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Instant Diet Mascot Maker


Creating digital products, which require careful preparation, in-depth research, and a solid team. That’s why some people say that making digital products is saturated. You should also perform smart research to determine what theme you would sell on the market.We’ve created a high quality product with the right to re-sell. You can sell this product under your name, rebrand it, and make a 100% profit.

Instant Diet Mascot Maker is a collection of over 200+ layers which you use to mix and match to build your own unique female mascot character.Think of it as “The Sims” for Internet Marketing or Business. You can use Photoshop or the freeware GIMP to drag these layers around to build your very own female character to represent your business, cover, website, logo, packaging, advertisement, marketing materials, and more.

With a variety of layers ranging from hairstyles and facial expressions to body tone, costumes, and accessories, everyone can now have their own mascot character to represent their business and marketing materials! Here’s a quick list of what you can do:

  • – make your own personalized female mascots
  • – to be used in your sales video and presentations
  • – on your website
  • – on marketing materials
  • – and much more…



Mascot Forest


Mascot Forest is an AMAZING product by Angga Kuswara. Mascot Forest is the biggest mascot pack ever released. that will help you to increase your marketing video conversion! This tool can increase your conversions up to 200% create thousands of fresh and unique graphics with this save thousands of dollars for your business graphics needs.Video marketing is very hot right now. In fact, most marketers are using video to increase their sales conversion. You probably already tried videomakerfx, explandio, simple sketch pro, or using powerpoint and keynote. But the problem is that you only get the default template provided. It means the template has been used thousands of users. Inside Mascot Forest members are you will get access to 200+beautifull graphics mascots that are compatible with any video editor. In total you will get access to 3000+ creative items all in SVG, CDR. AI. PSD and PNG format.

Mascot Forest Features:

  • 200+ BeautifulI Graphics Mascot
  • Compalitabel with any video editor
  • Over 3027+ Creataive items in total
  • Saving thousands of dollars
  • Unlimited Ideas for your project
  • SVG, CDR, AI, PSD, PNG Format
  • Create your Explainer video more attractive and convertion


a Developer

Add our playful mascots to social media campaigns such as Facebook covers, Facebook Ads, Twitter timelines and so much more. They can be used in so many ways for social media – memes, quotes and more.Now you too can make your videos grab attention like the top Hollywood producers, design t-shirts in minutes that blow your competition out of the water and do it all without dropping a monthly wad of cash into Photoshop’s fat money-pit.If you’ve ever wanted to stand out from the crowd, to make your website and your sales videos the ones people keep coming back to because they actually ENJOY watching them, what you’re about to read will show you exactly how it’s done. Cartoon mascots can be a real boost to visitor interaction and more importantly to sales and your bottom line.The major corporations have known about this for years and used it to great effect, just think about lovable characters like; Ronald McDonald, Geico Gecko, Coke Bear, Pillsbury Dough Boy and Energizer Bunny.The mascot is a softer sell than the more traditional marketing ploys. Who feels threatened or put off, for instance, when that cute little gecko tells us how much money we can save by switching to Geico.



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