4 Things You Must Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile

More and more, people are forming their first impression of you from the results of a web search on your name. When people are evaluating you in a professional capacity, they often go directly to your LinkedIn profile. But even if their research starts with Google, they’ll end up at LinkedIn because your profile will most likely be one of the top results.

So you need to be concerned about what you put in your LinkedIn profile — making sure it’s authentic, compelling to your audience and aspirational — positioning you for the future. You need to be equally focused on removing things from your profile that will get in the way of your success. You want all of the content to “wow” those who are making decisions about you.

Here are four things you should remove from your profile in order to make a positive impact on readers.

1. Wrong or irrelevant endorsements. Delete endorsements for the skills that you don’t want to be known for; they just muddy the waters. Personal branding is about being known for SOMEthing, not 10,000 things. That means you need to make your skills pure — positioning you for what’s next, not creating confusion among readers. “Is this person a marketing exec or a real-estate agent?” Make a list of all skills that are relevant to who you are and where you’re going without looking at your LinkedIn profile. Then, take a look at the skills for which you have been endorsed.

Is there a strong correlation? And make sure your top three skills perfectly reflect how you want to be known. Those are the ones that show up prominently when someone is looking at your profile. Viewers need to click “view more” to see the rest of your skills. And don’t worry about offending anyone. LinkedIn will not send a note to those who endorsed you when you remove their endorsements.

2. Experience that distracts from your brand aspirations. If you started your career in retail and now you’re all about pharmaceutical research, you want to diminish the past (unless you have a really good story about how it supports what you’re doing and what you want to be doing). Of course, it’s important to show progression in your career, so you may want to group roles from the past under one category like My Proving Ground or Internships and Early Career Experience.

3. Low-quality images. I’m not just talking about your headshot. Any images you added to your profile in the summary or experience sections need to be high-quality and appropriately cropped. Nothing says “lack of attention to detail” like blurry, badly cropped, trite, or unflattering images. Of course, this is most important when it comes to your headshot. If you use a selfie, a photo where you crop out others, or a photo your mother took of you at last year’s family outing, it’s time to remove and replace. Invest in a professionally photographed headshot that projects you in the most positive and powerful light. And avoid full body shots. Let viewers see your face.

4. Third-person writing. Let’s face it, everyone knows you wrote your own LinkedIn summary and experience sections. It’s much more transparent and direct to write in the first person than to pretend that your publicist wrote your content. When you write in the first person, you create a conversation between you and the reader, and that helps you establish a more authentic relationship with them. I am seeing more and more profiles using the first person (even from CEOs – who probably do have someone writing it for them) but not everyone is there yet. It’s time for you take the third person out of your profile and get comfortable with me, myself, and I.

William Arruda is the cofounder of CareerBlast and creator of the LinkedIn quiz that helps you evaluate your profile and networking strategy.

I’m a personal branding pioneer, motivational speaker, founder of Reach Personal Branding and cofounder of CareerBlast.TV. I’m also the bestselling author of the definitive books on executive branding: Ditch.Dare. Do! and Career Distinction. I’m passionate about how personal branding can inspire career-minded professionals to become indispensable, influential and incredibly happy at work—and I teach my clients (major global brands and 20% of the Fortune 100) to increase their success by infusing personal branding into their cultures. Here’s a fun fact: I have the distinct privilege of having delivered more personal branding keynotes to more people, in more countries, than anyone on earth.

Source: 4 Things You Must Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile


210K subscribers… 1. Remove empty terms. Remove any subjective terminology such as “motivated, “dedicated,” “results-driven,” “self-starter,” “high-level thinker,” “quick learner,” and so on. While you may have all of these traits, describing yourself in these terms means nothing to employers without proof. Anyone can say that they are a highly motivated self-starter, but how do you know it’s true? Remove empty terms like this from your resume and LinkedIn profile. Instead, just stick with quantifiable accomplishments that prove you’re qualified through results (you’ll learn more about these in a little bit). 2. Add new technologies to your LinkedIn Summary. What new software or technologies have you learned lately that relate to your industry? Update your LinkedIn profile with any new, relevant technologies. What software are you proficient in? Whether it’s WordPress or Excel, updating your profile with relevant technologies you use in your field allows you to further optimize your profile and fully take advantage of your Summary section. 3. Reorganize your Top Skills. In your Top Skills section (where all of your endorsements can be found), you want to showcase the 10 hard skill sets you want to leverage in your next job. This makes is easy for employers and recruiters to see what you excel at on the job – and you want to make it as easy as possible for them to see your value! So, take a few minutes to reorganize your Top Skills to showcase your top 10 at the top. While in Edit mode, you can reorganize how your skills appear by dragging and dropping them. 4. Ditch those dense paragraphs. Let’s go back to making it easy for recruiters and employers to see your value for a second. When you make them sift through big, dense paragraphs in your Work History to find the information they need, you’re making it HARDER for them, not easier! Remember, white space is your friend. Swap out those murky paragraphs for clear, concise bullet points of your quantifiable accomplishments instead. 5. Add numbers wherever possible. Your goal is to demonstrate your value to employers. They want to know that you’ve been there, done that, and can do it well. The best way to do that is to quantify your accomplishments. Always ask, how many, how much, how long, and how often? Remember my simple formula: numbers = results = value. ———————————————- Want to hear all 8 ways you are being shut out of the hiring process? Click this link and get access to J.T.’s FREE VIDEO on what it takes to remove the roadblocks to job search.… And, if you want J.T. and her team to help you become a pro at interviewing, negotiating and more, then you need to check out our career support platform. Want to learn more about our affordable Premium Subscription? Go Here: Follow Work It Daily:… #LinkedInTips #LinkedIn #JobSearch



