Poetry – While Trespassing I Note the Sadness of Old Fences

While Trespassing I Note the Sadness of Old Fences I write poems when I can, in late morning or during the afternoon, between chores but before dinner. And sometimes I duck through spaces void of wire barbs, and consider how to fill the incomplete, which words, what materials could repair those particular holes. I cut […] […]

Cutting Down the Anniversary Pine

Cutting Down the Anniversary Pine Things expand. Plans change. Clouds disperse, people move. I remember swimming through a dream’s warm water, and rising for air only to find that I no longer lived within that need, in that space demanding the physiological transport of oxygen, where the laws of physics reigned supreme, and geometry, with […] […]

Dichotomous – Poetry/Philosophy

two identical thoughts developed in isolation on two different hemispheres identical in structure yet paradoxical in course two identical thoughts fueled by very different greeds and executed, one with zealousy and one with jealousy, continuing to either sculpt or destruct self-conjured concepts two identical thoughts discriminated by different hates create a revolution and cast […] via […]


By Carly Alaimo At Easter in Denmark, children commonly make greetings called gækkebrev. Taking a piece of paper, they fold it and cut out a design (often, there’s a poem on the sheet). The sender leaves the letter unsigned, and their recipient has three chances to guess their identity. If they can’t, they owe the […] […]

Poetry – The Utopian Duo

Isn’t it odd to go to a place with the intent to immortalize a moment – Without knowing what that moment will be like? Will nerves climb your slippery skin? Or will your stomach somersault? Or will butterflies lift you away? Or maybe you won’t feel anything at all The moment was too grand The […] […]

8th blog promotion on “POETRY PASSION”

https://penandinksketches.wordpress.com HI FRIENDS! I’m Nitesh and I like to believe that creativity is in my blood. Sketches By Nitesh was my attempt at organizing the clutter of thoughts that always brew a storm in my mind. my blog is about pen and ink sketches, proses, poetry and life musings. Poetry holds a special place… via 8th […]

The First Day of Autumn, a Poem — JUST the Unwinding of Thoughts

A lot of imageries in this poem, translated… The First Day of Autumn Merely Signifies that the Trees Outside Should Fall Asleep Sooner The Cicada Calls During August Were Said to be the one of the things you would think about when you think of the autumn season, photo from online… Only Soprano of the […] […]