Board Commander – How To Use From 93% Of Pinterest Users To Plan Purchases


Grab Board Commander today and get a pass to join the growing Board Commander family on Facebook. This means exclusive access to marketers of all levels to see their results with the system, get tons of advice/help and even working campaigns you can copy.

Plus you’ll get direct access to Stefan as well who will be in there sharing some golden nuggets. A method of getting hundreds of thousands of free, targeted visitors in ANY niche using a completely under-utilized, untapped traffic mother lode called Pinterest…and how we went on to COMPLETELY AUTOMATE this to bring up to 12,000+ visitors PER DAY on each site we set up.

Pinterest Is REALLY A Discovery Platform… Here’s Some Facts That Will Show Pinterests’ Untapped Traffic & Profit Potential:

  • Pinterest has over 150 MILLION active users and is the fastest growing social media site based on member signups
  • Over 2 MILLION pinners save shopping pins daily and growing
  • 93% Of Users Say They Use Pinterest To Plan Purchases
  • Pinterest shoppers spend an average of $80 per purchase compared to $40 from Facebook users

Also you will get:

  •  Board Commander High End Traffic Training
  •  Board Commander Automatic Traffic Software
  •  Exclusive Board Commander Mastermind
  •  Premium Bounce Baby software
  •  Our $33,000 Turnkey Profit Machines Case Study

You do not need any tech skills or experience to make this work. The software is created to do the work for you. You just need to log in, watch the video, push the settings buttons and get started! It doesn’t get easier than that.


Board Commander – Pinterest Untapped Traffic & Profit Tool

It is an Autopilot Pinterest Traffic System that is the second largest traffic driving social media site. When it comes to traffic, Pinterest is a hidden gem that is only getting bigger. It is what you need to be using in 2017 to drive traffic and profits, simple as that.

Board Commander is SO powerful that it’s the only thing you need to turn things around and get traffic/profits on autopilot. Based on that, Board Commander has been established and become the first software that automates building huge followings and getting massive free, viral traffic from Pinterest in any niche with ease.

It is a combination of a software suite and a high-level training program that helps customers attract high volumes of organic traffic to their websites.

Features of Board Commander

Board Commander Works On Any Computer

Board Commander is completely cloud-based which means it works online. You have nothing to download. All you need to do is access Board Commander in a computer or mobile device with internet access.

Automate traffic forever

It lets you know methods that will work for a long time – not some fly by night garbage .You can get free traffic in any niche almost immediately. Yes, you don’t need to worry about traffic again

Comes With Full High End monetization Training

Included with the software is a high end traffic training from Stefan that outlines exactly how he’s driving hundreds of thousands of free page views on autopilot, how to scale it and how to build a passive income with ease.

Real case study results

It contains its real case study results and many early users who are getting great results and loving to use Board Commander. You find a ton of testimonials of user results in its page

12,000+ visitors a day free on EACH site that you want

It helps you automatically to get your followers built on total autopilot with no risk

Board Commander ReviewThe software builds your following and drives traffic for you wherever you want to send it. It gets your followers built on total autopilot. You just need to set, forget then relax. Plain and simple!

Although the Pinterest system can be efficient, it is not where most of the consumer attention is going. However, the cost is not so expensive; you can consider and make the decision.

Instead of just getting one Pinterest account…your customers get unlimited accounts. This is your chance to maximize value, traffic and profits. You will also get full developer rights meaning you can use Board Commander on behalf of clients and get paid to do so.

It is known as an amazing software and high-end training combination that will teach you how to generate fast, free traffic in any niche on autopilot and profit from all this traffic using the untapped power of Pinterest.

The training shows exactly how Stefan can drive up to 12,000+ visitors a day on autopilot at no cost, and you can actually get the full automating software to build massive Pinterest following and use the secret sauce of Pinterest.



(2) Pinflux Teaser Demo – How To Automate & Schedule Your Pins All Around The Web – YouTube

Pinflux Pinterest Automation


Pinterest is the fastest growing traffic source for e-commerce, brands, bloggers and even social media marketers. With nearly 200 million monthly active users , a high presence of female users, and a big percentage of buyers, this platform is vital for any online marketer’s success.

Till now Pinterest lay untapped for automation because there was no effective automation software that unlocked every feature of Pinterest. Pinflux is the first such software.

Enhanced and supercharged version of Pinflux unlocks more powerful automation features and also supports more number of accounts and boards. Perfect for professional Pinterest marketers.

The agency version of Pinflux unlocks all features, and also supports Unlimited accounts and Unlimited boards. Perfect for professional marketers who want to do Pinterest marketers for others as well as themselves.

Powerful content automation software for Facebook and for blogging. This in combination with Pinflux lets your users create a three pronged automation strategy that covers 1) Pinterest, 2) Facebook, 3) Blogging.