LinkedIn Is Going Offline … for Meetings and Events

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned platform that caters to the professional and business world has, since its inception, been focused on helping its users create networking opportunities and relationships through connections, communications, groups and forums. All of this, of course, being done online. But LinkedIn is now expanding its offerings…by going offline.

Last week the company announced that it is launching a new feature called Events. It’s targeted at people and companies who still like to do in-person affairs in the actual real, physical world.

“I think there is a massive whitespace for events today,” Ajay Datta, the head of product for LinkedIn India (where the app was developed) told TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden. “People don’t have a single place to organize [work-related] offline meetups specific to an industry or a neighborhood. People want to find other people.”

Why is a service that has traditionally focused on online networking now dipping its toes into the offline world? It’s because there’s overlap….and opportunity.

Despite all the ways we talk to each other online, the fact is that people still like to get together with other people at least once in a blue moon.  It’s a human thing, you know?  There are hundreds of conferences, conventions, business luncheons, networking groups, meetups and other local gatherings going on each day. Ask any professional and they’ll tell you that they attend one of these at least once or twice year.  Why? Because face-to-face events create leads, solidify relationships and – according to reports like this one – provide a significant return on investment for most business, big and small.

Which is why, as the owner of a company that does in-person events for our clients monthly, I view LinkedIn’s new Events feature to be a no-brainer. In fact, it’s something they should’ve done a while ago.

The event management software business – which includes popular brands such as Meetup and Eventbrite, is growing at about a 15 percent rate every year and is expected to be as large as $11.4 billion by 2024.  Should these companies be worried? In the short term, no. But in the long term? Absolutely.

That’s because currently LinkedIn’s service – while free – is very limited.  It only allows its users to invite their first-person connections and doesn’t include the kinds of advanced marketing and management capabilities that the other big-name brands have like being able to find venues, integrate other services, accept payments and manage attendees.  But, as Lunden points out, “if this starts to see traction – and I suspect that it will – you could imagine how LinkedIn might start to add on all of the above, and more.”

She’s absolutely right. Just because LinkedIn has traditionally been an online community doesn’t mean it can’t facilitate offline events. For now, I’ll use it to supplement both Meetup and Eventbrite, which my company also uses to attract attendees. But as LinkedIn inevitably adds features I’ll likely be using it much more.

By Gene MarksOwner, Marks Group

Source: LinkedIn Is Going Offline … for Meetings and Events

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Giving Your Elevator Pitch – Maximize Your Connection In A Short Period of Time By Todd Dewett


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The 40 New Skills You Can Now Learn on LinkedIn Learning – Paul Petrone


Each week presents a new opportunity for you and your team to learn the skills necessary to take on the next big challenge. And, at LinkedIn Learning, we want to do everything we can to help make that happen. So, each week, we add to our 13,000+ course library. And this past week was no different, as we added 40 new courses covering everything from graphic design to CAD to having difficult conversations…..

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LinkedProfits – How To Build High QualityLaser Targeted Leads on Autopilot

With this amazing app and training tool you will help hundreds of now successful businesses and marketers like you to make money with LinkedIn lead generation. Remember, LinkedIn gives you leads that: WANT and NEED what you’re offering. Have the authority to BUY what you’re offering. Can afford to PAY what you’re charging and with your unique LinkedProfits automation software and training program, this world of LinkedIn profits is going to be open to you. Building huge high quality lists and making significant incomes from LinkedIn……

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LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Shares His Secret For Fast Growth & Getting Ahead of The Competition – Jennifer Ortakales


Startups carry unavoidable risk small businesses have a 20% chance of failing in their first year, and a 50% chance after five years. The idyllic story of a Silicon Valley startup — beginning with just a few employees in a garage and consistently scaling over time until it’s a major company with hundreds of workers — is the anomaly, not the prototype. Most businesses don’t experience the same trajectory, and a startup with a solid foundation won’t always scale to become a force among its competitors. Some may have ups and downs, while others see slow, steady growth over a longer period of time……..

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LinkedIn Launches Pipeline Management Kit for Your Sales Team – Michael Guta


While digital technology has improved commerce, it has also increased the complexities of the sales funnel. LinkedIn has introduced a Pipeline Management Kit for salespeople so they can remove blind spots from the modern sales process and manage the difficulties of B2B sales.

LinkedIn Pipeline Management Kit

The new Pipeline Management Kit is a free resource with an infographic, a video, and a 16-page digital pocket guide. And along with Sales Navigator Deals, it will make pipelines more transparent.

