Speedy Traffic Mailer


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Speedy Super Solo Network ads sent to lots of Viral Mailers at once!

=>Transfer credits between mailers and to your referrals. Up 80% Commission->20% COMMISSION for free members! 2000 free credits after entering the promo code, just for Joining Free!

== 2000 credits just for joining
== Unclicked Credit Refund
== 2 levels referral credits
== Up to 80%-100% commission
== 20% commission for free members
== Free members email 2000 every 2 days not 7 days
== Up to 50000 bonus credits per month
== Dynamic clicks with fast growing range of
the credits earned
== Solo emails
== Social sharing for your site
== Reset your mailer and send mails again
== Special page for you to check your account

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You will be able to choose from a wide variety of advertising from our system, from Email Advertising to Full Page Login Ads! Our Advertising is very much affordable for everyone and we provide generous commissions to all our Members!

Plus , You are welcome to try our Advertising for Free! BuzzyMailz  not only provides you with all the Advertising Options your site needs, we also packed it with Tons of Features.

* Mail the list Every day!
* 6 Second Timer
* Monthly Bonus Credits
* Earn Credits per click
* Dynamic Clicking Ratios
* Banner and Text Advertising
* Spot light ads
* Downline Builder
* Residual Income
* Residual Credits
* Downline Mailer

The Busy Bee phenomenon has caused quite a stir.If you have not taken your first step, you have not experienced the power of the Queen Bee.Get your websites seen and your advertisements read by thousands of busy worker bees…For our Queen Bee is here to deliver Your Mails and serve with authority and passion.


Take advantage of the OTO and join the honey bee colony today. Receive 2000 mailing credits free and experience the hidden power…..


Kule Mail

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Millions of dollars are made online every day via email campaigns. Entrepreneurs with large lists are making a killing while smaller marketers struggle to catch a break. At KuleMail we’re on your side. We’ve leveled the playing field.

You don’t need your own list any more. You can use the contact lists we own. These contact lists have been carefully developed over many years. You can now reach up to 500,000 members with your offers.


    Signup free. Mail your downline 5 levels deep each month.Get 10 other people to signup under you at KuleMail, free or paid, and we’ll let you email 1,000 random members absolutely FREE. In fact, we’ll let you do this every time you signup 10 new members. Signup 100 people and get 10 FREE mailing campaigns to 1,000 random members.


    You can earn 20% commission when those you signup upgrade under you. You can earn some fast cash by promoting KuleMail. You’ll see why so many upgrade below.


    This is extremely valuable. Most people have trouble building a downline with 3 people in it let alone a downline 5 levels deep. Kule Mail makes it easy. You’ll have 5 levels of members helping you build your downline and optin list, and the best part is you will be able to stay in touch with your downline each month.

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Golden Glove Mailer


Being first in a new launch is important but what’s more important is having the right type of membership plan to maximize your results. This is why for a very limited time and to only a limited amount of people that join GoldenGloveMailer will be offered this great Heavyweight Slugger membership. Only 10 Lifetime’s will be sold at this price.

List builders provide a powerful way to get your message to thousands quickly without building your own email list. They allow you to tap into a large membership base of active money making online seekers.

GoldenGloveMailer provides the best of any list builder and right now you can lock in a huge LIFETIME UPGRADE!!

Our Heavyweight Slugger membership allows you to maximize your advertising power by reaching more members on our system then any other upgrade we offer. This is your one chance to lock in this discount.

It’s a HOT new Pro-Only Viral Mailer that just launched with a cool look and all the features we’ve come to love and it’s packed full of Pre-Qualified Buyers!!NO CHUMPS ALLOWED!

Bob-N-Weave Baby, Golden Glove Mailer offers 100% INSTANT Commissions on all referral joining fees! You read it right, all members must pay to join and you as the referrer get 100% of that money!

Golden Glove Mailer – We Deliever The Pre-Qualified Buyers.. You Knock-em Out! What other features does this hard hitting mailer offer? How about Click4Cash, PTC, VTG, Zubee Coins, Icon Collections and Email Click Rewards?

Start advertising to paid members only because this means they are not throwing in the towel, they come out swinging when the bell rings! Get in as a pro member now or stay among the rest of the chumps...



