Category: Peace of Mind/Harmony

If You Want To Achieve Long Term Happiness, Embrace The Growth Mindset – Chris Myers

Everyone seeks the fastest and easiest path to happiness. It’s what drives us as humans. Hoping for a silver bullet that will get us to that end goal, be it wealth, love, or fame. Only when that goal has been met, we reason, will we…


Peace… Is This What It’s Like — Parenting, patience, relationships and resilience!

It’s been a while since I can say I felt peaceful or even calm. Years in fact! So what does the word ‘Peace’ actually mean. Well this is what I found. I particularly liked the second one as it feels like life has been…

Listening for Silence With the Headphones Off – Mark Richardson

mmersive portable audio—the ability to be out in the world while listening to your favorite music privately, on headphones—is a relatively new phenomenon. In 1972, a man named Andreas Pavel more or less invented it. At least that’s the way he tells the story…

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