite content into one CSV file and upload it with the most simplest method available on the market.

No need to pay for content writers:

No matter if it’s social media or SEO, a blog is a must have, if one wants to achieve good rankings in the search engines or wants to engage visitors on social media, but whats even more important is updating the blog regularly, a practice where most of us fail, because of low budgets, not having enough time and other such reasons. This feature is for all of those troubled souls it can find and post the most engaging and viral content in your niche 24/7 on 100 percent autopilot.

Build your email lists:

Not getting much leads from social media? Well if not this is what you have been missing all along, it’s a proven fact that a great majority of social media users interact within the newsfeed and are not likely to visit your shared link to opt in for your offer. Keeping this fact in mind we have come up with this great feature that lets your share discount coupons directly inside your newsfeed and also allows you to add email gates to your posts which makes sure that your lists don’t run out of relevant and fruitful leads. All of your leads are saved to your autoresponder service and you can also configured automated emails for automated messages.

Contents Fetcher:

Fetches content from RSS, ATOM, RDF, XML feeds and Facebook pages and posts to your social media pages, profiles and groups, means now you can share the content of famous websites, like CNN, BBC, MASHABLE or any website of your choice on your social media channels automatically. The user defined content attracts double the amount of organic traffic that you can ever reach with any other technique or paid advertising and content fetcher makes things easier for you in this department as well.


Bleupage Pro gives you the chance to seek out and re-schedule your favorite posts; you can even schedule your social media posts (Facebook, twitter, linked in and many more) in advance using the Bleupage Pro scheduler option , so you can continue with the posts automatically as you focus on other tasks simultaneously:

  • Auto posting is one of our unique features which has never been developed before in the industry. Auto posting searches high end, credible content from world’s most respected content providers which your audience will love to read such as Bloomberg, CNN, New York Times and thousands of other feeds.
  • Keep your audience engaged and interested in your pages while you are working on building your business. No need to worry about your social media management ever again.



BleuPage Software


This new and improved version of Bleupage helps you grasp your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In pages by allowing you to post powerful interactive content directly into different newsfeeds.Bleupage pro makes it even easier to reach out to the world on multiple social media platforms at the same time.  You can see the results for yourself in days.

Get easy analytics access, helping rank your best performance posts. Therefore, you can view your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In posts and you can re-schedule them anytime.We are updating our services from time to time and surely we’ll inform our valuable customers about it. The GREAT thing is, we will give FREE OF COST addition to our services on all the packages altogether.

We have linked our system to over 5000 famous content providers like CNN, BBC, and Bloomberg to provide the latest news and industry updates for your audience. There are 31 categories from business to fashion and health to food preparation to choose from.

Our R+D team is constantly developing new features to make your social media management experience completely automated, effective, and profitable.  Our team keeps up with the latest social media and digital marketing strategies and delivers new features to the platform every month, so you don’t have to!



An Easier way to manage all your Social Media accounts in One place. Bleupage Pro provides you the option to manage and all your Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterests account from one dashboard. Moreover you can launch and monitor effective marketing campaigns as well. All these excited opportunities at one step. Simply click on the Connect button, Login to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest Account and let’s get started.

With BleuPage now content posting through RSS feed URLs is easier more than ever. You just have to create your own category and have to put RSS feed URL. You can select and post your most favorite content on your fan page with HD images in seconds.



Speedy Traffic Mailer


If you didn`t join yet Speedy Traffic Mailer then it’s time for you to take action and see
what a real list builder can do for you.STM is growing extremely fast and is a must join!
Speedy Super Solo Network ads sent to lots of Viral Mailers at once!

=>Transfer credits between mailers and to your referrals. Up 80% Commission->20% COMMISSION for free members! 2000 free credits after entering the promo code, just for Joining Free!