Pinflux is the most powerful desktop based, traffic automation tool that is going to run fast and easy to yield you best Pinteret marketing results.Pinflux sets your Pinterest marketing on fast track, gives you tons of more benfits and it’s all too easy to set and run.


The 3-Step Simple Traffic Process

1.Connect all your Pinterest accounts & Boards

2.Set up your keywords & board settings.

3.Watch your Pinterest traffic & stats grow.

Why You Use Pinflux:

  • 200 million monthly active Pinterest users will be your prospects
  • Leave Pinterest untapped and leave the profits on table
  • The most powerful Pinterest marketing automation software is here
  • The buck doesn’t stop at FB, Pinterest post engages 1600 X than FB
  • Your ecom business needs Pinterest marketing booster
  • Want Buyer traffic? Pinflux is your go-to app


Ultimate Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest Marketing is the complete paint by numbers, cutting edge plan, exposing exactly how to instantly supercharge your traffic sales and profits before your rivals even know what’s hit them.This insider shortcut guide reveals every single piece of street-smart advice you need to maximize your click throughs and traffic from Pinterest.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize traffic is the rocket fuel that powers your business. And this exciting bag of tricks contains everything you need to know to become a Pinterest Wizard, within hours of receiving your copy of the training program.So, whether you are:Just starting out and want to get visitors to your site in the shortest possible time to really get your business soaring skyward.

Or you already have some traffic and profits and want to use the power of Pinterest to take your business to the next level…. then you won’t be disappointed with the sheer wealth of information in this package.So you are definitely all set for great Pinterest success, and here’s why.The internet is increasingly visual. Already Google reports that 60% of its searches are videos and the most popular searches after that are images, leaving old fashioned text trailing a miserable third.

So Pinterest is definitely the place to be, so what about the timing?Pinterest Marketing gives you a complete simple to use method for becoming a Pinterest Wizard, because once you possess all these insider secrets you’ll be awestruck at the speed with which your traffic and profits explode.I am determined to help you achieve the full benefit of this cutting edge program, so you ALSO get these.


Having every detail of your Pinterest project at your fingertips is the secret to quiet efficiency and maximum effect for minimum effort. And this free checklist makes it a complete no-brainer to be certain you have all aspects covered.The course checklist works in harmony with your Pinterest Marketing program, so keeping track of everything is a slam dunk.

Any doubts about your ability to handle this strange new world of Pinterest will disappear when you can see the entire process laid out before you in a simple ‘paint-by-numbers’ style.just imagine using Pinterest to pin compelling images of all sorts of enticing products. And, when your followers click through to Amazon it will be through your Amazon affiliate link.


And, to help you achieve that enviable position, we want to make it brain dead simple for you.. so your risk is ZERO. it’s brimming full of battle-tested secrets with the power to take your marketing to the next level and so give your income a powerful jolt skywards.I guess you’re smart enough to understand how these insider secrets will empower you and I bet you want to know what you need to invest in the Keys To The Profitable Kingdom Of Pinterest Marketing.


We are going to reward you for taking action and moving forward to realize your dreams of financial freedom. With that said, we’ve created four special “fast action” bonuses. These are going to be available to the early birds who purchase before the countdown below hits zero, or the next 100 copies are sold… whichever comes first!


Pincredible Marketing eCourse


This step-by-step Pinterest training system is going to take you by the hand and show you how to safely skyrocket your business online presence in the shortest time ever.Position your online or offline business over the newest, hottest and most powerful source of social traffic in the shortest time possible.

Quickly and safely grow a huge army of potential clients or customers 100% targeted to your business.Productively interact with your new and existing clients or customers in order to scale your business to a whole new level of success.

Pinterest is ridiculously simple, and it can make a big impact on your business. I’m not saying this for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon. It’s not “just another social media site.” This one is different. Pinterest is doing a great job of driving traffic, leads, and sales.

You know there is marketing potential with Pinterest so we are here to help you learn how to approach it and market your small business to success. Based on the information we’ve shared with you, what business wouldn’t want to participate in the Pinterest phenomenon.

The secret behind Pinterest working for your business is getting content to be shared quickly and frequently. This will help in moving a consumer from browser to purchaser. You don’t have to worry anymore about old and ineffective Pinterest marketing strategies still being taught on the Web that may actually shut down your Pinterest account no matter how many followers you have. Our very-easy-to-follow steps are more than enough to get you where you really want to be using the incredibly-viral power of Pinterest.

You will receive 30 video training modules divided into 5 sections on how to assess your Business objectives today and how to reaching your goals as part of the social media strategic plan we do together using Pinterest. Each module has a detailed transcript and you can save notes to refer to later.

