Working Too Hard? How to Achieve a Better Work

So, you’ve started a new business, you’re working your ass off to make it a success, but did you forget all about your personal life? Starting a new business is exciting, especially when you do something you love, and it can be very easy to fall into the trap of dedicating all your time towards… via […]

The Unhealthy Consumer

By Eric Perry, PhD-c “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” ~Will Rogers Whereever we look, we are constantly being fed the idea that we need more “stuff.” We have 24 hour television channels devoted entirely to enticing us to buy more […] […]

What messaging means for the future of customer care

Have you ever spent time on hold with an airline, a credit card company, or your insurance provider? Of course you have, I bet you’re still humming the tune from that hold music you had to listen to. For years, the frustration of traditional customer service, be it phone or email, have pushed us all… via […]

The 5 Biggest Marketing Challenges

What part of marketing your business do you struggle with the most? Is finding the time to fit everything in a major concern? Emma share the 5 biggest challenges marketers face and how to overcome them in this infographic. The post The 5 Biggest Marketing Challenges via The 5 Biggest Marketing Challenges

Optical Resources For The First-time Manager

Getting your first Manager role is an exciting and intimidating achievement. On the one end, your hard work and practice loyalty has finally paid off and resulted in the practice owner trusting that you can help manage the practice success. On the other end, you have to learn new skills and retrain your focus to… via […]

50 Horrible Business Cliches You Need to Stop Saying Right Now

How often do you say “Thanks in advance” at the bottom of your emails? Or “With all due respect” when you disagree with someone? Those are just two of the annoying cliches GoToMeeting say you should stop using in this infographic. The post 50 Horrible Business Cliches You Need to Stop Saying Right Now… via 50 […]