Frank Sinatra – Strangers In The Night ( Live)

Music video by Frank Sinatra performing Strangers In The Night. (C) 1990 Frank Sinatra Enterprises, LLC, under exclusive license to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.



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LIVEreel – Discover How To Automatically Schedule & Stream Live Videos


Livereel is the brand new cloud-based software that lets us go live or play our pre-recorded videos on 15 different live platforms at once. Thanks to it, our videos can reach more audience, and get more views, engagement, traffic, as well as leads. Besides, we still customize the videos as we want, and modify videos to go live.

Users can go live on 15 different social networks. Of course, we can use our prerecorded video to do live-casting on all these networks at once and it helps you to automatically moderate all the comments and engagements. It replies to comments, and send visitors private message to make sure they are engaged. This tool works great for a giveaway or getting survey responses of special deals for digital products

The process to create a stream video is summarized as below:

  • Step 1: Create Click “Create Stream” to set up your live stream in seconds. You can upload your video from your hard drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • Step 2: Bring your videos to life and get attention by adding lower third graphics. You can use the tool to create the powerful video titles, call to actions and more.
  • Step 3: Tap into the networks you want to live stream your video


And LIVE Videos ALWAYS Rank On
Google’s Page #1. See example:

Livestream When You’re Sleeping

automatically schedule and stream live videos that you recorded hours, days or even weeks ago!

Simultaneously Go Live Across 15 LIVE Video Platforms

put your live videos simultaneously across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, MobCrush, Dailymotion, ChewTV, Smashcast, WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, LiveJournal, Medium and iNSTAGIB.

Add Lower Thirds, Background Music & Multilingual Captions

grab viewers by the eyeballs and keep them watching until the end.

AutoReply To Comments

answer your viewer’s comments automatically and keep them engaged from start to finish.

Automatically Moderate Comments

keep spammers and jerks out of your live stream with automatic filters that you set up in advance.

Auto Private Message Commenters

pounce on red hot leads, answer objections, deal with angry customers on autopilot, and in total privacy..

Build a List

automatically add commenters to a private list of prospects you can message inside Facebook Messenger

Eye Grabbing Video Frames

embed the livestream on your own website with a beautiful frame that matches your brand, design and style… and grans attention like crazy!

Easy Scheduling

go live at the perfect time of day for your niche, audience and time zone (perfect when your customers are on the other side of the world)

Broadcast To Your Own Website

embed your livestreams on your own website and boost your SEO traffic… and keep viewers glued to your livestream without getting distracted by “related videos”

Publish To Multiple Accounts At Same Time

livestream under any of your pen names or social accounts simultaneously. Great for agencies or marketers in multiple niches!

Split-Test Your Live Streams

see which videos are pulling the best numbers and ditch the ones that don’t

100% Cloud Based

no software, no plugins. Just schedule your livestreams anywhere with an internet connection!


Live Videos Get 300% MORE Traffic
& Sales
Than Any Other Video!

  • Google & Facebook ranks live videos higher on searches and news feeds than any other content!
  • Live videos on Facebook have 148% higher organic reach than any other content.
  • 80% of people would rather watch live video than read a blog.
  • 78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live right now!
  • Facebook & Other Social Networks sends your fans a notification as soon as you go live.
  • YouTube, Facebook & all other Social Networks put your LIVE video on top…always!

Cheat Your Way To

Endless FREE Traffic, With Our Breakthrough Push Button LIVE Video Software!

Listen, your buyers are spending 3x more time watching live-streamed content than regular videos or reading boring articles and blog posts.

In fact, Facebook Live videos get up to 10x more engagement than regular videos. Often, LIVE videos out perform paid ads as well.

And an average viewer spends about 2.8 minute watching regular video on mobile but over 3.5 minutes when watching a live videos on mobile. Average time spent watching regular videos on a desktop is 2.6 minutes vs 34.5 minutes for LIVE videos.

