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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early – J.D. Roth

My friend Amy recently wrote with an interesting dilemma. “Should I pay off my mortgage early?” she wonders. Amy has a high-paying job and has managed to save enough that she could be completely debt-free if she wanted to. And she kind of wants…


Avoid These 10 Public Service Loan Forgiveness Mistakes – Zack Friedman

It’s no secret that student loan forgiveness is a hot topic. When it comes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness, in particular, the requirements can be tricky. That’s why it’s critical to ensure you know the details and are not headed down the wrong path….

5 Secrets To Refinance Your Student Loans – Zack Friedman

With interest rates rising, there’s no better time to refinance student loans. Student loan refinancing enables to you combine your existing federal and private student loans into a new, single student loan with a lower interest rate. As a result, you can lower your…

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