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Create professional looking links in seconds ,Easily add pages to our site that will get you more traffic and make you more money (more on this below)“Cloak” the link so that the ugly affiliate link doesn’t show even after your link has been clicked Or create uncloaked links to comply with certain affiliate programs terms

Easily track hits and edit links, Maximize your commissions with link tracking – you’ll know which links are making you the most money, so you know where to concentrate your marketing efforts for maximum profits, Create a multitude of traffic generating “Hot Pages” for your site in just minutes.

Source: Link Cloaker Wizard – How To Turns Ugly Looking Links To The Sweet Money Maker Wizard Links | Online Marketing Tools


Social Ranker – Build Unlimited Social Backlinks Within 2 Clicks No Captchas No Signups

1.jpgSocial Ranker is the First Ever – 100% Automated Web-based Social Link Building tool which allows unlimited link campaigns. Sign up and start adding campaigns right away from the members area. It’s all web-based, nothing to download or install.

Social Ranker allows unlimited link building campaigns with 95% success rate unlike our competitors… we want you to take advantage of these powerful social sites without limits! Get backlinks from over 200 high authority social websites within two clicks. Social link building was never THIS easier before

You can add different URLs and spread links over multiple pages of the same website as well as Tier 2 URLs/links. Doing this will equally benefit all your website pages or Tier 2 links and make your SEO campaign look more natural. Social Ranker has taken link automation to the next level with automated signups, captcha solving, proxy usage, and detailed reports.

Just sit back and watch as the social magic happens.Social Ranker is great for videos to get natural views, likes, and higher ranking in search engines. Video embeds on social sites have proven to be one of the most effective ways to rank. Just copy/paste your backlinks in our built-in online pinging system and see them getting supercharged via 24 ping services almost instantly.

Social backlinks, signals, bookmarks or whatever you call them… search engines love these natural authoritative links generated from active social networks. Time for you to dominate those top spots!

Every single campaign that is processed through our system comes with a proof in form of detailed Excel reports. You will even get login details of all the sites where links are created. We keep them Whitelabel so that you can send directly to your clients .

3.jpg You can set a drip feed period for one or all campaigns from 1 to 3 days. It’s not a very big deal though since we’re getting links from social websites and at most 200, which is by all means a very safe number.

It’s as easy as copy/pasting multiple URLs from the same website and adding keywords in any language your website/business is in. You can even mix and use Tier 2 URLs that are different from money site.




Speedleads is a Browser Extension for marketers that adds a Branded Call-to-Action to any page you share – straight from your browser.So you can generate traffic and leads in literally 3 clicks (seriously, watch the demo!). Just by sharing links to interesting content you discover…

Adding Speedleads to your browser is just plain common sense – because it lets you get more out of what you ALREADY do.SpeedLeads lets you add your AmpliFire campaigns to any page you share on social media – right from within the page.Take advantage of any viral content or authority content you see – to drive more traffic and sales to YOUR business…This is how it works:

  1. Click on the Speed Leads icon in your browser
  2. Select the AmpliFire campaign you want to add to the page
  3. Then choose where you want to share the link for maximum impact!

This add-on is a complete no-brainer because it enables customers to take full advantage of the Remote Commander Feature…SpeedLeads is a browser extension that let’s you instantly share any page you’re on as a WishLoop SmartLink – i.e. with one of your AmpliFire Conversion Mats integrated…thereby turning every link you share into a conversion opportunity..

SpeedLeads lets you add a Call to Action and branding to any page you share on social media. In seconds. Right from within the page you’re sharing…Take advantage of any viral content or authority content you see, to drive more traffic and sales to YOUR business…All in 3-clicks…


With the SpeedLeads PRO Scheduler, you can schedule your links to be automatically reposted on Facebook and Twitter at regular intervals……moving your content back to the top of the pile, and guaranteeing that every link you share is seen by 10x more people. Calendars. Plus, with SpeedLeads Pro you can visually plan your sharing across all your brands, with our intuitive Brand Content Calendars.Manage your sharing for each Brand with drag and drop ease…Automating your social media marketing has never been easier.

  • Brand Timelines. SpeedLeads PRO also unlocks a new way to tell your brand story, with Brand Timelines…Your Brand Timeline is the page where all your shared links are collected for each of your Brands.
  • Speedleads Syndicator. Our SpeedLeads Syndication feature allows you to share your browser extension (linked to your account) with UNLIMITED people.
  • Pro Customisation Options. Speedleads Pro also includes extra design features for your Speedleads lead boxes, so you can customize your campaigns to exactly match your brands.