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Create unlimited mobile-friendly landing pages from our prebuilt templates. Our simple-to-use system takes no time to get your page updated and saved.

Customize any page to your product or business by adding images, texts and videos easily within our Quick Editor.

As leads are generated from your landing pages easily manage them within the OSP app. Receive real-time notifications with each lead generated directly to your phone.

Manage and automate follow ups with your leads by using OSP’s click-to-text or click-to-email feature. Real time contact and lead management.

Make the marketing and sales software you already use more powerful by connecting it to Online Sales Pro. Choose from a wide range of integrations – including AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and Now Lifestyle. Send your new leads straight to the tools you already use.

Our support team is here to help you every step of the way. We’re here for you via email, chat, or phone (depending on plan).

Your OSP subscription plan also includes unlimited access to resources, marketing training, videos and support articles. The system’s powerful tools will take your lead gen to the next level.

The OSP Affiliate Program allows OSP customers to market our top lead generation tools, which have helped over 45,000 marketers generate more leads and improve their businesses. We offer 54% commission on all monthly subscriptions generated, for the life of the customer, through your unique affiliate link.

Online Sales Pro turns prospects from any traffic source into leads and customers for your business. Depending on your business goals, you could use Online Sales Pro to build an email list, make sales, launch your next product, etc.


Mobile App Builder – How To Use Tech Skills To Build Mobile Apps & Enjoy Making Money With 5 Minutes Mobile Apps | Online Marketing Tools

Source: Mobile App Builder – How To Use Tech Skills To Build Mobile Apps & Enjoy Making Money With 5 Minutes Mobile Apps | Online Marketing Tools

iReview Builder – Automated Marketing SMS Google Review Builder | Online Marketing Tools

Source: iReview Builder – Automated Marketing SMS Google Review Builder | Online Marketing Tools

Viral Lead Builder


What if you could super charge your list building?Well I’m here today to tell you  about a awesome new site I created called Viral Lead Builder.This is a unique site that will allow you to get free traffic and have all your referrals send their 1st 4 signups to join YOUR LIST first before they can experience the power of Viral Lead Builder themselves.

Check out viral lead builder Imagine having 2 people turn into 8 new leads to your list. Then those 8 turn into 32 new leads and so on…This is the VIRAL EFFECT and it’s POWERFUL.

> Earn up to 50% commissions

> Get VIRAL traffic

> No emails from members AT ALL

> Your referrals 1st 4 signups join YOUR list first!

> Simple & Easy To Use System

This works with ANY autoresponder


Step 1. Click on the “Edit My Details” button to upload your photo and to add your Autoresponder code.


Make sure your redirect URL is set to:

So the signup process works flawlessly. If you have doubts, contact us.

If you need help with adding your Autresponder code please watch the video under Tutorials. You can also read our Quick Start PDF guide.

If you upgraded to an Elite, JV Partner, Reseller or Founding Member, you will also go here to edit your “Exit Pop URL” and other details. You can also go here to change your password.

Step 2. Click on the “Setup Ads” button to Get FREE Advertising!

All new members get 1 banner ad with 10K impressions & 1 text ad with 10k impressions!

In this section is where you’ll redeem the promo code: newmember

This is also where you setup your banner ads, text ads and login ads.

You can also go here to trade in your credits for free advertising or to buy additional advertising.

You can earn credits by clicking on the banner ads and text ads.

Step 3. Click on the “Affiliate Tools” button to grab promotional material including your referral URL. Refer others to earn cash when your referrals upgrade! No SPAM will be tolerated.

Step 4. Click on “Support” if you need help with anything. Make sure to include your username when you submit a support ticket and allow up to 24hrs for us to get back to you.

  • Buy Solo Ad Clicks

Solo ads a great way to get more traffic. They are fast and can get you a TON of traffic, leads, and sales. Most people will sell unique clicks usually anywhere from .35 to .50 per click.

The price of buying a solo ad will depend on a few things. The quality of the list and of course how many unique clicks you’d like to purchase. You might think paying .35 or .50 per click sounds like a lot of money, but these are unique clicks and very high quality.

I’ve gotten some of my best results from buying unique solo ad clicks.

I’ve put together a list of solo ad sellers that you can use to purchase solo ads from and promote your Viral Lead Builder website and build your list super quick.

Click here to download my solo ad sellers list

  • Safe-Swaps

Safe Swaps is a great site that I love to use to help build my list and generate new fresh leads. This site is also great for connecting with other like minded internet marketers. You’ll also fine people on the forms that will sell very cheap solo ads.