Ant Mailer


After successful launch of Ant Surf (where 2500 people joined in first 3 months) Marcin Palicki has now launched the Ant Mailer! Join now and see the Mailer changing and growing at the Front Of Your Eyes!

Ant Mailer has got Everything You Need To Make it Your Home For Successful Mailing Campaign. Together With Ant Surf,  Your Ads Will Be Seen In All Possible Ways! They have it All – Surf, Mails, PTC, Surf4Cash, Jackpot, Activity And Referrer Bonuses.
Have A Look Inside – You Will Never Regret Joining Ant Mailer! Enjoy Your Ride With Friendly Ant! So You Liked Ant Surf. Now You Are Here Wondering How Ant Mailer Is GoingTo Work For You.
Please Join Us Now For Free And Watch Ant Mailer Changing At The Front Of Your Eyes!We’ve Got Everything You Need To Make This Website Your Home For Successful Mailing Campaign.
Together With Ant Surf, Your Ads Will Be Seen In All Possible Ways! We Have Got It All – Have A Look Inside – You Will Never Regret Joining Ant Mailer! Enjoy Your Ride With The Friendly Ant.

Yorkie Mailer


Yorkie Mailer is on the cutting edge of these programs, bringing in new members to view your affiliate and splash pages.

The truth is there are probably many things that you look for in deciding on a new viral mailer from fast and friendly customer service to earning real cash and commissions on upgrades and credit purchases. Viral mailing advertising is becoming very fast paced and is one of the best promotional tools on the net.

Join now and be a part of a system that allows you to earn both traffic and cash from your promotional efforts.

With our Click and Surf System you earn traffic every time you visit another member’s webpage, Plus you earn credits from your own referral’s surfing as well. Each time they surf to earn credits you will automatically earn credits too. The more members you refer, the more credits and commission you earn… plus you’ll increase your website traffic.

The result: Free High Quality traffic to your website

  • Yorkie Mailer is FREE: You just can’t beat the appeal of no-cost online advertising.
  • Yorkie Mailer is Viral: Traffic increases automatically and exponentially
  • Yorkie Mailer is a money maker: Earn REAL CASH COMMISSIONS when your referrals purchase extra credits or services.
  • Yorkie Mailer is Proven: thousands of members are benefiting from Promoting multiple web pages, Banner advertising
  • Yorkie Mailer is Targeted: You’ll only get live, real-time targeted traffic. Real people visiting your site. No fake traffic here.
  • Downline Builder: All your signups get to join your programmes through your link, helping you to build downlines in other sites
  • FREE Promo Codes: We have promo codes for various ad exchanges that all members can redeem for FREE advertising.


Temple Of The Mails


Temple Of The Mails is Launching right now! Therefore, in most cases, becoming a successful internet marketer is nearly damn impossible.But fear not! We have taken care of the biggest problems for you so all you need to do is register at Temple Of The Mails, get your email marketing campaign ready and click “SEND”. Then sit back, relax and reap the rewards.

That’s right! At Temple Of The Mails we have already gone the extra mile and built a quality list of active, motivated members, who have a genuine interest in Internet Marketing and are willing to take a look at what you’ve got to offer. What’s best, you get to try it for FREE so there’s absolutely no risk involved for you.

And that’s not all! Among many other benefits we have included an awesome OTO for the prelaunch.Platinum FOUNDER Lifetime $17 – 70% Commission Gold Lifetime $7 – 50% COMMISSION The Prelaunch is awesome! JOIN and UPGRADE!

Here’s fact #1: “if you want to make money online, you need a list of people willing to buy your product or service.”

Here’s fact #2: Building a list of fresh, prospective buyers takes a LONG time and a LOT of effort.

Here is why at Temple of Mails we have implemented an entire and complete marketing solution. We just start the prelaunch ,it’s time to blast a great new OTO for everyone
Lifetime FONDER Platinum $17  70% Commission Lifetime Gold – $7  50 % Commission

1000 credits Signup bonus for FREE member each and every month after.What’s best, you get to try it for FREE so there’s absolutely no risk involved for you.