This Chrome Extension will:

  • AUTOMATICALLY sending messages and thank you’s to new followers – whilst you are sleeping and pinned to your dreams
  • Updating all your descriptions in bulk – a WHOLE board at a time!
  • Sorting newsfeed by the highest number of pinned pins, or by the highest number of comments or likes.
  • Checking for and repairing broken links! Never worry that your “best seller” isn’t there in full view of your followers.






Pindrill creates, Manages, Pins all your content right from any website, Store, blog or any other social media platform you’re using . No more multiple uploading sessions across social media sites or scrambling for content Pindrill does it all for you.

You can instantly set up your pintrest account with our fully automated posting feature. Plan your posts out and let th software post them for you to maximise engagement and sales.

Before Pindrill you would have to manually log-in to Pinterest and upload each image from your site, store or wherever, make a heading and manage your boards and pins daily or hourly if you wanted to keep on top of the feed. This is a full time Job.. but not anymore..

Pindrill keeps you at the top of your game on complete autopilot.Pindrill Literally Synchronises your website/blog/online stores with Pinterest.You’ll be creating sale and most importantly creating a targeted following to sell to time after time…

PLUS Pindrill delivers you live analytics and results of each campaign and post, pin and board it creates for you.. So you can see what exactly is working. But Pin-drill doesn’t stop there you can use the scheduler feature across all the major social media platform.

Business Marketing With Pinterest


Double Your Traffic, Email List & Sales In Just 10 Minutes A Week Using Pinterest

Pinterest is too big to be ignored – it’s now driving more traffic to business websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube Combined! The Business Marketing With Pinterest training program is for you if you want to:Easily get clients online, Get results from Pinterest in a short amount of time,

Go beyond the basics of Pinterest account set-up and, learn results generating strategies and techniques, Use the power of re purposing and recycling to create visual content to sell your products or services in record time, Implement simple marketing strategies to increase website traffic from Pinterest, Attract a community of passionate followers who will help you virally spread the word


Business Marketing With Pinterest is an online training program, complete with a printable, 54 page full color PDF training guide and video tutorials that show you everything from how to begin on Pinterest and optimize your page, boards and pins – to simple strategies that will save you time, while helping you gain more visibility, drive traffic and make more money.

Here’s What You Will Discover In The Training:

  • How To Set-Up And Optimize Your Profile, Boards & Pins To Get Traffic Fast!
  • Strategies For Creating Pins That Will Get You Results Spending Just 10 Minutes A Week – Even If Your Business Isn’t Very Visual
  • How To Use Target Market Research (Secret Strategy – Already Done For You) To Excel Beyond Your Competitors
  • A Step-By-Step Plan For Getting TARGETED Followers Fast – You Know, The Kind That Want What You Are Offering
  • Ideas For Your Boards To Help You Sell Services
  • Tutorials For Other Tools That Will Amplify Your Results
  • How To Get Site Visitors To Pin Your Content For Massive Visibility & Sales
  • Legal And Copyright Mistakes, And How To Avoid Them

The Power Of Pinning


You may have heard a lot of hype about Pinterest, and are wondering if it could really work for you and your business. I was skeptical too, until I saw firsthand the transformation made possible by applying a few simple (yet surprising) strategies.

Most people are NOT using Pinterest to its full potential. They just don’t know what to do.Well imagine significantly increasing the traffic that you receive from Pinterest in less than a week, and having fun while you’re doing it! Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear and concise plan to follow so that it’s not overwhelming and you confidently feel that you are doing it RIGHT?

Regardless of your industry, Pinterest is now too big to be ignored – it’s now driving more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn COMBINED!Plus traffic that comes from Pinterest has the highest revenue per click than any other social media site out there!






The Power of Pinning course is a 100% online training program.You are a product or service based business owner who is short on time, but want to be getting results from Pinterest.You are overwhelmed by social media and want a clear and concise plan that will get you results.You aren’t particularly “tech savvy” and want someone to break it down for you step-by-step. See our video presentation in our download page..

Pinterest Business In Box


Pinterest definitely has some great possibilities in regards to marketing. Since the majority of people who use Pinterest are interested in finding interesting things on the internet, and also sharing those little known gems with others, Pinterest is a great place to share your articles, pictures, and videos with a growing population of people who engage with others via social media. Unlike other social media sites where the main focus is to build a profile, with Pinterest, the emphasis is on “pinning” pictures that interest you to your various pin boards (hence the name Pinterest).Pinterest Business In a Box is a complete, simple and step by step course on:How to market any business on Pinterest from Newbies to Experts Maketers, What’s working on Pinterest today and what simply don’t, that make you have more advantages than your rivals, How to do the things step-by-step in correct way that will save your time and money, make you have more helps you be more likely to succeed than and optimize your earning money via Pinter comes with Ebook, Audio and Video training. The course is developed by Amit Pareek and his team. It’s not just a copy paste work so don’t get confused with PLR word. It’s 100% Unique and Latest content on the Topic.


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