The main feature of Safe Swaps is the ability to swap clicks with other marketers. You can also buy solo ads, and you can even sell solo ads if you’d like to other members.

You’ll be able to search for people to do swaps with, and once you fine someone you’d like to swap with you just request a swap with them. If they accept they will send your ad out to their list and in return you’ll do the same for them.


This is great for any size list you might have as they put everyone into their own class based off the size of your list so you’ll always swap with people that have the same list size as you do.

So even if your list is 200 people or 50,000 you can find people to swap with.I usually like to queue up about 10 swaps a month myself. This helps me not only build my list, but it also provides me with something to mail to my list on days I don’t have anything to send out.



App3030 MobileTrader


With App3030 You can make great and high-performing mobile apps like Uber, eCommerce apps, Game apps, Restaurant apps, Fitness apps,etc within 10 minutes without coding and you can make such apps on android,ios, windows and kindnless stores using this platform.

One way of making money with mobile apps is to develop for clients/businesses and make cool profits. You can charge your clients $500-$5000 per app. You can create content apps or game apps for self, submit them to stores, and monetize them with different ads networks and have them pay you monthly.

You can create a value worthy content apps, submit them to stores, and have users pay you to download them, or you can create buy buttons within the apps where users can buy stuffs within the apps via the in-app purchases send money to your bank account daily.

That’s why mobile apps are in seriously high demand. Businesses need them. They can’t afford to let their competitors get one before them. And are willing to pay anyone who can help them build their apps fast and reliably.


The Ultimate App Builder, making app building so easy for you even if you have not touched a computer before. Professional and High-End Mobile Apps can now be built within minute.


Also, when you purchase a plan, You will be added to our Apps Development Team Group On Facebook where you can meet your fellow developers and share ideas. You can as well ask questions and get speedy responses.Besides the Free Video Tutorials And Facebook Groups, we have a dedicated team of supporters who are always online 247 to provide you with supports


Wishloop Instafunnels


Building upon our proprietary drag and drop technology . Wishloop’s Intuitive interface is packed full of powerful features.Get more subscribers for their lists, using high quality and completely responsive Conversion Mats, Popups and Landing pages.Increase sales and revenue, with special offers, contests and coupons.

Lower their bounce rate, keep visitors engaged and on their site for longer via advanced on-site personalisation.Run special offers and promotions, highlight key product promotions, limited time sales, reward regular visitors or surprise new ones.Run special offers and promotions, highlight key product promotions, limited time sales, reward regular visitors or surprise new ones.

Improve social engagement, encourage visitors to share their products/services/content on social media to increase traffic and brand awareness.Generate more traffic. Wishloop’s innovative browser extension lets them rapidly leverage curated content in an ethical way.Drag and Drop Builder with 40+ customisable components to create ANY campaign you can imagine for ANY purpose.

Upload any audio/video content, add countdown timers, advanced geolocation features and more.Amazon, Teespring, Shopify and PayPal integration.Integrations with all major autoresponders, webinar platforms, design software and more. Multistep campaigns  segment visitors to increase ROI. Pre-made premium templates complete with slick animation and monthly template club.


Incredible optimization features to take conversions into overdrive. Totally unique and intuitive Mobile builder (you won’t believe how cool this is when you see it). Campaign duplication in a single click. Powerful analytics and A/B split-testing that shows you what really works.

Clear and simple user interface – your buyers will quickly be hooked on using this software for all their marketing pages. Adding a campaign to a website or ecom store is as simple as copying and pasting 1 line of code.Wishloop’s already served over 100 million impressions, and generated over 7 million leads for our early adopters (yep, 7 MILLION).

Over 18 months in development, tweaked and tested to perfection, and with over 8,500 members.  We’re not launching some half-baked software that’s going to disappear overnight.  This is a real SaaS, built for the long haul.


Viral Mobilio SalesFunnel


Viral is a web based software that allows you to create campaigns based on YOUR need. It basically collects leads, and prompts that prospect to share the link of YOUR choosing with their friends on any of the Mobile Messaging apps like.

Viral is a web based software that allows you to create campaigns based on YOUR need. It basically collects leads, and prompts that prospect to share the link of YOUR choosing with their friends on any of the Mobile Messaging apps like.