But doing live videos isn’t for everyone…

…and if you’re tired of being left behind when it comes to live video, then it’s time to…

Do LIVE Videos,

Even If You’re Not Actually
On All…

No need to keep your computer or phone on.

LiveReel live broadcasts from the cloud, so you can stream or live-cast any of your pre-recorded videos even if you’re fast asleep or even if you’re in the middle of a power cut.

Watch How Easy It Is To Get
Traffic & Sales Using LIVE Video

On LIVEreel…

Step 1

Create Click “Create Stream” to set up your first live stream in seconds. Upload your video from your hard drive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 2

Enhance Bring your videos to life and grab attention by adding lower third graphics or fully customizable text boxes to overlay your video.
Create powerful video titles, call to actions and more. You can also add a frame to your live video to make it pop out on the page, grab attention and perfectly match your website or brand.
Next, add automatic subtitles in any language — perfect for targeting different countries and untapped audiences!
Finally, drop in your background music, watermarks and your logo to the livestream video for maximum impact and engagement.

Step 3

Stream Add your title, description, keywords and tags to your video for instant SEO power, tap the networks you want to live stream your video to, then hit “Broadcast Now” and you’re live!
Don’t want to go live just yet? Just tap the box to go schedule your livestream for a later time and date instead.

If LIVE Videos Are Awesome,
Why Isn’t Everyone Doing Them?

IT’S SCARY — going live can be nerve-wracking, especially if something goes wrong

IT’S INCONVENIENT — you need to be awake at weird times to reach your audience

IT’S HARD — replying to comments while keeping focused on your content and looking at the camera (it’s tricky, even for the pros)

That’s Why We Created


Turn Any Pre-Recorded Video

Into a LIVE Video & Watch Your Traffic & Engagement Go NUTS!

LiveReel allows you to “livestream” your pre-recorded videos to harness the traffic-getting, engaging power of LIVE VIDEOS…

… without the stress of actually “going live.”

  • NO fear — using pre-recorded videos means you don’t worry about screwing up live on camera.
  • NO hassles — livestream to your audience on autopilot and automatically respond to comments, even if you’re busy or fast asleep.

100% Cloud Based

There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply login to your LiveReel account and start cranking out traffic—getting live video streams in seconds from now. There’s no need to keep your computer or phone running. LiveReel live broadcasts from the cloud, so you can stream live videos even if you’re fast asleep, or in the middle of a power cut!

Established & Evergreen Product

With over 100s beta testers and 2 months in research and development, LiveReel is a proven, fail proof way to crank out live video streams, even when you’re sleeping, or just busy doing other stuff.

Do LIVE Videos

Without Stress!

No more stressing about screwing up live on camera. Stream smooth performances, speeches, training sessions or news updates without any fumbling, mumbling or awkward silences.

Want to livestream for real?

No problem. Just login to LiveReel and hit the stream button and boom, you’re live… wherever you are in the world!

Simultaneously Go LIVE On 15 Major Platforms & Send Your Traffic Through The Roof

LiveReel automatically syncs your livestream to 15 major livestreaming platforms, bringing you 15x more exposure and traffic from day one.

Using LiveReel, you can go live on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, MobCrush, Dailymotion, ChewTV, Smashcast, WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, LiveJournal, Medium and iNSTAGIB.

Engage Viewers With

Automatic Comment Replies

Automatically respond to viewer’s comments with prewritten messages. Turn commenters into cash by automatically messaging them with more info about your product or service… or simply shut down negative feedback on the spot.

You can even private message anyone who leaves a comment on your livestream — connect with people who are already engaged in your message!

Protect Your Reputation

Use automatic filters to moderate comments. Keep spammers and jerks out of your live video streaming and protect your reputation on autopilot. Nothing beats making sure your live video is all positive, and there are no spammers taking away your thunder.

Create LIVE Videos That People Love To Watch

Use video frames, lower thirds, multilingual captions and background music to turn average livestreams into engaging shows that people can’t peel away from. In fact, you can now use the same pre-recorded video multiple times by adding a little spin to it and leveraging the live video streaming to get ranked on Google, YouTube and Facebook.

