DealCount – How To Boost Up Customers View On Your Website Using PopUp Style Audio Notification Tools | Online Marketing Tools

Well with DealCount you won’t have to worry about that because DealCount updates the amount of units remaining with real time live text as well as an audio update when a sale happens. Plus it counts down the number of units available with no need for interaction on your part.Just sit back and let the […]

Pop Notify – How To Use Facebook’s Behavior Conditioning To Your Advantage

This diabolically simple yet easy-to-use plug-in utilizes Facebook’s behavior-conditioning shenanigans to compel users to click any link you want, whether it’s affiliate links or any PPC ads you’re getting commissions from, among many other moneymaking methods on the Worldwide Web. People have a tendency to automatically click pop-ups and whatnot, especially if they’re Facebook users. […]

Picreel CRO Pro

Picreel optimizes offers on your website by tracking visitors’ mouse and scroll movements in real time and then serving up the best offer when they navigate away from valuable content.Picreel works out of the box with all of the most popular marketing platforms and CRM tools. We have built more integrations than any of our […]

ZenNotify Push Notification

This is a great features that we had, you can customize the Invite Notification with our live editor. These are the element included: Can customize Video, Images, Set Thank You URL (after user click Allow will redirect them to a URL), Customize Button, Setup Bonuses link after they subscribed and We provided 5 proven templates […]

Push Connect Notify

With PCN you can leverage the browser push notifications technology to get subscribers, without any landing page or coding. Push Connect Notify is a powerful, yet simple software that allows you to capture push subscribers by pasting one line of code on your website and send them browser push notifications. Our software has been rigorously […]

Push Response PRO

Push Response is the software which allows the user to build a list of people who visited a website and to contact them back directly on their computer desktops and android devices without the use of email or retargeting ads. So, with the use of Push response users are no longer forced to rely exclusively […]

Pop Notify Plugin

Pop Notify is a Diabolical Yet Simple Plug-In Uses Facebook’s Behavior Conditioning To Force Your Users To Click Any Link You Choose. It will let you to Discover How You Can Literally Force Your Visitors To Click On Anything By Taking Advantage Of Their Own Conditioned Response. Even though Pop Notify is easy to use.Hopefully by […]