Diabetes Type 2 Guide

A 25-page step-by-step guide to help people suffering from Diabetes Type 2 to control, combat and possibly cure their sky-rocketing blood glucose. You’ve probably taken many steps to help manage your type 2 diabetes. You’ve changed your lifestyle and watched your diet. You’ve been taking medication. But because type 2 diabetes is a disease that […]

Newly Discovered Proteins May Protect Against Aging’s Illnesses — The Zetetic Forum

Tested in both mice and human cells and produced in the energy-producing mitochondria of cells, the proteins may lead to greater understanding of aging-related diseases from diabetes to Alzheimer’s to cancer. Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.newswise.com A newly discovered family of proteins manufactured in the mitochondria have a variety of beneficial functions, but their production […] […]