According to LinkedIn, sales professionals can be blindsided by hidden pitfalls which derail promising prospects. These have negative outcomes for everyone involved from the marketing and sales teams to the organization as a whole.

For small businesses with limited resources, identifying where the blind spots are to minimize the risks is even more important. Companies with small marketing and sales teams can ill afford to be surprised after putting in many hours of work cultivating a prospect.

LinkedIn Product Marketing and Demand Manager Vivian Chan, writes in the LinkedIn Sales Blog, “On the road to closing deals in B2B sales, a similar dynamic is at play. The complexities of today’s buying cycle yield hidden pitfalls that can cause a promising engagement to veer off-course.”

She then points to some disturbing statistics:

  • 24% of anticipated deals go nowhere,
  • 25% of sales reps may not be at the same job next year,
  • 20% of buyers also play musical chairs annually.

Chan adds, ” These realities lead to wasted time, mismatched contacts, and outdated CRM data. But like a safe driver, sales professionals can consistently check blindspots in their pipeline and minimize risk..”

Key to Not Being Blindsided

The infographic says sales teams should identify all key stakeholders to gain increased visibility of who the decision-makers are in a deal as well as recognizing any missing players.

By keeping their CRM system up to date, team members can view relevant data about any deal. However, this requires a proactive and a hands-on approach to ensure information is being added, deleted or amended in a timely manner.

While a CRM platform is an invaluable tool, it is only as good as the data users provide it, Chan writes.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Deals

Sales Navigator Deals manages your pipeline and reduces sales risks by providing better visibility and more control.

A single space provides access to all the details in the pipeline with real-time visibility. This gives decision-makers the ability to monitor deals that are not being managed properly and provide help to sales reps.

This is made possible with the Buyer Circle feature which identifies all stakeholders that are part of the deal. And last but not least, it allows you to keep the CRM you have in place up-to-date with relevant data for any deal your team is working on.

The sales process is now more complicated than ever. Automating the different parts of this process is one way to ensure you will not be blindsided. For small business owners, having such a system in place is one way to guarantee they will be able to compete.


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Is LinkedIn Actually Hurting Your Chances for New Relationships | Linkedin for Business Marketing

Even though LinkedIn seems to have eliminated the silly default message that was sent when you invited someone to join your network, they may have made matters worse by now including no message at all in your invitation unless you choose to include a custom message.

If you send LinkedIn’s basic invitation to join your network, you’ll be lowering the chances of having your invitation accepted. You are trying to encourage important professionals to become part of your valuable first-degree network; so show them some respect by including a personalized message, and they’ll be more likely to accept your invitation. Read more…

Source: Is LinkedIn Actually Hurting Your Chances for New Relationships? | Linkedin for Business Marketing



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LinkedProfits – Discover Exactly What Rich People Builds High Quality, Laser Targeted Leads

The problem with generating leads with money is this:

1. Lead generation can be expensive. You can try Google, Facebook, and YouTube but the challenge is the price per clicks, views, and leads continue to go up which can make it hard to profit or risky.

2. It can take a lot of time. There are “free ways to generate traffic” however, they are very time consuming and show little to no results when you start, plus it can be hard to track and scale these organic leads.

3. It can be hard to find leads with money. Finding the targeted groups of people that actually have the money to spend and are ready to spend is every business owners dream, but this is very challenging using traditional methods of lead generation.

LINKED PROFITS solves this for you with my easy to turn on simple software, and you can start generating targeted leads with money, as early as tomorrow.

You do need to do your part, the software won’t run it itself

There is no such thing as making money without doing any work

But all you need to do is press the START button to run the software each day and then you go about your day

And I know if I arm you with my LinkedProfits generation software and help you start making real money with LinkedIn, that you will be more likely to become a coaching client with me.

I’ll give you massive value first and it’s my goal to help you make money LinkedIn right away because this helps me get even more clients.

Does that make sense?

So I Boiled My Method Down Into…

LinkedProfits. It is a special time-limited offer that absolutely zeroes in on the most important factors to start having incredible success generating leads on LinkedIn..

My clients and I are doing it every day. It’s possible to generate targeted responsive lists in the thousands within your niche. I’ve done it, so can you. However, you’ll be limited by the amount of time you can spend doing the manual work that my software automates. I strongly suggest using my software… that’s why it’s included.

If you have no idea how to use LinkedIn or don’t have a profile yet – this will get you up and running to generate leads in just minutes.

Sure there is lots of Youtube trainings on the basics of LinkedIn, but knowing how to do everything in the best way in the shortest amount of time will help you be even more successful on LinkedIn

Even if you are an avid user of LinkedIn I bet you will learn a few tips and tricks from the master to save you time in navigating LinkedIn.


Facebook steps into LinkedIn’s territory with Mentorship | Online Marketing Tools

When you’re looking for professional advice, it seems Facebook might be a better place to look than LinkedIn.

Source: Facebook steps into LinkedIn’s territory with Mentorship | Online Marketing Tools



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