25 Dollar Legacy


Start on your path to retirement with a community of like mind individuals creating wealth amongst our members. Our MISSION is to become the leading provider of sustainable Rapid Retirement Income globally.

Our Company strives to support the improvement of our members’ lives by making positive differences in their business, professional, economic, and personal well being.

Our leadership combines over 30 years of experience in network marketing strategies. We offer programs, coaching and tools that are economical, efficient and durable. We’re offering 3 phenomenal products on each level.

5 Dollar Legacy has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market 25 Dollar Legacy affiliate membership itself.Once signed up, 25 Dollar Legacy affiliates must purchase matrix positions to participate in the offered MLM income opportunity.

Bundled with each matrix position purchase is access to an online marketing tools library.


These initial three positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting each of the three first level positions into another three positions each (9 positions).

The third and final level of the matrix is generated in the same manner, by splitting the nine second level positions into three again (27 positions).In total, a 3×3 matrix houses 39 positions to fill.

A 5×3 matrix is the same concept, however the first level of the matrix has five positions. The second level of the matrix (multiplied by 5) has 25 positions and the third 125 positions (155 positions in total).

A 10×3 matrix has 10 positions on the first level, 100 positions on the second and 1000 on the third (1110 positions in total).Positions in each of the matrices are filled when directly and indirectly recruited affiliates purchase positions in them.