It is basically upon six simple steps:

1.Simply Choose Between “Max Engagement or Max Traffic” Modes,

2.Customize Your Viral Campaign -Viral Is Extremely User Friendly And Completely Customizable In Few Clicks

3.Create Campaigns Using Various Integrated Autoresponders

4.Customize The Thank You Page – Customize The Page Where The Referral URL Will Be Shown and Choose The Mobile Apps You Want To Give Your Prospects, Options Of

5.Enter The Download Link Of Your Free Gift, Video, Coupon Code or Literally Anything That You Can Put In a HTML/Wordpress Editor

6.Copy and Paste The Code Into your Website and Viral Starts Doing It’s Magic on 100% Autopilot!


Check Viral Mobilio In action :

Traffic is life blood of any business – Online or Offline. No matter how awesome your product or offer is, unless it gets enough, targeted eye balls, you won’t be making any sales. With Viral Mobilio you can Discover How a Simple App Made Our Tiny Campaign Go Completely Viral To Generate 6,850 HIGHLY Qualified Leads in 14 Days


My Start App


Start App – 5 minutes mobile apps is different. That’s because the software platform is very easy to use even if you have 0 technical skills and you can create amazing mobile apps. We force you to succeed by providing the training you need.

Of course, you need to do your part to watch the videos and follow directions. You will have access to the secret My Start App Facebook Group where you will be able to mastermind with the product creators and the other members.

We give you a complete business solution – please check the bonuses you receive with the purchase .When you become a member of My Start App 5 minutes mobile apps you will discover:

  • What you must do before you even think about making money with mobile apps – most people fail doing this properly and as a result they never succeed;
  •  Understand exactly how anyone can make money with mobile apps – it’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different then you think, too!)
  • The secrets to create a real business leveraging the power of mobile apps;
  • How to monetize your apps (the usual advice is out of date and doesn’t work anymore!
  • One of the world’s most powerful app building platform without tech skills required from you
  • The sneaky (but ethical) way to research the niche you want to enter and the best apps available there
  • The reason why you should never attempt to make money with apps before you perform a basic market research
  • The strange truth about how one little tweak directly affects your ability to double or triple the income created with your apps



You want to resell mobile applications to your clients. Would you like to enable them to manage their own application? No problem. We provide an interface in your image, with your design, in your name, on your website.

Calling a store is just a touch away. You can integrate the button into your application in one click. Clients will never have to hunt for the store number again & Calling a store is just a touch away. You can integrate the button into your application in one click. Clients will never have to hunt for the store number again.

Secure Your Copy of My Start App and Take Control of Creating Mobile Apps


Social Mobi Hotsites

Social Mobi Hotsites is an ultimate platform that helps you to create stunning mobile directories for dominating any niche starting from local, national, or global within 10 minutes.

Some high end niche directories in niches such as Law, Real Estate, Restaurants, Insurance and others make their owners $1 Million+ per year of Passive Income with No product or service selling..

Now you have that power in your hand to make that passive income which is possible with this stunning software Social Mobi Hotsites that creates all these high converting mobile directories for you.

Social Mobi Hotsites features are :

  • Deploy the “Offline Hotsites System” and Have Businesses Queuing to Pay You $100 monthly
  • The Social Mobi Hotsites comes with Complete Facebook and mobile integration for a Hotsites viral effect and in the process boost your mobile traffic
  • It’s amazing video feature helps you to engage your traffic and skyrocketing the conversions
  • This stunning software comes with complete social media suite including Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, Coupons, etc.
  • Zero coding and designing skills required to create this Hotsites
  • Fully hosted, no downloads, no installations is required, simply log in and start producing all your Hotsites within minutes
  • The CSV Mass Upload” functionality of SocialMobi Hotsites used to deploy 100+ listings for the Hotsites with a single click
  • System leverages the social virality of FB, captures 40%+ mobile searches and more
  • Create premium directories that simply accelerate your online income to its next level
  • With the YouTube video feature, Facebook and Twitter integration, Google Maps Geo locations, 1 click CSV mass upload, etc the Social Mobi Hotsites is your ultimate platform for creating all those money making mobile directories within minutes.


Connect with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter within seconds by leveraging the Social Mobi Hotsite Done-For-You Trifecta Package. This generates traffic, SEO juice and leverages the virality of these traffic hotspots.

Once the directory is up and running on it’s way to building you a six-figure business the done-for-you upgrade makes it easy to scale the system up and go from 1 Hotsite to 10+ Hotsites.