See Which LIVE Video Is Pulling The Most Traffic, Leads & Sales

Use simple A/B split testing inside your LiveReel dashboard to see which livestream is bringing in the most views, comments and traffic to your offers. Easily see what kind of videos your audience engages with most and shares them most…then once you have that data, replicate and scale your campaigns.

Privately Reach Out To Your LIVE Video Viewers For Giveaways & Build a List Too!

Use the Facebook Messenger feature to automatically reach out to all your viewers/commenters via private message to share your special giveaway, coupon, and deals or to survey them. Also, build a targeted list of everyone you’ve messaged and reach out to them in future. This is the best way to increase your sales and conversions, especially if you’re doing ecommerce.

Schedule Your Pre-Recorded Videos & Go LIVE Even When You’re Sleeping

With LIVEreel, you don’t really need to be on your laptop or computer or phone to actually go live. Simply upload your pre-recorded video or any video, select the date and time to go live and schedule. LIVEreel will do everything for you.

Broadcast & Go Live On Your OWN Website & Blogs!

Want to attract more audience from your own landing pages, websites, ecommerce sites or blogs? With LIVEreel, simply copy-paste a small piece of code on to your website or blog and instantly go live on your own website and convert all that traffic into sales!

AND FINALLY! Go LIVE On Multiple Accounts At Once!

Want to do a live video on 2 of your YouTube channels or 3 of your Facebook Fanpages at once? With LIVEreel you can easily do that now. Simple select all the social accounts you want to do live video on and hit go!

  • Go live on 15 live video sharing platforms

  • Add Lower thirds

  • Add background music

  • Caption support

  • Multi-lingual captions

  • Auto comments moderation

  • Auto reply to comments

  • Auto PM commenters

  • Build a List of prospects for FB Messenger

  • Video frames for embedded streams

  • Broadcast to your own website

  • Publish to multiple accounts at same time

  • A/B Split Test live Videos
“Other live-casting
software you might have
  • Can go live on Facebook & YouTube

  • add lower thirds

  • add background music

  • Limited caption support

  • Multi-lingual captions

  • Auto comments moderation

  • Auto reply to comments

  • Auto PM commenters

  • manage FB engagement

  • Limited frames options if any

  • Publish to multiple accounts at same time

  • A/B Split Testing option


Your Timing Is Perfect.

(LIVE Videos Are Exploding!)


of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015.

Live video is growing faster than other types of online video by


By 2021, live streaming will be a

$70.5 Billion


Use LiveReel

To Explode Your Traffic & Sales
For Any Type Of Business…

Local Marketers

run livestreams for real estate agents, lawyers and any other business that has information to share!

Marketing Agencies

open up a brand-new service to your clients, with livestreaming that’s easy, fun and profitable


dominate Facebook ads with cheaper ad costs from your livestreams, and way higher engagement than ever before

Social Media Marketers

stand out from the noise with eye grabbing, engaging live
streams that social media users crave!

Ecom Store Owners

research shows that people are 4x more likely to buy from an online store after watching video!


run FAQ’s about a product, do demonstrations, offer a free live class and so much more to rake in traffic and presell your affiliate offers like crazy!

Product Creators

pull of engaging prelaunch content, live launch events, live customer support events and more!

The fact is…
LIVE Videos Are Here To Stay

Do You Ignore It,
Or Exploit It?

Love it or hate it, livestreaming is taking over, and it’s all over the news…

Now Is Your Chance To

Get a Piece Of The Action!

Why let others have all the fun with livestreaming? Now YOU can finally get the attention you deserve…

… with HANDS—FREE livestreaming that dominates newsfeeds, gets ranked in Google, and pulls in hoards of traffic from the top 10 video sharing sites…

… while you sleep, relax or work on other stuff!

Hit The Button Below Right
To Get Instant Access To

(before we raise the price again!)

