VTG Pro – How To Legally Steal Other People’s Video Traffic & Generate Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less | Online Marketing Tools

Source: VTG Pro – How To Legally Steal Other People’s Video Traffic & Generate Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less | Online Marketing Tools


Profit Renegade Pro


Profit Renegade is the most powerful software that will allow your customers to cash in BIG checks in ANY market they can think of in 3 simple steps.You’ve already seen the HUGE list of testimonials above (and that’s just a snippet), which goes to show you that Profit Renegade works.

Profit Renegade is the second generation of a software that’s been around for YEARS. It all started off in 2012 as Mobile Renegade, which was targeted at crushing it in the Mobile niche. However, over the years this beast of a tool has evolved to what it is today and NOW goes FAR beyond just the mobile market now.

Today, your customer are gonna be getting an ALL-IN-ONE solution for 1. Finding 2. Contacting and 3. Profiting BIG time in their local niche or any area they’d like.How would you like to be able to generate up to 1200 red-HOT BUYER leads every single minute in just about ANY niche you can think of?and what if there was a software that automated that ENTIRE process in just 3 simple steps?

Profit Renegade is a brand new software that is sending shockwaves through the interwebs. It’s allowing, everyday people, like you and me, to generate an unlimited amount of buyer leads that are ready to pay you 1k-3k every single month.You see, most people fail online because they lack the ability to get more leads than they can handle.

Most people only get a handful of leads per week and wonder why they’re not generating sales. However, when you have the power to generate leads on demand, collecting 1k-3k checks becomes almost effortless.And when you have Profit Renegade in your arsenal, your competitors will NEVER know what hit’em. It puts the ULTIMATE advantage at your fingertips.

With Profit Renegade you’ll be able to:

1. Pick from ANY Niche and ANY Target Location you can think of

2. Find and filter through the HOTTEST leads that are ready to buy from you

3. Generate $1k-$3k passive income checks like clockwork and much much more..


Powerful Angle, Hundreds of REAL Testimonials, And A PROVEN Software You Can Be Proud To Promote



InstaViral Pro


InstaViral, a web based software that creates viral images on 100% automatic mode, and then posts them to 15 high traffic websites including Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Mobypic, Flickr, WordPress, etc. This will help you in the following ways

  1. Get you more free traffic from social media websites.
  2. Create automated content to power your social media presence.
  3. Get you more likes and engagement on your accounts.
  4. Get you higher rankings and more organic traffic by creating quality backlinks that help you rank higher.
Instaviral Features
  • Web based SAAS runs on any OS or computer.
  • Ultra-powerful image editor churns out custom viral images/quotes on the fly.
  • Feed in backgrounds, quotes database and generate endless unique viral images 100% automatically.
  • Automatically posts images to top social media and image sharing sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Imageshack, Mobypic, and so many more!
  • Supports custom frames, and custom text styles. Image randomization makes sure each image is unique and distinct from any other!
  • Penguin & Panda safe traffic strategy.
  • Supports caption and quotes database, and CSV files.
  • Full control with Scheduling, drip feeding so that you can take a vacation while it works.
  • Get backlinks to your site and rank higher on Google Search, Google Image search.


Social Sleuth


Social-Sleuth Software is Powerful software that will catapult your FB marketing into the stratosphere by revealing hidden niches  and lucrative opportunities. Social-Sleuth Software  tackles the challenge of niche research, content freshness, and campaign profitability with innovative technology never released to the public – until now.

Discover Top Selling Designs and Apparel, Social Sleuth enables you to discover shirts on all platforms, not just Teespring. It will show designs hidden from search engines and dark posts for any niche.

Uncover Massive CPA Offers Making $$$, CPA Offers still bring in big bucks on FB with a carefully crafted funnel. Now you can reverse engineer these proven winners to replicate their success.

Explore Best Selling Physical Products, Skyrocket your e-commerce business by researching trending items on all platforms. This includes any e-commerce site such as Amazon or CafePress.

Get Access to Full Funnels in Any Niche, LeadPages.net is used by top marketers and professionals in many niches. Using Social Sleuth you can discover their complete paid funnels being run on FB.

This fast, lightweight app does all of the heavy lifting for your niche research to save hours of time. Social Sleuth is 100% compliant and is within all terms of service.  Your FB account will not be at risk using Social Sleuth. Social Sleuth is a lightweight Google Chrome extension that will work on any system provided Google Chrome is installed.



Some examples what you can do:

  • Discover profitable ad campaigns on Facebook from platforms like Teespring, ViralStyle and Fabrily.
  • Get new ideas for campaigns that are hidden from search engines and/or other spying software.
  • Find content (f.e. Contests and Giveaways) that have massive viral exposure.
  • Reverse engineer CPA campaigns that are crushing it on Facebook.
  • Get a real time pulse on what’s working NOW for a huge market advantage.


CovertIn +


Use CovertIn to build small niche communities of professionals. You can appeal to people’s desire to be part of something special and exclusive, that will allow you to have targeted audience to which you can advertise.

You can create an environment where you can develop and/or deepen relationships with your customers or JVs. That’s not direct monetization, of course.You can create niche-specific networks and sell them to brands or your clients.


  • Each user has their own public profile page

  • Users can build their own network of professional contacts
  • Six Degrees of Separation algorithm built-in
  • Users can introduce mutual contacts
  • Applications platform built-in
    (create your own applications for CovertIn)
  • Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates
  • Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers and discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them
  • Users can post their own photos and videos
  • Users can see who has visited their profile page
  • Facebook-like link previews
  • CovertIn also supports formation of interest groups
  • Blogging platform included


As the internet becomes more generic, people are going to start searching for networks where they can connect with a specific audience who is very much like them. Rather than focusing on becoming the next LinkedIn, you should focus your efforts in building a Professional Social Network that serves a purpose and unites the members of a particular niche. While Linkedin does have billions of users, you as a marketer might be better off building a highly targeted audience of 300, rather than a fragmented audience of, say, 1 million.