== 2000 credits just for joining
== Unclicked Credit Refund
== 2 levels referral credits
== Up to 80%-100% commission
== 20% commission for free members
== Free members email 2000 every 2 days not 7 days
== Up to 50000 bonus credits per month
== Dynamic clicks with fast growing range of
the credits earned
== Solo emails
== Social sharing for your site
== Reset your mailer and send mails again
== Special page for you to check your account

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Directory Submitter


Direcory Submitter  is a 100% Automated desktop software with which you can submit Unlimited URLs to more than 300+ Web Directories. Use a 100% automated directory software with no tiring manual work and instant results?

Submit ANY web page, article, blog, video, or social profile.This is an amazing app in terms of automation, simplicity, speed, and quality of links.You literally need to enter your name, email, URL, keywords and 300+ submissions will be done instantly.

Directory Submitter is probably the only SEO software available in the industry with this kind of automation. It really is a 1-click directory submitter.Wondering whether your URL was submitted, viewed, approved or rejected? Do not worry as with Directory Submitter, you’ll be receiving confirmation emails within minutes.

This is truly a hands-free automated SEO tool where each and every task is automatically handled and verified. No captchas to deal with, no manual work – and yes, no hidden costs.

You don’t waste your time for entering your link information as Directory Submitter automatically fills in the submission form for you. The program also suggests the right category for your site. If there are many relevant categories in the directory, you can look though all of them and select the best one. Then you just click “Submit” button and go to the next directory.


Let’s recap on what you can do with  Directory Submitter:

  • Stop searching for related directories manually — we have 500+ free directories for you
  • Save hours of time when submitting your website to link directories
  • Get your website rank higher in search engines and increase its popularity — you generate more traffic to your site!
  • Submit an unlimited number of websites
  • Submit the website with varying titles and descriptions — you get your site ranked for different keywords in Google!
  • Automate submission confirmation process — big time saver!
  • Automate captcha resolving — the submission speed increases in times!
  • Check the directories for your site listing — you have a full control under your submissions
  • Export the URLs of the pages where your link is on to a file — you can ping those pages later helping Google index your approved listings
  • Add the URLs of the pages where your site is listed at to Backlinks Indexer — it helps you get thousands links pointed at your URLs valued by Google
  • Export a submission history report for your personal records
  • Sort the directory list alphabetically form A-Z and Z-A by any field
  • Quickly search for any directory in the submitter
  • Add a user comment to any directory in the submitter


Web Advertising Traffiv WAT


Traffic Exchanges can also be Fun.Unique and Quality Hits is always on top of the list! Original Social Surfing Game!Lots of Promos and Contests with Prizes.Powered by Search Marketing! Big Commissions for All! Do not wait til everyone is already a member, join early and be smart!Web Advertising Traffic is Here. Built from a Unique Blend of Years of Surfing Knowledge,Traffic Exchange Advertising know-how, and Search Marketing expertise.Get ready to get more advertising exposure, from all different sorts of industries.Our Mission:To give you as many different viewers as we can. We give importance to Unique and Quality Hits.And we also make it a Fun and Rewarding experience.It is totally FREE to join.But if you take one of the much-cheaper-than-what-it’s-worth offers, you will Not be disappointed.


Covert Copy Traffic

The plugin basically inserts your link in to any text/content that is copy and pasted from your site in to another site or email.This is cool for a couple of important reasons: 1st – people share things via email just as often as they do using your “social sharing/like” buttons, as many people prefer to simply copy and paste the content in to an email to send their friends privately, this way you still get your link in there.2nd – people who share via social media sites will often just grab the text/copy they want and copy it without including a link back to your site, again, with CCT your link get’s included.There’s actually a few more VERY cool things it can do, but only if you get the upgraded version, which there is an option for after grabbing the basic version.Covert Copy Traffic is a WordPress plugin that ensures that you get a link back to your site whenever people copy and paste your content onto other sites, emails or, social sharing sites. This WordPress Plugin changes all of that in 7 seconds flat. It adds a text and link to any content that gets copied and pasted from your blog – automatically. Meaning that the copied content still gives you a backlink.