Can You Afford To Stay STUCK
In The Dark Ages Of Internet Marketing?

Every day, you’re competing with millions of marketers on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more.

Advertising is too expensive… and too complicated.

Creating regular content just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

Even your awesome videos are getting buried in the noise.

The world is changing fast… and if you’re not changing with it… you’re going to be choking on dust in the rear-view mirror.

Livestreaming is your golden opportunity to get ahead of the
competition, stand out from the noise, and grab people’s attention like never before.

It’s your chance to get a truly unfair advantage from YouTube, Google,
Facebook and others, who give livestreams more traffic than other

Question is… do you want to exploit this breakthrough technology for more traffic, lead and sales, or standby and watch as others have all the fun?

There’s No Excuse!

Now YOU Can Have “Celebrity Level”
Traffic & Exposure
For Any Offer, In
Any Niche!

  • You don’t need to feel nervous about “going live”
  • You don’t need to be awake at weird times to reach your audience
  • You don’t need to run separate livestreams for each video sharing site
  • You don’t need to manually answer comments in the stream (unless you want to)
  • You don’t even need to be there at all! LiveReel allows you to livestream using prerecorded videos and automatic scheduling, commenting — people will think you’re live, even when you’re not!

Just fire up LiveReel right now and start scheduling your
livestreams in seconds from now!


In 10 minutes from now, you’re logging into LiveReel…

… you tap a couple of buttons to create your first livestream…

… set the time and date…

… then watch LiveReel automatically schedule and post your new video livestream to the top 15 live video platforms online.

A couple of hours later, while you’re taking a nap…

… your livestream has started rising up the ranks in Facebook, Google, Twitter and all the other sites LiveReel has streamed to…

… you’re getting excited comments…

… and LiveReel is automatically responding to each comment in seconds…

… keeping people engaged and hanging off your every word.

Best of all… REAL PEOPLE are clicking through to your website, subscribing to your newsletter, following you on social media… and BUYING your stuff after watching your livestream.

Within hours, you’ve got more traffic than most struggling marketers get all week.

And that’s just from one livestream… that wasn’t actually “LIVE” at all.

Can you imagine the kind of traffic, subscribers and sales you could be getting when you schedule a bunch of livestreams every month?
Now it’s finally possible, with LiveReel…

Stop Being a Slave

To Regular Traffic Methods

Live videos tap into people’s burning desire to be part of an event… with real connections to other people… and if you’ve ever joined a live video you know exactly how exciting it can feel.

And that’s why live videos are PROVEN to get more exposure, viewers, clicks and sales than ANY OTHER TYPE OF CONTENT.

If you’re tired of creating content that nobody wants…

If you’re sick of burning cash on advertising with nothing to show for it…

And if you’ve had enough of the endless battle for attention online these days, then
livestream is your ticket to the traffic you need to succeed in 2018.

And with LiveReel it’s now insanely easy…

Just log in to LiveReel dashboard to start scheduling and streaming your videos, even if you’re away from your computer or phone, or even if you’re fast asleep!

This guarantee gives you 14 days to use LiveReel and see if it’s right for you.

I want you to use LiveReel right now, in the next 5 minutes, and see how quick and easy you can create traffic—getting livestreams running across social media and 10 major video sharing sites.

See how much more exposure and viewers you’ll get on these platforms, without any extra effort or spending any money on ads.

See how much longer people watch your “live” video, compared to your old videos that barely hold people’s attention at all.

See how much more engaged your viewers are, from start to finish, compared to your regular videos.

See how easy it is to engage your audience even when you’re not at your phone or computer… and watch the traffic, leads and sales start flooding in the moment your livestream is over… and sometimes way sooner!

And I guarantee, if LiveReel doesn’t help boost your traffic and sales within 14 days or sooner…you won’t pay a single dime.

Instead, I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

(You can even keep your account, free of charge, if you decide you want to use LiveReel again one day.)

The point is — I know this works. I’ve used it, I’ve seen the results, and I KNOW it can work for you. Just give it a shot and prove me wrong!

But You Must

Do you really want to keep slaving over content that nobody wants to watch pr read these days?

Can you really afford to keep blowing cash on useless ads?

Or do you want to automatically schedule traffic—getting live in seconds from now, syndicated across 15 high traffic video sharing websites?

The choice is yours, but here’s the deal…

… doing live videos is hard work.

  • It can be scary when things go wrong live on camera.
  • It can be stressful trying to manage a live audience and keep them engaged, all at once.
  • It’s exhausting trying to respond to live comments from potential customers, while keeping other views engaged.
  • And it’s almost impossible to livestream to an audience who is on the other side of the world, unless you like late nights and early mornings:/

With LiveReel, you can just blow these problems away for good.

Now you can do live videos on autopilot, to 15 major live video websites, automatically responding to comments in real time, without the stress of screwing up live on camera.

Just load up your ready-made video, schedule it and stream it live, to reach a whole new audience of people in seconds from now.

But Fair Warning…



SociLiveStream – How To Get Huge Viral Traffic Through Scheduling Live Event From YouTube


This is a new software which allows you to customize and optimize the whole things with streaming videos. SociLiveStream is a completely could-based app which works which you can check in and out regularly to access your campaigns regardless devices.

SociLiveStream offers all the necessary tools to manage your broadcasting videos from the simple things such as going live on FB groups, FB pages, or other advanced tools such as scheduling, editing, adding intro/outro.

In addition to these, in my SociLiveStream Review, I want to introduce to you its strengths in connecting and integrating with lists builder to notify all your lists with your live videos. With this product, you can create and modify the live stream on different common platforms such as FB, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr.

It will go through 3 simple steps:

  • Schedule a Live Event for either YouTube or Facebook (you don’t even have to “go live
  • The software goes out and signals all over the net about your “live stream”… bringing you tons of easy traffic because of the “live” effect
  • Enjoy the viral traffic, profits and leads you would have otherwise missed out on

What will benefit you in SociLiveStream?

If you’re curious about this product, you must be what will be your life saver in this system. And here it is. Let’s go through the major tools and features in this SociLiveStream Review to find out:

– 100% SaaS app with nothing to download or setup/install
– Instant and regular access to your campaigns with the Internet connection
– Work on 7 different popular platforms to tap on every audience FB, Tumblr, Reddit,, Pinterest, Linkedln, Twitter.
– Scheduling feature with pre-recorded videos to set up the specific timing for your live videos, you don’t even need to turn on your device at the starting time
– Integrate with email list to embed your video URL in the email to notify your audience
– Integrate SMS to send messages to lists that you’re coming live
– Suggest keyword to select the top trending on YouTube and Google
– Go live directly on your page, group, profile or share it on other pages, groups, profiles
– Auto like the live videos of all your pages
– Freely to add and edit your intro/outro: choose and edit your background music, images, titles, texts, or logos, CTA offers,…
– Work on all niches without saturation
– Get natural traffic with no paid ads and highly catchy well-prepared videos
– Simple process to go live ỏ set up to schedule your live videos
– Go viral and organic SEO traffic
– User friendly dashboard with no requirement on tech or editing skills
– Money back policy to minimize your risk
– Attractive bonuses with detailed training to set up your page and other things



WP Scope – New Video Platform Pumps Out 10 YEARS Of New Live Content Every Day

People all around the world are already using Periscope, but with millions of users looking for more scopes, there is a HUGE need right now for more scopes in YOUR city/country. Periscope gives you real-time interactivity and feedback, with people right in your feed giving live social proof making your sales pitches and calls to action even MORE powerful and irresistable than ever. All you need to do is grab your smartphone and switch on the free Periscope app. And while you’re hosting your scope, your viewers are doing all the hard work for you … they’re sharing your scope across the Twittersphere and pulling you in monster-sized audiences……

Read more:

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